Derek Chauvin trial: 5 crucial moments | USA TODAY 1

Derek Chauvin trial: 5 crucial moments | USA TODAY


Five key moments leading up to the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict in George Floyd's death

A handful of courtroom moments stood out over the course of 26 days of witness testimony and may have influenced the jury's decision to find former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts of murder in George Floyd's death.

Several witness became emotional on the stand recounting personal memories of Floyd and their attempts to intervene in his final moments. Medical experts captured jurors' attentions as they explained anatomy and complex bodily processes. Others sparred with attorneys or offered jurors unique perspectives that challenged prior testimony.

Out of 45 witnesses, dozens of videos and many hours of testimony, here are the highlights.

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  1. Jai gurudev .. no any faire enquiry availe anywhere in ASSIA or in western / Ana .. INDIANA wy is away from many possible things

    1. @not me wdym, i think everyone by now knows whites die from cops too, difference is that it’s not racist it’s just forgotten like Daniel shaver and others and the cops are not held accountable

    2. @not me so you think I only believe racism only exists to white people and that I’m conservative who rioted the capital. If we are just gonna assume rather than debate than we can just end off here

  2. Defense: “my client only gave the defendant a knee to neck massage.”

    Jury: “your client is about to experience what it’s like to have a daily knee to neck massage in gen pop.”

  3. 2:46 if Derrick Chauvin’s use of force was in line with his training then it’s high time that such flawed training be scrapped or revised before more lives are taken away in the hands of uninformed beasts.

  4. Alright everyone, Let’s go Rioting in the streets and prove that any decision is a wrong decision.

  5. I wonder if holding a knee to the kneck while pulling on someones arms would be legal in the UFC. Or if the ref would call the fight?

    1. Actually, the UFC would call the fight long before because the person on the bottom wasn’t defending, only being attacked.

  6. That use of force ‘expert’ seems have no more common sense than a layman. I wonder why our court can accept such witnesses. Can anybody become witness, especially in such am important trial? How he slips through?

  7. Forgot the part when Georgie said “I ate too many drugs.” Or was that intentionally left out? Or when his drug dealer refused to go onto the stand.

    1. In trial, the defense attorney admitted there was no way to know for certain what was said without a proper analysis. Of course, he had no time to do such a thing. He presented argument to the judge to bar the prosecution from having it analyzed and presented. Judged ruled….you said ….i ate to many…..they said…..i ain’t do no drugs…..let the jury decide.

  8. They should know he’s guilty the neck is one of the most sensitive part of the humain being you can cut somebody throat he survive but you cut somebody neck there is no chances for him to survive

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