Derek Chauvin’s Bail Set At $1.25M In First Court Appearance In George Floyd Death | MSNBC


  1. 1:38- putting your knee on someone’s neck until they pass out and die is not “restraining someone”

    1. Donkeylips… Cruel and unusual punishment doesn’t fly in civilized society……if that’s the kind of jurisprudence you’re into you should move to Saudi Arabia.

    2. Alfred Cohen – you are sitting at a computer terminal are you not? It’s being fairly widely reported that U.S. Police departments are trained by Israeli “experts.” The knee across the neck is one of the techniques taught . It appears to be standard police procedure and there are a plethora of photos posted online of policemen kneeling on people’s knecks…..look it up yourself, I am not your research assistant.

    3. Alfred Cohen – not true, overall deaths while in police custody have declined under Trump significantly…occurred under Obama administration literally 3X as much per year as Trump.

    4. Kakhah Russo – yes, I am reading that Israeli “experts” have been training U.S. Police officers the knee across the neck technique. Also, it appears to be standard procedure. There are dozens of photos posted online of police officers kneeling on people’s necks….all races of people too!

    5. @Cheeky Amazing how things have changed….We used to be the ones training other countries.

  2. I wouldn’t want to be him when he enters prison. He might get the same treatment of what he used on George.

    1. @KrystalOcean It doesnt matter where you are,General population,Protection,Isolation,if the prisoners want him they’ll get him…

    1. @Linda wow… I think his death sentence is equivalent to his 40yrs
      …he’d be too old to do anything… Or probably won’t live that long

    1. Wtf is the attorney talking abt? There is another video with the police beating him in the truck….with the asian cop standing outside the truck being a look out…

    2. If he didn’t have a pulse when the EMT arrived, they would have used a defibrillator on him at the scene.

  3. How the eff this officer was the field training officer and had 18 cases complained against him, the Minnesota police department is responsible for not taking action against him.

    1. @Peter Bills Absolutely positive! It’s very obvious from which ever angle you want to look at it. Unless you are pretending.

    2. @Be The Miracle Movement The day that happens, then the police will have no credibility on their actions. It will be civilian cops on cops

    3. Hey how many blacks guys does it take to screw in a light bulb? 100! 1 to hold the bulb and 99 to turn the house around! 🤣🤣🤣 Also it says on google one of the police officers Alexander Kueng is BLACK!

    1. @non non That’s your opinion but trump is not, you just have a strong hatred towards him.

    2. @Megan Ziggler Lol, it is not an opinion. It is facts. Says alot about you guys. Ignorance is a blizz.

    3. @non non To say trump Is the worst person in the world is quite ignorant. Your opinion is not a fact quit being an imbecile.

    1. Had to laugh at the irony of the lawyer saying “What you saw was him restraining the… um… deceased”

    2. He’s got the right lawyer. The state must have appointed him and from what I see, the trial won’t last long. Lord I wish Johnny Cochran and Robert Kardashian were here.

  4. He was murdered in the eyes of everyone after the ambulance came he was already dead..

    1. I thought they would infiltrate the police and use them against us. Apparently, they did it to take them away from us.

    2. I think he pegged him for his past but it’s racist because he’s Blsck and Derek is white with 19 charges in as many years. Do you think he’d blow off the mayor with similar history if he caught him? A white affluent man??

    3. He just let a life go with no concern. Think he wouldn’t have done if white. Dating Asian doesn’t mean he isn’t Blsck white racist.

  5. Come on he heard Floyd screaming for help for 9mins, i bet people heard him from several blocks away, and Tou Thao is a disgrace he just stood there and watch the Catastrophic scene unfold before his eyes, when he had the power to do something:-((

  6. There was no need to restrain…george floyd was already handcuffed before he was placed on pavement

    1. Well said I agree!! Anyone could tell that he was restrained and wasn’t fighting. The cop was mocking him telling him to get up and get in the police vehicle. I hope justice is served to the full extent of the law against this EX cop!

    2. @Anne Liesveld its not like george was even in her life she was 4 states away🤣🤣🤣 he didn’t even know her he just go out of prison

  7. That was the worst defense I’ve ever heard! 😂😂I would ask for a new lawyer after that interview. These boys need to be locked up for good!

  8. Did the cops press their knee into chauvins neck? Why not. I thought thats how police make an arrest

    1. Hey how many blacks guys does it take to screw in a light bulb? 100! 1 to hold the bulb and 99 to turn the house around! 🤣🤣🤣 Also it says on google one of the police officers Alexander Kueng is BLACK!

  9. This man’s life turned to trash.

    His wife left him
    He got fired from his job
    He is in jail for 1.2M
    Probably no one is willing to bail him out
    And millions of people want him dead

    Just because he did something he could have avoided.

    I want him to rot in jail.

    1. To continue that list, his prison will probably know all about him (and there will probably be some black people there) so he will probably be beaten up a bit. I just hope he does NOT drop the soap.

    2. @Adventure54 Are you just making things up? It, sort of..,… maybe….. sounds a little bit like you are being overly optimistic, on the side of justice.

  10. That Cop shouldn’t even have a trial, wasting tax payers money and people’s time. The video tells the verdict… what more do you need?

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