1. @TheBigStink what are you talking about? I wasn’t the one who made the apple from the tree comment?

  1. Ma’am you have your son alive and Floyd is GONE forever. You will not have to worry of him murdering more innocent men.

    1. @President and Vp fraudulent Legally, Floyd WAS innocent. In the US, you are innocent until PROVEN guilty by a jury of your peers. Not by a killer cop on a power trip and his three cronies.

  2. Her son Derek Chauvin messed up BADLY and he know that.
    I have no sympathy for hundreds of messed up cops regardless of gender who committed both police brutality and wrongful murder across the United States.

    1. @Dorian Bashaw so what if he was a drug addict, he didn’t deserve to be murdered by that racist cop

    2. @Mrs Fefe why should I if you can voice your opinion thinking a druggies life is worth something… that is opinion. MY opinion is that simply druggies should be dealt with harshly including those that deal them like liquor stores. I can save some for your prefered den of sin if you like.

    3. @Belly Dancer Em I think zyklon b should thrown into bars at happy hour. drug addicts are plague upon society and need to be sorted. Hell I liek the thai concerning drugs and believe they should be expanded to all drugs

  3. “My son is a good man.”
    A real man have both self-respect and self-control in real life.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em When was Derek Chauvin a racist though? There’s no evidence he was a racist at all. You have NO evidence.

  4. George said he couldn’t breath and was calling for his mom. Where was your sons loving caring big heart then?

    1. @Santos Paul looks like jeff deleted his comment of mama was his gf name. I’m not defending Chauvin. He’s a scumbag imo. However, GF did call his girlfriend mama. I’m not saying that’s who he was calling out to, that fact it was a cry for help was enough for me. But towards the end here’s a source.

  5. Aww darn! She raised a monster and is blind to the truth. She doesn’t even speak to the pain of the victim’s family, only her self-centered own. Give me a break!

    1. so georgie wasnt a monster? he wasnt a monster but an abomination rightfully eradicated from the earth.

  6. Did she watch the same video that everyone else viewed!? …with all due respect…Mother SIT DOWN! Remember Derek chauvin chose unneeded, prolonged, lethal force! HOW DARE HER! GURL BYE! He’ll make a good bottom in jail

  7. I feel for any family member that suffers for someone’s actions, but she seems to be oblivious to the fact her son was the one who did this to her, not the justice system. She also didn’t seem to have anything to say to the family of George Floyd. They won’t be able to visit their son/brother ‘wherever he goes’. He is gone. Forever. And won’t be coming out in 22 1/2 years. Not a word or thought did she have for them. It was all about her and her son. The sympathy I might have had was quashed by her total lack of consideration for George’s family.

    1. I mean the murder charge was a little excessive what he did was still irresponsible and stupid but it was proven derek wasn’t the cause of the death of George so yeah it absolutely was the system in the sense that he should have never been charged with full on murder

    2. Everyone knows the system was put under tons of pressure by cnn the rest of the media it was either throw Derek under the jail or there we’re gonna be more riots that’s what happened here let’s be honest

    3. @mason dykstra Derek’s attorney may have also told her not to mention anything to Floyd’s family.

  8. Mr. Nelson, this is not about public “opinion” but about the shocking, and public, reality people around the world had to witness!

    1. Follow the law. Glad he’s gone. Good work Derek on taking out the trash and cleaning up the city taking one for the team

    1. You forgot the part where “he was a good boy, chancing his life around, going to go to college.”

    1. Her favorite child is a convicted felon lmao that was the worse thing she could have possibly said haha

  9. “When you sentence my son, you will also be sentencing me.” Lady, this isn’t about you, ffs!! THIS IS ABOUT JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD…whom your son MURDERED!! And for whose murder he and you have expressed zero remorse for!!

  10. Yeah, Floyd’s family can say all that too. He’s being ‘taken from her’ because he’s going to jail for taking Floyd from this life! Disgusting. He deserves the maximum!

    1. @Sports Enthusiast maybe not. But he was murdered slowly, painfully, and publicly.
      You’re probably not perfect either. But you don’t deserve what happened to Floyd..

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