DeSantis, Cruise Lines Clash Over Vaccine Passports In Florida 1

DeSantis, Cruise Lines Clash Over Vaccine Passports In Florida


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is on a collision course with the cruise industry over a law he signed banning vaccine passports.
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  1. Once again Republicans embracing communism instead of allowing businesses to operate as they see fit in a free market capitalist economy.

    1. That’s one thing that’s always irked me. Republicans are literal communists, yet they are always accusing everyone else of being communists. SMH

    2. @Jeremy Backup Whatever they accuse others of being or doing they are guilty of themselves. Projection is their schtick.

    3. 1) Republicans aren’t free market capitalists, they believe in limited government not no government.

      2) does this now mean that the left are corporatists who bowdown to Corporate authoritarianism?

  2. There are many states that would love the cruise business. Just stop docking in Florida, Desantis will change his tune

    1. The geographical advantage of the location of Florida is huge, docking in another state would cost extra travel and holidays, and thus a lot extra costs for passengers and cruise liners.

    2. @Charles Lewis Yes, my parents retired to Naples, but they still think DeSantis is one of the dumbest governors in the country.

  3. Republicans continue to represent the interests of the minority at the expense of the wishes of the majority, some would say such an arrangement is authoritarian in nature.

    1. Facts don’t match up to you assumption, I’m afraid.

      Not many people want government controlling their lives like puppets. That’s a far left ideology. You want to avoid a cruise if you are afraid? You are welcome to. You are also welcome to go if you are not afraid. Freedom of choice and keeping power in the hands of the people.

    2. The constituition was pretty much designed to prevent tyranny of the majority. Is called a republic.

    3. @Charles Lewis That’s fine and dandy, but when the tyranny is being forced on the majority from a minority of the country that’s when I have a problem. The last 2 Republican presidents have lost the popular vote and have then went on to appoint 5 Conservative SC judges and hundreds of federal judges that are out of step with the majority. No more of this we represent the minority and are going to shove our policies down the throats of the majority. I call BS.

    4. @N. C. But what you have here is a government telling a private company what they can and can not do. Isn’t that government overreach?

  4. Maybe DeSantis could get the Cruise Lines to try something like a bleach, I see where it does a sort of cleaning on the lungs in a minute.

    1. Yeah, was it Georgia that the MLB threatened? And what did the GOP say? Something like kiss my grits. I can’t remember, I was in shock.

    2. @Luis Rosales Take your foot off the gas there Luis. Who said anything about medical history.Proof of vaccines are required for most school kids too. Have been for a long time. No one is forcing you to vaccinate.

    3. @Blair Haffly
      You: Who said anything about medical history.
      Also you: Proof of vaccines are required for most school kids too.

      What do you think “proof of vaccinations” are?

    4. @Luis Rosales You asked someone if they didn’t want corporations to demand medical historys from humans. A vaccine card is hardly a medical history.

    1. @N. C. You need to prove immunization for school, right? RIGHT? Is he fighting schools for asking about Rubella? Measles? Small pox?

    2. @Luis Rosales Deflect much do you??

      Here, I will return the favor..

      How is Florida doing?? Or Alabama… or Mississippi?

      The sad part is that deflection is all you have… as proven by the last 4 years.

    3. @Luis Rosales No, you are deflecting and I am not interested in childish games.

      Whatever stats you want to pull up, I can do the same for numerous Republican states that show they are having problems too.. it’s 1000% off topic so why do it??

      How about you address the TOPIC.. if you don’t want to do that, that is fine but at least have the integrity to admit it rather than play foolish deflection games so you don’t have to talk about the topic you don’t like.

      We can talk about another subject, AFTER we are done with this subject.

  5. “desanta (sic) has been a champion for the cruise industry.”
    How much do you want to bet the cruise industry would take issue with that? Rethug = anti-business

  6. I would NEVER get on a cruise that didn’t require vax.
    DeSantis “Plauge ship anyone?”
    No thanks I’m good.

    1. @Andric Caldor You are being disrespectful by implying you are entitled to other people’s health info. I have the vaccine but there won’t be any vaccine passports. There is no justification for it.

    2. Privacy related to someone’s entire health profile can be preserved, while at the same time we share this one piece of your health. It’s impossible to detect where the virus is located (in the air, in someone’s lungs), so our second-best solution is getting vaccinated. I think that vaccine passports are a sensible solution.

    3. @B Perkie People with AIDS should definitely tell their partners. When we exchange bodily fluids, you can no longer claim any privacy protection. Your AIDS status definitely becomes my business. So before things get serious, I ask a partner about their AIDS status, also are you on Prep? Will you join me in taking an AIDS test together? No need to be embarrassed about getting tested these days. And if a partner doesn’t like this sort of conversation, then it wasn’t meant to be, plain and simple. What do you think?

    4. @Andric Caldor That is awesome! People should be responsible if they can hurt others…. That is freedom behaving responsibly to live another day!!! When you can sicken someone…your freedom can be to tell or don’t engage so everyone can make a choice

  7. These are privately owned business’s that have every right to keep their employees & passengers safe. Move your docking to a different state.

  8. I hope the cruise operators ditch Florida so that Florida ditches DeSantis… and hopefully throw Trump to the gators.

  9. I want to see how “folksy” the Republicans will be when big business pulls the rug. Time to quit the culture wars and focus on real policy…

    1. Even when Republicans had power they didn’t pass anything because they have no platform and no policies to help the American people. Everything they did restricted rights, and removed protections. They are only interested in enriching themselves and their cronies using tax dollars. With sides of propaganda, dog whistling, obstructionism, and gaslighting.

    2. @Helen Short they should have removed the protections facebook, google and twitter have that no one else has.

    3. @Helen Short pure Facts and still pretend we don’t know with a coke and a smile .smdh karma please catch em cause they’re not even hiding anymore desperate and greedy dangerous creatures

    4. Man I love living in florida and love my governor he’s amazing. Standing up for our freedom! Yall can stay in your state if you dont like it

    5. @Charles Lewis lol where? Florida is the number 1 cruise port hahahahahaha.. Ron is doing a great job!

  10. The cruise lines should just avoid Florida! Move these ports to a different state!
    DeSantis will cry if they loose the cruise line tourists.

    1. @Thundrune Reagan was responsible for the mess we’re in. He trickled down on the rest of us which allowed the uber rich to amass so much money that they could control the government.

    2. @Ed Arenz that’s pretty much exactly what I said. Regan, trickle down economics, anti Soviet block, pro western alliances and free trade is pretty much the definition of traditional conservatism for nearly a century. The party of Trump isn’t that, frankly it isn’t conservative. That’s how history will write it.

  11. My family will refrain from taking any cruises anytime soon, unless COVID vaccinations are 100% required.

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