Derek Chauvin trial: Guilty verdict given in George Floyd's death | USA TODAY 1

Derek Chauvin trial: Guilty verdict given in George Floyd’s death | USA TODAY


Guilty on all counts. The jury did not deliberate long before coming to a decision in the Derek Chauvin trial.

The jury has found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd last May.

Chauvin, 45, was found guilty of second- and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

The judge asked each juror if the verdict was correct, thanked them and dismissed them. "I have to thank you, on behalf of the people of the state of Minnesota, for not only jury service, but heavy-duty jury service," Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill said.

He revoked bail and told Chauvin to report back in eight weeks for sentencing. Chauvin, silent and wearing a gray suit and a light blue surgical mask, was handcuffed and taken into custody.

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  1. Democratic Party state. Democratic Party city. Democratic Party jury. Democratic Party police force. Democratic justice. Respect Minnesota Democratic Party I don’t think any reason to question their community .the jury spoke.

    1. @Chronic the USA is a federation of states. Minnesota is a deep blue state run almost entirely by the Democratic Party. The jury spoke. That’s the system. If Democrats want to make changes in Minnesota they can – but bottom line there is no Democrat vs Republican issue here. Everyone needs to move on.

  2. Ohhh God… we now made it through you. It is done now. Chauvin will spend his whole life behind the bars. The system will now apply justice to anyone who stands against the law in America

  3. No rioting. Everyone can go home now and be at peace. Hopefully this State can figure its police out and maintain a safe environment while not needing to use force. I imagine reform is going to require the public participate. Nothing can be fixed without holding each other accountable so get er done and set a precedence.

  4. I don’t see how this won’t be challenge .. I challenge anyone to ride with the policeman all day and night and put up with the abuse they do . They are human . If you were there in this criminal all drugged up . Was disrespecting you as a police officer and would not allow himself to be arrested . None of this would’ve taken place . You cannot judge into you stepped in the shoes

    1. All of that is irrelevant when you refuse to let someone breathe and you keep your knee and the same amount of force you first applied to the suspect even after they were unconscious and dead! That is why he is guilty. Because someone resisted a little in getting in the car does not give the rights of the officers to kill them. The suspect would have had to have been actively and deadly violent for this to be okay, which was not the case.

    2. You obviously have never been in a life-and-death situation . The adrenaline takes over your survival skills . This guy was a criminal . Not a priest

    3. @Joe Valdrighi No one said he was. The issue is that the police (CHAUVIN) did not follow training. And if that is your excuse that Chauvin can’t properly do is job correctly cause his adrenaline is pumping after someone simply stiffens up at being put in the back of a cop car, then he shouldn’t be a police officer. Adrenaline pumping is not an excuse for 9 minutes, 3 minutes of that without Floyd even breathing, of CHAUVIN not once removing any of his force applied.

  5. None dies woth 2minute act. Reson nay varry. All tha day he was giving service. chauvin your service was in favoure of YOR NATION i support him jai hind/ Ana ..

  6. It is good that we have Justice, for George Floyd, I pray that the Cops will not bye Burger King for Derek Chauvin, like they did for the Killer Dylann Roof, following his arrest.

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