1. I hope many adults told her that we know that was a nervous laugh. No one thinks she actually agreed with Desantis.

    2. @William Springer disagree… she may agree with the mask comment but NOT talking to someone’s kids like that. No normal person thinks that is ok

    3. Definitely. I think she likes him. She gives them that big smile from ear to ear tilting her head to one side. Then fixing her hair. Tilting your head forward and smiling while looking at DeSantis. And then looks back down to the ground with a short frown. Like my boyfriend just may have seen me. 😄. That was really cute, I didn’t notice till your comment. Thanks for pointing it out.

  1. Yet another great example of how much Republicans care about your choice and freedom to choose. Here with Desantis he mocks and practically demands the students don’t wear their mask even though they had chosen to wear it.What kind of freedom are the people fighting for when they still vote for those who tell them what they should decide they should do?

    1. @Henry 🐰🔫 He didn’t It were ok either. Read about what we can and can’t wear.

  2. How dare you kids come out here being responsible. Don’t you know being responsible gets you nowhere in life, how do you think I got to where I am today, not by being responsible I tell ya. SMDH

    1. @Dee Cee fools. Total fools. You must not remember Fauci telling the truth for once in his life when he said masks don’t do a thing. That was the only time he told the truth. Masks do nothing. It even tells you on the box of masks they don’t stop covid.

    2. @昨日阿富汗,今日烏克蘭,明日台灣島,靠美國,得滅亡 use facts and logic…maybe people will listen.

    3. Do you chose to go naked in public, or do you allow yourself to be oppressed by crazy decency laws?

    1. @Jeff Goddin lol that’s a good one it would mean something if it was coming from someone that has a IQ higher than a house plant.

    2. What’s weird is that you care – mind your own business – they’re not bothering you. Get a life.

  3. He said to them you can wear it if you want but you don’t have to that’s what he said and there’s nothing wrong with saying that

  4. I wish when my parents scolded me growing up they would’ve said “but you can keep doing what you’re doing if you want”.

  5. He told them they could where it if they want to . Media lies all the time and parents by into it. Just be honest he said if you want to wear that’s fine.

  6. These kids are “schooled” by the school board. If you watch the interviews with the kids parents, the parents are maskless.

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