1. He has no authority to do that. He’s assuming a role no governor has. Traveling to the U.S. Mexican border to determine U.S. policy. He”s an example of the bully pulpit. I’m surprised at his lack of analytical ability considering his alleged education.

    1. @December Fourth that was the identical rhetoric spoken by confederates , he’s a “do boy” carrying the torch of an IDIOT !!

    2. @Acceptable typical, you guys always thinking small. If it was just a case of the individual not wearing a mask and getting sick nobody would care. But your actions have consequences to other people not just yourself. You don’t wear a mask and get sick, spread it to your friends and family, who spread it to their friends and family and so on, all the while contaminating surfaces they contact spreading it to strangers…. see how this works?

    3. @o0Silverwolf0o 2 years in. Most people have had it and have wild immunity. Faucinis on record saying wild immunity is better than a vax. But then again that guy flip flops so much you could wear him on the beach

    1. Did you not listen to the part at 4:44 where she said more than 99.99% of people fully vaccinated have not had a breakthrough case that resulted in hospitalization? Does Biden have blood on his hands for one person who dies in a traffic fatality? Do you understand statistics?

  2. Stop putting children in the middle of whats clearly a political argument its sickening. If they dont want them wearing masks then tell them to stay home in protest.

    1. The states and or districts should offer remote learning options for those kids who decide to stay home or do not want to wear masks.

    2. It’s NOT political, it’s a public HEALTH issue, DeSantis and repugs want to politicize everything with their MAGA signaling.

  3. Great idea Ron, holding needed salaries during a pandemic that has mutated to another variant 😷.

    1. @Auntie Pha sounds like business as usual to me. (I’m a Grade 5-12 science teacher annual salary $21,400)

    2. Can someone explain why they support a political party that is attempting to kill off it’s base by giving them medical advice when they are not doctors?

    3. @SIDEWINDER Yep, a disease with a mortality rate of 1% among unvaccinated people is sure going to kill off their base.

    4. @SpankySpork Wow you know that 1% of the total trump supporters left is just over half of his base, right? Use that trump university degree and do the math.

    1. But what about the ones who want a mask, it’s not right to force them to school and not expect consequences to their immune system. Even having a chance of dying and spreading it to others just like every one else who didn’t get the vaccine yet.

    2. @Shudye Arachnohound – DeSantis is against mandating the mask, i.e. forcing children to wear them. Bravo Ron DeSantis !!!

  4. Desantis’s anti-mask policy and his threats to withhold schools with mask wearing rules is all pandering to Trump and his supporters! Desantis needs to be removed or voted out! His policies about masks goes against CDC GUIDELINES!

    1. @Baaliwood Well then that explains your comment. Prageru and fox is full of borderline propoganda techniques.

    2. @Jokecorn999 did you when you said the same thing about Prager u or fox? One side is right one is left. They both push narratives and not news. They both take facts and twist them to push a narrative. If you wanna keep believing that cnn or fox is straight truth and facts that’s on you.

  5. As a floridian, DeSantis has lost his ever loving mind. I feel no pay. No work..see how he feels when schools shut down and kids aren’t learning at all!

    1. @Rob O the administration is what makes no sense. They’re pro Covid crossing the border, but pro wanting everyone else wearing the mask. Totally stupid. I swear I can’t understand people’s logic there. Close the border, THEN complain about the mask all you want, and not until then.

    2. @Rob O is Biden doing anything good for this country? Gas prices going up. Food prices going up. Inflation across the board. Wreckless spending and throwing out trillions that we, our children, and grandchildren will have to end up paying for, every major Democrat ran city has rising crime and defunding the police. They give out unemployment to where people make more being at home than at work and wondering why people won’t go back. It’s insane. This vaccine isn’t approved and it’s been confirmed already that 7000+ Covid positive illegals have come into our country as is. DeSantis isn’t saying don’t get vaccinated. He’s not saying don’t wear mask. He’s saying he’s giving us the choice to choose for ourselves versus having this control freak of a President telling us what to do. If you have a mask and a vaccine, why worry about what I’m doing? And it’s also been said already that children aren’t good carriers of the virus. I know people that have died from the virus already. But I still want my freedom to choose. No one is going to force a needle in my arm. And if everyone is so concerned about mask, then the tourist should start wearing them when they visit the state where I live and lead by example. Maybe then this wouldn’t be an issue to begin with.

      Lastly, why do democrats have “rules for thee, but not for me”? Obama has a huge party with no mask. Pelosi gets to take her mask off but wants to arrest others not wearing it. The hypocrisy is just unreal.

    3. Newsflash. Kinds haven’t been learning anything useful in government schools since woke left wing teachers decided that the SAT and math is “racist”. All the government schools have become is babysitting service for single mothers.

    1. Hey calling the kettle black.. Joe Biden doesn’t care about us here in Texas I say this doesn’t care about us he’s letting a lot of people from Mexico come aboard and a bunch of them with covid.. they’re sending these illegals all over the United States infected with covid and we as America have to wear Mask? So before you talk about Florida people talk about illegals coming aboard that’s what concerning about from South of the Border or better yet you come over here and look for yourself man ..It’s scary

    2. @Javier Rios “he’s letting them” that’s hilarious! Keep talking about those non-factual boogeyman points! Y’all really love those. The only people talking about “open borders” and the like are Republican strawmen.

  6. EDUCATORSSSSSS….. remember this when it comes election time!!!! Vote him out and vote Charlie Crist back in.

  7. Why doesn’t he just put poison in the kids’ Kool-aid like they did at the Jim Jones compound? Wasn’t a deadly parental choice?

    1. Well that was stupid, You do know Delta variant is fake. How do they test for this variant. The covid testing was faulty how do you test for this varient? Your using the faulty tests🤣. Think people, Dont be sheep to CNN

    2. @Francisco Botello yes and all the people who have died that’s a figment of our imagination too. And the earth is flat right

  8. Teachers, nurses, and doctors should go on strike in Florida. DeSantis should easily be able to handle the pandemic and education right?

    1. @Shawn O’Connor They are at risk with the delta variant which is a strain of COVID mutated from unvaccinated people. So the original strain of COVID in America may have put children at less risk but the Delta Variant changes things thanks to the unvaccinated.

    2. @SnortingSmarties you mean the variant that statistics have showed kills no one who is vaccinate and 0.08% of the unvaccinated people? By the way, you all that think masks do anything need to start talking to your microbiologist friends if you have any.

    3. @Heather Far N-95 Mask are better than surgical and face shields. Is the N-95 perfect? No. Is the N-95 better than a surgical and face shield? Yes. Best bet is probably to stay out of large crowds regardless if you live in a area with high vaccine rates or not.

    1. And yet people who were to too late for the vaccine and some who decided to avoid the vaccine but overall they risk themselves for what purpose, because what their doing now will effect everyone else. The vaccine prevent people from dying from the virus, the more the some wait even the vaccinated are at risk.

    2. @Slim Shady I watch alot of different “news” channels. Clearly most commenting on here are just CNN sheep.

  9. When evil people politicize a pandemic for their own personal gain, this is what happens. It’s a real head shaker and history will look back on this with total disbelief.

    1. @Matthew DegliObizzi ignorance of the law is not a defense. Apparently ignorance of science is with y’all. Bravo

    2. @Matthew DegliObizzi Individual Liberty has no ground with a Pandemic that has no boundaries, physical or political — you know this too and so does DeSantis — he’s trying to run for president and that’s the real story here

  10. ” Everyone in the media was saying Florida was going to be like New York or Italy and that has not happened” .Gov Ron DeSANTIS April 28 2020… It’s happening now… Deathbed DeSantis ☹️☹️

    1. @Gail Hollinger what about other deaths? Where the hell is flu season? Noones had a cold? Heart disease and cancer? Nothing? Just covid?

    2. @Gail Hollinger Critical thinking or event basic thinking takes a lot of work for some. Particularly the ignorant and narrow minded.

    3. @Jeffery Mead I swear every lie Trump ever told can be debunked by the information the White House has submitted THEMSELVES during his term they can’t put false information in the White House archives or the national archives or the library of Congress why don’t they know this everything that goes on in the White House is right there even Trump’s pitiful work schedule can be viewed he took more breaks than a man falling out of a plane with no parachute ….that SOB was lazy as hell …the breaks are listed as “executive time ” ie watch TV and use his Twitter fingers time ….they can court transcripts and everything ….why don’t they know this 🤷 my teenagers know it that’s how they through American government class for goodness sake


    History: deleted
    Phone: yeeted
    Holy water: needed
    Meat: beated
    То чувство когда все застыли, а люди сзади идут

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