1. The look on Anderson Cooper’s face was absolute perfection listening to Dershowitz mangling the truth. Anderson, thanks for the laughs!!

    1. @Judy Ives oh okay so you’re saying there should be a statute of limitations for fucking kids. Real classy

    2. @aaron james who the hell even is “politics kid” . i don’t listen to other people’s opinions. (fox news has had over 20 people give their OPINION that the impeachment is a scam)
      I look for government documents and logic.
      here’s two.


    1. “And in conclusion, Trump was wearing his underwear in all dealings with Ukraine, making him totally innocent. Case closed!” – Alan Dershowitz

  2. I HAVE A STORY TO TELL YOU, HERE WE GO …….There once was an old man who likes to sleep with underage girls, he continues to deny it …….but we all know he is a loud mouth bully and a liar …. THE END

    1. @Jack J imagine being so delusional that when you look at other people being objective, it seems like they have a mental disorder. that is SOME LEVEL of brainwashing.

    2. I’m watching this but I can’t focus when you have a broken family like me I just feel depression. So it’s hard for me have a opinion

  3. “I wasn’t wrong then, despite saying the opposite of what I say now, because now I have a more sophisticated argument…”… ok then… makes perfect sense

    1. @Yaya but at the time, you thought that his first argument was correct. are you admitting to being wrong? are you saying that CNN was right and a handpicked trump lawyer was wrong?

    2. @Yaya It’s not a position, it’s facts. I think Anderson would have been fine with it had Alan just admitted he was wrong in the 90’s. Alan is basically saying that because he was ignorant, he can’t be wrong.

  4. Preventing the assistance to go to Ukraine that was approved by the Congress is a clear abuse of power and is impeachable.

    1. Matt Marinovich did you forget the part where they did get the aid, and they got it 2 weeks before the deadline? Facts are so inconvenient huh?

  5. “I wasn’t wrong i’m more correct now when i’m saying the exact opposite”

    Most other countries if you behave like this your career is done and you will never recover from it. But in Trumps America you are the presidents lawyer.

  6. “I wasn’t wrong then but, I’m more right now.” I’m going to steal that one and use it the next time I get into an argument with my wife…

  7. “Criminal-like” behavior…
    That man is soooooo full of crap. 😂😂😂😂😂
    I’m so glad he’s getting called out on his B.S.!

  8. “Much more correct”? What a completely megalomanic delusional clown just like the guy he’s defending. Birds of a feather lie together.

  9. “I’m not happy seeing Richard Nixon’s gang being tried by blacks and liberals in the District of Columbia” -Alan Dershowitz 1974

  10. More “sophisticated.”
    “I’m wasn’t wrong then. I’m just much more right now.”
    DershoTWITZ wins the hairsplitting award for the week.

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