Dershowitz: Anything Trump Did To Win Re-Election Is In The Public Interest – Day That Was | MSNBC

Dershowitz: Anything Trump Did To Win Re-Election Is In The Public Interest - Day That Was | MSNBC 1


    1. So when Trump loses the next election but then denies it on the accusation that the Democrats cheated, it’ll be fine because he believes it’s in the nations best interest. Dershowitz is out of his mind!!

    2. Exactly, if the public were to profit by Trump’s behavior, so what, that’s ok, but that wasn’t the intended result for the act, merely a non-objectionable simultaneous occurrence.

  1. Dersh keep referencing people who don’t agree with him. Last week he claimed a constitutional legal scholar agreed with his stance. The same scholar has this week spoken in disagreement with Dersh. He needs to say “this is my made up opinion because i’m a Trumper at all costs”.

    1. give him a cozy chair against the wall of a 3 story building, I have a whole cinder block for him, compliments of gravity.

    1. @A T well seams like the republickin’s are russians.
      Lock and load.
      We need to protect America from foreign dicktaters and terrorism and terrorist right.
      We can’t trust this russian republickin party of criminals terrorists that wants to turn America into a wasteland.

  2. This is the Rise of American Fascism. These are the arguments Dershowitz is making. We had better stop this, and as soon as we possibly can.

  3. Sooooo just going by that open statement, if s president hired a Hitman to take out a political rival or someone to plant false evidence, lie under oath bring up false charges, commit extortion bribery or murderer. It’s ok because it’s in the public interest …… RIGHT!!!!!

    1. Dersh’s argument is so ridiculous. If a democrat took his stance republicans would be calling b******t left and right.

    2. yes, because Dershowitz just said THE MEANS JUSTIFIES THE ENDS (criminal or not)
      I guess he forgot that THE PUBLIC determines what is right for the Public Interest – NOT the Politicians.

    3. No absolutely not, but that’s not what happened in this case. Trump said to the President of Ukraine that something fishy may be going on with Hunter Biden. If he tried to get someone killed or anything that was actual criminal behavior, or if he threatened and demanded that something be done or else, then yeah I would say there would be a problem, but that didn’t happen. Look, if there was evidence that Trump demanded that Zelensky allocate resources to ensure that Hunter Biden is stripped from his job or else aid would not be sent to defend against the Russians, yeah that’s corrupt, but that didn’t happen and there’s no evidence for it.

    4. @Helden sure sounded like Trump put a hit on Yovanovitch on the Parnas tape, AND Trumps own attorneys today admitted on camera that there was no evidence whatsoever of Trump having any concerns about Hunter Biden/Ukraine until Biden announced his run for 2020. Trump has done a great many shady things during his 3 yrs that have already prompted several investigations (including secret meetings with known foreign adversaries) w/o Fed staff or oversight. Furthermore, the Parnas tapes prove that Trump is for sale, to any person who shoves money in his pocket. His own attorney (now jailed) warned us of him… and TODAY – the audacious claim by Trumps own defense attorneys that: “The Means, criminal or not, justifies the ends.” is so dangerously fascists that its chilling.

      Trumps defied Congressional Subpoenas – which in itself is an impeachable offense against the US –

  4. Dershowitz may have kept his underwear on for this performance, but they are definitely carrying a full load.

    1. Crystal Giddens Wow, you just countered what you’re referring to as “stupid and shallow,” with a stupid and shallow comment yourself. Congratulations trumpie, I’m sure orange Donnie dictator is proud of you

    2. David Guelette
      David you sure made me laugh. That’s a good one.
      Alan is full of BS alright.
      He’s talking nonsense, I wouldn’t hire him to defend me. Ha ha ha

  5. That’s man is pathetic, so too is his entire argument. To Kamala, isn’t he “getting away” with everything?

  6. At the very moment Dershowitz made his ‘public interest’ claim, thousands of Harvard Law degrees burst into flames.

    1. i’m thinking Harvard will revoke dershowitz’s ” emeritus” status and claim they “never heard of him, maybe he was a pizza delivery guy” .

    2. @Dana Herron I had that very same thought as soon as I heard FOMO Dersh was on the WH counsel. Harvard’s associations with sordid individuals, i.e. Dersh, Epstein.. Smh

    1. They do NOT. The Republican Party and base have fully embraced Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism. A vote is a reward for a job well done – NEVER reward a Republican with a vote.

    2. Bry-Fi What type of government do you think a republic is? A monarchy? A theocracy? A republic is one type of democracy. The terms are not mutually exclusive.

    3. We already know the Trumpers don’t want to live in a democracy they don’t control… they want to “shoot anyone” on the street for the benefit of “their” society. God help those not of the right color, the right bank account, the right gender and those who don’t practice pedophilia.

  7. Dershowitz has two half brains: ‘left’ and ‘right’.
    In the left side, there’s nothing right.
    In the right side, there’s nothing left.

    1. Fascism or feudalism, they’re both at play within the GOP. Seed the judicial branch with “judges” that will support their agenda, which paved the way for citizens united, which dilutes the value of our votes. Our system has turned on its head

  8. This guy really thinks he’s on to something, who does he think is actually falling for this foolish lecture

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