Derek Chauvin’s trial in the death of George Floyd: Day 8 | USA TODAY

Derek Chauvin's trial in the death of George Floyd: Day 8 | USA TODAY 1


    1. Actually if some junior from one of the law firms has the job of trawling through these comments, please tell Nelson he needs to drop into a clinic after court tomorrow to get that thumb nail drained. If he doesn’t get it drained, it will eventually drop off, because there is too much blood under there for the nail to survive. He will wait months for it to drop off and then he will wait months again for a new nail to grow. I want the prosecution to win, but I know Nelson is a lawyer doing his job and I wouldn’t want him to lose a whole nail.

    1. I didn’t think it was going that bad. It’s a criminal trial, he doesn’t have to prove his innocence. He need to create reasonable doubt. Thus far from what I’ve viewed it would appear they may have enough reasonable doubt with the drugs in Floyd’s system and the new camera angle that showed Chauvins knee on his shoulder. You can see it on my channel. It’s the most recent video I uploaded.

    2. He would get more time pleasing guilty and no chance of appeal and would be fired. Going to trial he may get off completely get hired back as a cop eleswhere, get convicted on a lesser charge, or get less time from the judge after trying to say Floyd was on drugs and passing fake money.

    3. @Purtisha Wood Well today Dr Tobin testified two things. First, with fentanyl death you always go into a coma but George Floyd did NOT go into a coma. Second, with fentanyl you see a depression in somebody’s respiratory system after five minutes, and he testified that there was no depression in George Floyd’s respiratory system before he went unconscious. So it wasn’t fentanyl that killed him. The whole defence case is anti-science.

    4. @Jacquline Gordon Yeah I heard the testimony, it was very strong. The thing is that he took the drugs when the police were approaching. So it was only about 10 minutes prior to Floyd going unconscious. When it comes to proving Chauvin guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” the drugs seem to be that reasonable doubt. We also still haven’t heard the defense is expert.

    5. @YoungRT ENTERTAINMENT No it wasn’t the drugs because if you die of fentanyl YOU GO INTO A COMA. That was not the type of death George Floyd died. And with fentanyl you experience a depression in your respiratory system PEAKING AFTER 5 MINUTES. There was no depression in Floyd’s respiratory system before he lost consciousness, and he did NOT go into a coma. As for the other pill, the “methamphetamine”, it was so weak that it would not have done anything at all, somebody who has never used methamphetamine could have swallowed that and felt almost nothing, whoever bought it was ripped off. 1.9% – 2.9%, when NORMAL content for methamphetamine pills is 90 – 100%.

  1. 7:28:10 ENORMOUS rip-off on the methamphet!! And the fentanyl not the best either. Definitely wasn’t the drugs!

  2. *Great things we’ve learned from this trial:*
    • Chauvin’s force was also defined as “excessive” by Sgt. Stiger
    • Chauvin applied an unnecessary “pain technique” by bending the fingers back
    • Chauvin was not so distracted by the crowd that he couldn’t reply to Floyd.
    • Again, side recovery position was not used after handcuffing (in fact, the ex-cop verbally and physically refused it)
    • Whether the knee was on the neck or lower, the prone position alone is enough to cause harm (even more so with bodyweight)
    • After substance analysis, less than 1% of fentanyl was found in the pills — an amount that may make overdose less likely.

    1. @Jacquline Gordon You are exactly right. They are the Trumpers who are in an alternative universe. They see everything through rose colored glasses.

    2. @Skip White should I believe you or respiratory expert Dr Martin Tobin who gave evidence on day 9? Sorry if I don’t have to think about that for very long.

    3. @Skip White Dr Tobin has seen fentanyl deaths and he says that is just not how George Floyd died. How many fentanyl deaths have you observed?

    1. that’s what your hoping for but you know the defense is proving little by little that he swallowed a bunch of street drugs prior to arrest. meth and fentonal

  3. I do hope the prosecutions closing defense, they use a mannequin on the floor, make it so quiet you could hear a needle drop and have 3 officers put body weight on the mannequin and another put a knee on its neck, for the entire 9 mins plus. Without saying a word

    1. @Jacquline Gordon did you mention to your granddaughter that 81 thousand people died last year from opioid abuse, and most were much younger without pre-existing heart damage and high blood pressure, and were not struggling/resisting arrest using up their last bit of life force left in them. why not lets see what all the trial reveals first before instilling fear and hatred based on emotions into our grand kids.

    2. @Skip White if you are with somebody in the weakened position you describe, will you sit with your knee on their neck for 9 mins and 29 seconds instead of administering first aid, and still do nothing at all to administer emergency first aid after they become unresponsive? Think about that. 9 mins and 29 seconds. If a white man has swallowed all the coke in Manhattan, he will get first aid. A Black man will get 9 mins and 29 seconds of an officer’s knee on his neck. 9 mins and 29 seconds. Time that on your watch.

    3. @Bob Simmons lol you cant seriously think where a person kneels is irrelevant? If they kneeled on you for 10 min i bet you wouldn’t be very happy.

  4. It seems to me that everyone is missing the point, the Elephant in the room, Chauvin. Ten minutes of doing NOTHING!

    1. @Jacquline Gordon Lawd… so wrong. You’re telling people cops are culpable because of drugs someone had taken, is ridiculous

    2. @Billie Wilson You are way behind. You obviously have not watched respiratory expert Dr Martin Tobin destroying the defense on day 9. Two key points from Tobin: 1. With fentanyl death, you go into a coma, and George Floyd DID NOT go into a coma. 2. With fentanyl, you experience a depression in your respiratory system peaking after five minutes, but there was no depression in Floyd’s respiratory system at all before he lost consciousness, which means that he had not swallowed any significant quantity of fentanyl. The amounts involved were very small. Tobin has seen fentanyl deaths and he says that is just not how George Floyd died. Tobin describes in great detail exactly how Chauvin killed George Floyd.

      The defense made a complete hash of Tobin’s cross-examination. If you take a look at the comments under day 9, you will note that the pro-Chauvin people are suddenly nowhere to be seen.

      The problem with people who have hardly ever used drugs is they have this assumption that drugs = dangerous to the body, highly likely to lead to death. The defense is hoping that they have a bunch of jurors with no personal experience of narcotics. But Tobin has just educated the jury.

    3. @Jacquline Gordon It seems we have a lot of Science Deniers. People just want this Officer to get off.

    4. Chavez Will and is going to get charged with second-degree murder. Just imagine you being in George Floyd shoes. Is that how you would want to been treated? I can’t stand even looking at Just sitting there like a butt hole taking stupid notes what a loser.

  5. What’s so sad about this trial, defense wants us to believe that logic shouldn’t apply to knowing three officers on 1 man while handcuffed, pressed down on the ground with a knee on a neck for 9min plus had nothing to do with his death. Wow! It’s like saying thunder can happen without lightening.🤔

    1. @Billie Wilson does that make it ok to place your knee on anyone’s neck? Not to mention, 3 officers standing around watching while this tragedy unfolded… In the end, we all have to do better as a human-beings!

    2. @Billie Wilson this is why people need good common sense, good common sense, and the heart God gave to have the capacity to care for another person. Glad the professional medical examiners said death was due to lack of oxygen because the officers. To suggest Floyd was going to die in those 9 min plus, is ludicrous.

  6. I do hope they took into account that 2 of those a—s holes could’ve been taking into account some of those other duties to secure the area other than holding down George.

  7. Derrick chauvin literally jumps to pick up thoes headphones every time there’s a sidebar. Sense when does a defendant get to listen to the side bars? He acts like a kid at lunch time on pizza day like calm TF down I wish he couldn’t get to listen so he can look stupid. He’s accused of murder and still gets treated special getting endless pads to write and look busy or headphones to listen to sidebars.

    1. @Purtisha Wood If he could have been so diligent to jump to administer emergency first aid when George Floyd became unresponsive, like he is to put on those headphones when there is a side bar. And certainly when one of our brothers and sisters are in court you don’t see them treated better than the judge.

    2. @SEENO, because Chauvin is being treated like an important official of the court, not like the suspect in a murder trial.

  8. 3:20 his left knee was on the neck the photo the defense is using shows the right knee on the back fron the right side so you cant see the left knee. The officer has 2 knees and they can be in different places on George.

    1. @ACE MARTINEZ I guess if the cops never touched him he would have died in those 9:29 seconds on that day anyways.🤔

    2. @Lisa Johnson he should done drugs and just done what the cops has told him maybe he be alive wait now

  9. Wow! how can you dispute these pics… No way was he resisting while pinned down, silent and gasping for air…..9 min of no care what so ever…..The crowd was in disbelief while filming this officer was in no way fearful for his life! Try again Defense

  10. The defense is building a very strong case, or rather the prosecution is not proving their case

    1. The case is George Floyd was killed by 3 officers whether it was purposeful or not. There should be consequences. Kneeling on a man’s neck and with body weight while handcuffed for over 9 minutes can kill a healthy man. Officers need to ask for the mercy of the court and confess.

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  12. It’s clear Mr Nelson is careful with his questions to the scientists. You can’t argue with science

  13. The bald guy is high as hell on that stand watch the part where the prosecutor messed up on that video clip…. he high as the light bill… 😎😂💬🤣😂

  14. Since “some” eyewitness said that Derek’s knee was on his shoulder blade. and not on his neck as all videos point out.
    I have an idea! Let’s replicate exactly what Dereck did to George, to one of those who are in denial, for a whole 9 minutes and see what happens…

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