DeSantis breaks silence on Trump’s legal troubles

While answering a reporter's question on Monday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is pursuing charges against former president Donald Trump. DeSantis' comments echoed Republican criticism of the investigation & of Bragg, who is a Democrat. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. Ron DeSantis:
    “I will talk around any question and never answer it, but hey, that’s what makes me a true Republican. Besides, I’m just as afraid of Trump as every other mindless sheep out there.”

    1. At least he answers questions. Our current President can’t even give a statement without reading a teleprompter. “Repeat the line”.

    2. @Hilly Bill 
      Just so you know, Evading a question doesn’t mean that you answered the question. It’s called dancing around the question, “Don’t let yourself be fooled by the fancy footwork.”

    3. @Hilly Bill
      “At least he answers questions…..”
      Has someone asked him what the prosecutors should do?

    4. @allgoo 19 The prosecutors cant do anything that will stick. Hush money for an alleged affair is not illegal in the U.S. The only law he broke was mislabeling what they money was for and the statute of limitations is already up on that petty charge. They have nothing and know it.

    5. @Viking Life 
      You seem to proport knowledge of legal matters at hand. So you shouldn’t be surprised when Subject One is fingerprinted, mugshot, and arraigned in front of a duly appointed judge.
      Just remember, no one is above the law in our Constitutional form of Government, No One!!!

    1. @Redfjb It really doesn’t matter how much you WWANT that to be true, but only 100 were actually classified. As opposed to the 300 that Trump had, that he said he didnt, after being subpoenad for them and his lawyers catagorically stating he didn’t have them.
      So not really apples for apples there pal

    2. ​@Collapsing Since you’re saying “learn the law” while making claims about it, how about you actually cite the law that backs up your claim about the SoL being superceded by Classified status?

      Or are you just making a claim with nothing actually backing it at all?

  2. The only people making this investigation political are the people calling this investigation political.

  3. El hipócrita estaría feliz con que lo indicten y que no pueda correr para presidente es lo que realmente espera para pronunciarse como candidato pues le tiene mucho miedo

    1. The thing is, technically, Meatball Ron, can’t run for president in 2024, Florida law states, no active govenor can run for higher office during his term.
      Now Meatball, is working on changing that law, how convenient, it shouldn’t be allowed to change such laws during an active term.
      Another thing is trump the dump can still run for president, even with law suits or he could even be in prison, if he won, they would release him, seems crazy to me.

  4. I’m from the UK and don’t know what a district attorney does, but it sounds more important that arresting shoplifters 🤔🤔🤔

    1. A district attorney is the prosecutor for a given state and represents the state government vs the defendant.

      Then you have the federal government district attorneys. Which are over federal crimes, and represent the government of the United States.

      The district attorneys job is to prosecutor criminals to the full extent of the law but they can only go trial with the evidence to prove a crime.

    2. “My front tires lost contact with the road ….”
      So let the criminals go walk free?
      Political criminal or shoplifter, why not arrest both?
      Do you choose one or the other in UK?

    3. District Attorneys are elected officials whose job is to determine whether or not to pursue the prosecution of crime, and then represent the state or federal government in the event that they decide to prosecute.Many times, however, those DA’s are political activists that choose to not prosecute crimes such as theft, shoplifting, and assault due to “social justice” and “racial inequity” and other progressive buzzwords. This inevitably results in criminals knowing that they won’t get in trouble for committing crime, and thus crime then skyrockets.

      And it isn’t just petty crime that goes up; innocent people have died at the hands of repeat-offenders that had been arrested numerous times but were still out on the streets because a liberal District Attorney declined to prosecute them, even with clear and damning evidence.

    4. And although shoplifting might seem like a harmless crime to you, many businesses are leaving these crime-ridden hellholes because you can’t make a profit if you’re losing half your product to huge bands of thieves that know they’ll, at most, get a slap on the wrist if they’re caught, much less prosecuted. Local residents then suffer because they then have to find another place to shop and there isn’t always a competitive option. Take Walmart, for example, which happens to be the most economical place to shop for many people; well they’re closing their Chicago stores due to crime and safety concerns. And in San Francisco, the cops won’t even bother stopping you if you stole less than $1,000 in merchandise 🤦🏽‍♂️

      The ironic thing is… those residents struggling to keep a roof over their heads are the same people that elect those progressive DA’s that refuse to prosecute crime. Many of them then flee those hellholes (that they themselves helped create) for greener pastures like Texas and Florida, which happen to be conservative states. Then they vote for the same liberal crap that ruined their last home.

      So yeah, shoplifting might seem fairly harmless to you, but en masse it creates much bigger problems.

  5. Trump’s whole game was to wait all this stuff out and delay it all as much as possible and it is working quite well.

    1. Get real!
      The crimes are all right in front of you nose.
      Anyone who has been paying attention just a little bit.

  6. About time someone with a spine speaks up!! You go, Governor DeSantis! You have a lot of support if that’s your baseline

  7. Way to stay solid, DeSantis. Someone else, might choose to take a swipe at the “competition”, right now but, not you. And, I respect that ALOT.

    Still voting Trump.

  8. What we do know is a Florida State Trooper and a Florida Sheriff have just been arrested. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  9. Just wondering why governor desantis replace his attorney general????
    I want that clown in my party. ✊

  10. He didn’t break silence..he distanced himself without condemning or condoning Trump. He also took the opportunity to take a shot at the prosecutor. Perfect political choose no side response. He will make a great president.

  11. DeSantis takes a reasoned, temperate position and explains it in terms of principles that reasoned, temperate people can appreciate. What’s not to like!

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