Derek Chauvin Found Guilty On All Charges In Murder Of George Floyd | MSNBC 1

Derek Chauvin Found Guilty On All Charges In Murder Of George Floyd | MSNBC


Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of second-degree murder, guilty of third-degree murder and guilty of second-degree manslaughter in the trial of the former Minneapolis Police Officer in the murder of George Floyd. Aired on 04/20/2021.
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Derek Chauvin Found Guilty On All Charges In Murder Of George Floyd | MSNBC


  1. This is the only verdict that could be reached . Nine minutes and twenty nine seconds on George Floys neck . = Murder .

    1. @Zaynab bint Al-Harith She didn’t say what you’re lying about her saying. I’ve proven you a liar already. She expressed her opinion. So what? You got triggered, and needed to go to your safe space. What does that have to do with the jury?

    2. @Lisa Lake Yes he did, because it was a possible civil right violation. Once that comes into question then the FBI would get involved. Read the investigation info. The FBI was clearly in this case.

    3. @MilkCow Nope, you got it backward, it is the worst day for the Republican Party who were hoping for something to put Jan. 6 out of sight.

    1. Except that it’s just finally one that happened of which (thanks to multiple local witnesses with video cameras) we’re all witnesses this time. This was one of countless killings of POC… many here over the last several centuries. This is an opportunity for changes… they’re not the only ones who feel outrage.

    2. @Dwight Vietzke this is probably the best and saddest way to look at it. Justices is served and still not a good day. two lives have been destroyed.

    3. Mr. Chauvin, he not only harmed “Floyd”, he harmed America. He did immense harm to the country.

    4. When you have one group of people who the law doesn’t apply to, you will always get this type of thing.

  2. I hope this serves as a wake up call to all bad cops – They will find you, they will charge you, and they will convict you!

    1. @Allen Worth imagine being Allen right now. Even though a jury found him guilty, after listening to all the evidence, but Allen still believes he knows the “truth” because he believes his own Bullshite. How his world must be shaken to the core.

    2. @Hec III I’m fully aware that you liberals make decisions on emotions and not logic and reason. Scientific research shows this.

      Floyd was complaining he couldn’t breath even when standing and sitting in the car because he took a lethal dose of drugs.

      If Chauvin is a racist cop then why did he have floyd in the car first? He had no intention of killing him. If floyd shut his mouth he would have been out of jail months ago.

      You just mad a martyr out of a violent felon because you’re a brain dead racist liberal.

      Chauvin is a sacrificial lamb for Democrat polices.

      People like you are going to continue to vote for liberals that keep blacks poor. So well just have to sit around here and wait for the next sham trial.

    1. @user name nope , not a right winger … I think for myself . You sound like a left winger who supports crime to me .

    2. @AsTheWheelsTurn You couldn’t think, period. You’re just a mindless clone. Chauvin has been convicted. You are LITERALLY supporting a criminal and his crime. Now F*** off. You’re not worth my time.

    3. @AsTheWheelsTurn Wow. You are jaw droppingly stupid. I don’t support Chauvin. You do. How did you get confused about this?

  3. After watching this man cry for his mother until all the oxygen left his body, this is the only logical conclusion that could have been reached. I truly hope his family finds some peace with this verdict.

    1. George Floyd voice crying out to his Mother was in my head for Months everyday. I was having some problems after viewing that Video.

  4. This verdicts is for so many of those who died by the hands of cops . May their souls been set free along with George Floyd Jr. R.I.P to them all. Remember to always keep hope alive.

    1. @Bill Billson American has alot to address, so don’t act like everything started with the rioters.

    2. @Rino Ponce — the cop broke the law he was supposed to uphold, that’s why he is now a convicted felon, a criminal, so tell me how did this trial empower criminals, it simply convicted one more criminal

    3. @Sarah Chappell and blacks need to be accountable for their heathen lives,….poor poor black people, hip hop away

  5. Justice was Served Today & all I can really Say is GOD IS GOOD & THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting the Verdict RIGHT

    1. It wasn’t God fool it was a jury of his peers. your God doesn’t exist if it did it would have not allowed this for starters and if it does it’s a white peoples goddish thing.

  6. The look on his face is priceless. He REALLY thought he was gonna get away with murder like so many cops in the past. This is a huge milestone for us

    1. @Alan Bennett Well show me where that is happening. Because I can honestly say I haven’t seen that. But I’m willing to see it if you can give me an instant that happened to a innocent person that was following the cops orders. Most of the police shooting happen after a person doesn’t comply and tries to fight or escape.

  7. Justice yes yes yes May you now Rest In Peace Mr George Floyd . may your family also find some peace god bless you all.

  8. I was nervous that he would get away with murder, thank you to the Jury! Justice was finally served!

    1. @Tod Brown You sound worse than him …but if that’s what you tell yourself to sleep …okay ….

    2. @John Lawlor That was proven false. The woman wasn’t pregnant and while he was involved in the robbery, he never held a gun to her. Use Google. Its free.

    3. @Tod Brown Racist piece of trash. And ah, calling others simpletons? What’s your IQ oh wise one? I love your type. You castigate the SMART people AND the DUMB people. Anyone that doesn’t agree with ya must be a horrible person for whatever reason because you could neevvver be wrong.

  9. It’s amazing in this day an age that they don’t vigorously test these guys psychologically before they let them in the academy. And none of his buddy’s stopped him. Wow.

    1. @DINERO.B decades and decades ago my first husband wanted nothing more in life but to be a cop….he past every physical test but the mental evaluation he failed over and over and over again . he would of been the worst cop in history. He was so damaged l guess he couldnt even figure out how to lie on the test. Eventually he commited suicide but l often wonder what the test included because they got it right…..the test got it right everytime preventing a catastrophe if he got excepted . any old cops out there that know what they used to do??

    2. @Willy Bones it was just a suggestion for the police department. Military normally do monthly testing after some type of war or exposed some type of deadly situation. I wasn’t speaking on random testing.

    3. @Willy Bones true but how many people were yelling at him he appeared dead ?? If he just got off of him and even attempted medical intervention hed be a free man . the EMTs had to tell him to get off of him

    4. @T Greaux The modern police force started in the early 1900s, but its origins date back to the American colonies. In the South in the 1700s, patrol groups were created to stop runaway slaves. In the north, a formal police force was created to control immigrants who were moving into cities in the 1800s. So police in the U.S. began for racially bigoted and xenophobically motivated reasons!

  10. This is just what the BEGINNING of JUSTICE looks like. God Bless Mr. George Floyd and his family.

    1. @Piper Steele I’d like people to stop kissing up to the invisible man in the sky when human beings put hard work, effort and thought into the guilty verdict.

      Prayer did *nothing* to bring this about. To insinuate otherwise insults the prosecutor, the jury and the judge.

      This is a human achievement and I will not have it be reduced to “magic did it.” IT WAS LITERALLY AN EXERCISE OF FREE WILL.

    2. @Joshua Sweetvale I’m not particularly religious either but calm down dude. Have a drink or something. All that matters is he was convicted.

  11. So glad I moved to Scandanavia. Living in Peace. Good luck to all in the . Happy for this step towards a civilized nation.

    1. @Soul0
      The Americans thought that they had had enough with kings. Then, after 240 years, they elected a certain businessman, and Republicans became Monarchists in all but name.

      (Psalm 146:3) ‘Do not trust in princes, in mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.’

      Yes, believe it or not, all scientific knowledge rests with God. The Creator knows His own toolbox, and He lets humans use it. Sometimes they do this for good, sometimes for evil. They are quick to look for military applications.

  12. I truly hope this puts all “bad apples” on notice. You will no longer be blanketed by the blue wall. God bless all noble police officers who do the right thing.

    1. Read a study that found more than 90% of complaints and incidents against police involved less than 10% of cops. Same people getting away with bullying over and over while dirtying the rest of those in uniform. Well N-1 today.

    2. @Dana Rzechula well I’ve had cops tell me that only three or four out of every 10 are decent law-abiding cops.

    3. Hey Juan, I agree. Be on the watch “bad apple” cops. We’re all on the watch now. And God bless the truth tellers. None of us should be drug down by the least among us.

    4. I never had any issues with the police, me being Mexican Native American. I actually respect them for what they do.

  13. I can’t seem to stop watching this Verdict be read over and over. This priceless moment will never get old to me!

  14. Wow I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more realistic surprised pikachu face. Actions have consequences Mr. Chauvin, and these are yours.

    1. Yes, he looked like im white and im a police officer how could this happen, I only killed a black man whats wrong with that, I dont get it

    2. No matter how emotional and cocky you get, you can’t change the fact that George Floyd was on video tape admitting to taking a lot of drugs and having trouble breathing before Derek Chauvin even touched him, when Floyd was still in the car. That is the truth. That is reasonable doubt. You unc .. ivilized peeps don’t belong in our society. The jury only voted to convict because they didn’t want to be murdered by an angry mob of rioters coming to their house. Maxine Waters must go to jail

    3. @Baby Boo Floyd be like “I’m a black man so I’m allowed to resist arrest and take illegal and dangerous drugs like Fentanyl, that’s what my democrat compadres told me, and if I die of a heart attack or asphyxiation from the Fentanyl that I admitted on camera to taking, then we can blame it on WHITEY!”

    4. @Charles In this country, you don’t get to murder anyone in cold blood, no matter who they are or what they’ve done.

    5. ​@Charles You seem angry with the verdict.

      And yea Waters shouldn’t being making inflammatory statements. Literally nobody is disagreeing. High public officials and people holding power or authority should keep their yap traps shut and set a good example for us here in the peanut gallery.

      Now I don’t usually indulge in whataboutism, but *just for you,* I’m going to make a very special exception and ask:

      Can we get rid of “Jew Space Lasers” Greene while we’re at it?

  15. Chauvin taking his knee off George Floyd’s neck ment Chauvin had to let his ego down, and that was more important to him than George’s life. Rest In Peace George Floyd.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. He didn’t want the bystanders telling him what to do. Now he’s going to pay for it in prison.

  16. Medals of Honor and Nobel Peace Prizes should be awarded to all the jurors and that girl who filmed George’s murder

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