DeSantis Signs Bill Requiring Colleges To Survey Student, Faculty Beliefs 1

DeSantis Signs Bill Requiring Colleges To Survey Student, Faculty Beliefs


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law requiring public universities and colleges to survey students, faculty, and staff about their beliefs and viewpoints, suggesting that the state could possibly intimidate educators through threats of budget cuts, according to reports. Joy Reid analyzes this development and more in this edition of 'The Absolute Worst.'
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  1. Require all he wants. No guarantee the data will be accurate. Ask: What is the goal of the requirement and I’m sure the brains on campus will take advantage and skew the data.

    1. @Ebony Phoenix Intelligence is innate, hence intelligence quotient being unable to be changed. Education however can be changed, and education does not necessarily make one intelligent.

    2. @Len Black he’s probably not, because even if true, it would bring up the full context, not just the quote itself. If he did say it, pretty sure it would be referring to African Americans going to college less often due to poverty or something.

  2. Students and faculty should feel free to lie on any surveys regarding beliefs…. if earning profit is most important, tell them you believe in the Ferengi Alliance.

    1. Thanks for watching, I have something real big I’d Love to introduce you to
      T.E.X.T / W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P

  3. That’s a very specific practice that reeks of the worst type of singling out of individuals for their beliefs.

    1. @Chad M that doesn’t make any difference. Are you going to trust their reports or not, if not, then providing evidence to you is pointless.

    2. @Chad M their political message is based on their report. They don’t change their message because of a different president.

    3. @Ebony Phoenix Who said it has anything to do with the president? The FBI has been firmly liberal even under Trump.

    1. when I was in coll…..when I was there….I always answered drunkenley/stoned. so inherentley lib. 😉

    2. @Jeremy Backup This has never been true and not a single time in the world has there been evidence of such, however there has been evidence of the opposite.

    3. @Puggles McWardog 100% lying to push confirmation bias among his Democrat peers. This is what built the Democrat party, they all lie to each other for clout and have built a cult on the basis of lies they truly believe.

  4. Sounds like they want the “Hitler Youth” movement in another country almost a century ago! That’s why we were fighting such brainwashed soldiers. They were taught a different reality from very young. “The Boy Scouts” had been banned

    1. “Sounds like”. Maybe research what the bill actually says. Ever consider that? Researching isn’t very difficult.

    2. Thanks for watching, I have something real big I’d Love to introduce you to
      T.E.X.T / W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P

  5. This sounds like the red scare from the 50’s when people were brought before fbi inquisition looking for communists

    1. It’s illegal and un-American. Just notice that that the un-American gop was scared to debate pro-voting. Which is a part of democracy

    2. @Grand Wonder Control a women’s body?
      Block your right to vote?
      Control thought?
      Ever tried to control a women, or thought? How can u block your right to vote without blocking your voters?

  6. What happened to “Don’t tread on my freedoms”? Guess free speech only matters when it suits your views

    1. @Joel Slater oh my god that’s so rich. Guys USSR was a great bastion of communism until they became fascist. Your lack of understanding of the actual definition and tenants of either ideology is actually laughable. Where did you go to school? I have to know. Dude you really need to look up the definition of the words you use. Do some research. Learn some history. You need it badly

    2. @Joel Slater Yeah, the USSR was all about freedom and equality, and China is definitely all about freedom of speech and individual freedoms!

      You don’t seem to have any basic understanding of history or how detrimental communism is to a nation. The fact is that I love freedom and I believe that nobody’s freedom should be infringed, but your freedom stops when it encroaches on other people’s freedoms, which is why teaching communism isn’t protected under the first amendment because it inherently encroaches on other people’s rights and freedoms.

      Lastly, you don’t know my beliefs or views, and yet you were so quick to call me a bigot which quite thoroughly demonstrates that you have the intellectual capacity of a child by resorting to name calling.

    3. @zencat999 Then explain it, because I’m literally describing communism, and if that description sounds like a terrible system to implement, that’s because it is.

    4. Yep…liberals should be allowed to continue what they’ve been doing for the last 50 years…indoctrination of young gullible minds on college campuses…unabated:(

  7. Desantis loves thought control and policing education for being critical? He would do well in Russia or better yet in China. Who’s the socialist and extremist now?

  8. It should not be taught in our schools. I dont understand how news anchor get to make fun of people they are covering. Just tell us the facts stop putting ur own opinion in it because no one cares about ur opinion.

  9. The same Ron DeSantis who signed an executive order defining pro-athletes as “essential workers” during the pandemic shutdowns.

  10. Is this legit? Can the Governor do that? What’s next, book burning at the public library? How can this be ok in ?…

  11. Joy really needs to do a “Top 5” of those people that have been the most often labeled as “The Worst”.

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