Descendant Of Edmund Pettus: Rename The Bridge And Then ‘We Get To Work’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. A short bio of Edmund Pettis.
    After the Mexican-American War, Pettis moved to California to help in the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans.
    During the Civil War, Pettis was a Brigadier General and surrendered / was captured at least 4 times. Supposedly even shooting himself in the leg to avoid being killed by Union soldiers.
    In 1877, Pettis was named Grand Dragon of the Klan. Because you know…. 🙄

    1. @mtb416 but it is the history of the USA party system. Today’s GOP is the party of choice of racists,anti-LGBTQ bigots, xenophobes etc 🤔

    2. @mtb416 LMAO, changing the subject now? What has this got to do with anything we were talking about? You need to stop watching Rush Limbaugh and stop listening to the conspiracy theories pumped out by Trump media. It’s pretty sad, really.

    3. mtb416 So rather than refute his facts you go with ‘your idea of history is adorable’?? Wow. In other words you’re admitting you have nothing. How embarrassing for you.
      Your condescension is unwarranted.

    4. @mtb416 Haha…I knew it!! This is always the comment historical illiterates make about Dems and the KKK. Thanks for not disappointing!

  2. Hey Lawerence And Guest💜 Yes The Bridge Should Be Rename In Honor Of The Late Rep John Lewis 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  3. She herself is a testament to bridging the gap to love and peace, but also shows that racism can be overcome. I mean here we have a descendant of a white KKK and confederate soldier, who I just read was a champion of slavery, who happens to be black. And she is championing civil rights. And it just shows hatred is taught, you aren’t born with it. And that history of hate wasn’t passed on.
    I agree with everything she said too.

    1. Alabama has mandated mask wearing while GA and FL have not. Maybe it’s not as backward as you think.

  4. The voting rights bill is sitting on Mitch McConnells desk and has been for almost a year. What are you waiting on Mitch?

  5. Tell me, who has the authority to change the name of the bridge and why can’t it be done today, this hour?🤨🤨🤨

  6. Now this is a totally legitimate request by black Americans. I read the bio of Edmund Pettus in Wikipedia. I’m amazed that the bridge wasn’t re-named 50 years ago. Yes, naming it after John Lewis is very appropriate, and I can’t imagine any non-KKK person objecting to it.

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