Despite Denials, Much Of The Giuliani Case Is On The Record | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Despite Denials, Much Of The Giuliani Case Is On The Record | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at the contours of what has been reported about the investigation of Rudy Giuliani and whether the deals Giuliani made in Ukraine will be construed as payments that could spell legal trouble. 
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  1. “They were careless people … they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”
    The Great Gatsby

    1. @Jay Kay the fact that you’d brag about this, proves you don’t actually read the Bible and that you’re just a modern day Pharisee…

    2. @Jay Kay I would say the ones who were fools before they quoted the Bible or Gatsby. Satan can quote the Bible.

    3. @YourBrainOnReligion You are being absolutely silly with your statement that just because the novel is a work of fiction means that it does not contain even a kernel of truth on which to base the story.
      The story may be fictitious, but the story is often based on factual circumstances.

    4. @YourBrainOnReligion Ohh, you watch that clown Truthsurge who speaks the same ignorance that you spew unless you are the same person which, Truthsurge still never stopped his usual pig slop logic of his constant fallacies like the false dilemma and nothing but objections and a host of others. .

  2. that 10% to the big guy is really paying off now, isn’t it. The countersuits are going to be epic.

    1. @Pat Doyle I can well empathize: During a break from a “tickle attack” with my then three year old son, he dashed into his room to search for something. I took the opportunity to catch my breath, only to look up in time to see–but not prevent–my son swinging his plastic and wood toy hammer, with all his might, right at my groin. And connecting… Parenting, and grandparenting can be full contact, especially when two cats and one large dog are added into the mix.

      Take care. And be wary of wildly careering windmills (especially of the far-right persuasion).


    2. @KesArt Dude, you’re going into too much stuff that I didn’t mention and don’t care to talk about. My “assertion” that there are worse people than Donald Trump was to argue the person claiming that Donald Trump was the most corrupt President of all time. Maybe that is considered an “assertion” too.

    3. @Richard Williams That’s not what I’m saying, and I wouldn’t compare Donald Trump to Hitler. I was only arguing back at the person who commented that he was the most corrupt president. I don’t think anyone could say that and be certain. I think Donald Trump has issues, but I think mainstream media has more.

    1. @Verum Quaesitor and yes there are a few reasons why Rudy Giuliani would not have given these hard drives to President Trump.

    2. No matter what idiotic lies you post in the you tube comment section doesn’t change the facts, you are a failure at trolling.

    3. Disinformation, Disinformation is making folks hate, It’s keeping them ha-a-a-a-ating…
      Apologies to Ms Carly Simon 😉

    1. @ShoNuff IzHere!! weird thing for the ‚drain the swamp‘ crowd to be saying but okie. Nice one.

    2. not before time,the corrupt ones chickens are coming home to roost at last,cannot wait for the orange shitgibbon to get his come uppence as well

    3. @ShoNuff IzHere!! oh go take some more clorox, it might sharpen your one brain cell,and then maybe not,some things just cannot be fixed lol

    4. @helen turner go watch Rudy channel. You making a fool of yourself. There’s audio recordings too. It’s truly difficult to argue with someone who’s oblivious to the full story.

    5. @Shad Rock
      “…theres not just you and then nazis”. Is that supposed to mean something or say something? Because I don’t get it.

    1. @Roy Mercer – No – it’s your level of delusion and denial that registers as “out of your mind” on the cult-o-meter…

    2. @Sam Harris Why would it be Rudy and Trump have been criminally conspiring since the eighties.

    3. @Gigi M Nothing to raid them for or William Barr would have done it when he had the chance. there has to be this little thing called evidence. The difference between swallwell is when the FBI briefed him he cut all ties, when Giuliani was briefed he doubled down and continued his crimes.

    4. @Gigi M 45’s politicized DOJ and FBI had four years to make a case against everyone you mentioned.

    1. They always do. It’s time for YT to only allow real names or channel names associated with verified real people. Far too many fake accounts.

  3. There could be video, with full audio, of Giuliani literally selling out Trump’s corrupt services to foreign entities to the highest bidder and Trumpworld would still be saying “BUT HUNTER’S LAPTOP…”

    1. Meanwhile Biden has 50 years in dc and is literally to blame for everything. I mean if you want to compare corruption.

      You people are insane. Rudy is being targeted because he targeted them. That’s it. Nothing to do with justice or right and wrong. Same reason nobody has gone down connected to Epstein. The FBI went to the island and sanitized it to protect them. They protect their own. Nothing more. Rudy stepped outside the circle.

  4. To think how I used to feel about Rudy Giuliani just a few short years ago, vs. now when he’s revealed himself to be one of the slimiest figures in our country’s history.

    1. Can anyone even imagine what kind of sleaze that Rudy and donald were up to back in the nyc days!

    2. @Tammy Smith lmao Matt Gaetz and Guiliani are going down. Hourly the biggest crook, Donald Trump gets his day too! If you still support them after all the bs they put this nation through then you should get your head checked.

    3. @Chicago Boy ever see the video of rudy in drag with donny? You think that was an isolated incident?

    4. @Pauline Stephens Look Rudy as been NYDOJ for so many years and had nothing to show for it and he said to himself honesty does not pay so he turns to the otherside, He said now I’ll get rich before I DIE

  5. We’ve known all this since forever. The news is that there will be consequences, finally.

    1. Amen. A cautious Amen. But, is it odd that the Derek Chauvan trial outcome gives me a ray of hope?

  6. “if we’re wrong, we’re going to look like fools” Jan 6th -Rudy Giuliani

    1. @mary stinson You are so crazy. Where is the proof? You
      Trumpsters rant and rave, but never provide any proof because there isn’t any.

  7. Regarding Yavonovich (sp?) can you imagine seeing the US President by name say you’re about to “go through some things”? How frightening that would be?


  8. The yellow rose of Texas something to do with restless spirit of the land that either moves you or confuses you little of both I reckon cloud hoppers make it rain dance

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