Despite Dire Death Toll, Trump Admin Still Failing Nursing Homes | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Despite Dire Death Toll, Trump Admin Still Failing Nursing Homes | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. 100% af danske politifolk er idioter

      Pretty sure Trump is the only one accused of the raype of a minor and is known to have walked in on minor girls undressing.

      Might wanna try a new schtick, professor?


    2. @Eli Dicken you know what they say about homophobes… I wonder if it’s the same for “pedophobes”

    1. @Uncle Ed The development of the sense of justice lies in unselfishness; one cannot be just and selfish at the same time. The selfish person can be just, but only for himself. He has his own law most suited to himself, and he can change it, and his reason will help him to do so, in order to suit his own requirements in life. A spark of justice is to be found in every heart, in every person, whatever be his stage of evolution in life; but the one who loves fairness, so to speak blows on that spark, thus raising it to a flame, in the light of which life becomes more clear to him.

  1. When you think nursing homes are the only thing to be destroyed from the inside out, next will be the US elections.

    1. @Fighter Pilot your accusation is as inspecific and baseless as Sonny D`s O`Bamagate tripe

    2. @Brian Nave “How many more lives could have been saved if hydroxychloroquine hadn’t been bashed by the democrats and the media.”
      How many more lives could have been saved if Donald Trump was not elected President.
      Agreed, Brian, this is all wishful thinking …

    3. @Fighter Pilot understand it was a republican who has ignored all science and medical warnings and is now allowing its downplay and lying of actual figures

  2. Glorified garbage bags… aha just like the president and his vice president 😯😬😳🤢🖕

    1. @Jake W hey friend, why do you attack my mom… I deff not like trump but I dont know you or your mom and you dont know me or my mom !
      You dont know who, how or when she lived !
      Eeverybody knows who trump is and most dont think he is a nice dude !
      Lets talk about what trump has done for you… That is important !
      My mom is not president of anything and has no power over you, me or anybody !
      Stay safe out there in the streets

    1. Cuomo let cv infected peeps into nursing homes. So are you saying he is in the right but Trump is the one who is wrong?

    2. @ Sundevil 22 + Actually you devil it was much more sinister than that. This may NOT be connected to Joe Biden’s Covid 19 advisor, who coincidentally, is a enthusiastic proponent of uthinasia (sic), BUT only 6, or 7 State Governors, (each, & every one a committed member of the Democrat Party), adopted the pathological policy of mandating ALL nursing homes, (in the their badly mismanaged, Democrat run states), to accept elderly patients with confirmed cases of Covid 19, whether they were capable of caring for them, medically, or their staff’s were trained to handle such high risk patients, that posed such an extreme threat to their existing residents … or not . . . OR ELSE! The uniquely sociopathic
      Democrat Governors issued the death warrants for 1,000s of the elderly residents of their state’s nursing homes in the form of emergency orders that gave owners of nursing homes of all sizes, no other option but to accept new, or returning patients diagnosed, & confirmed to have active cases of Covid 19, knowing that these elderly patients were highly infectious, & likely to transmit Covid 19, to uninfected healthy patients in conditions known to have especially vulnerable populations of residents most likely to die once they became infected: the elderly with pre-existing health issues. These truly diabolical dictates were issued were imposed prior to the dramatic increase of confirmed cases in hot spots around the nation. Governor Cuomo’s lethal mandates were especially heinous in light of the 1,000’s of excess Covid 19 ready beds, fully staffed with trained medical professionals, provided for his State’s use by President Trump, & the Federal Government. This included the Conversion of the Javits Center to a 1,000 bed facility, the US Navy Hospital Ship the USN Mercy, and several temporary medical facilities erected in Central Park, & other NY City locations, that incredibly went virtually unused throughout the worst of the Covid 19 crisis in his state, and those Covid 19 positive elderly patients were being discharged from hospitals to carry their highly transmissible infections into Nursing Homes full of vulnerable seniors who could not escape the coming ravages, Governor Cuomo insisted had to be admitted into populations certain to be decimated as a result.


  3. Are we Russia now??? What’s the true number of the dead? Why are ALL doctors and medical experts agreeing that we DON’T have access to the TRUTH?

    1. Short. Answer yes , You might as well forget truth till I don’t know when . Crowd size was only the beginning . Census’s,laughable . 1984 32 years late that’s all .

    2. Just curious….do you ever get tired of the propaganda? Or do you feed on it? It’s painfully obvious…..

    3. No, we aren’t Russia. They have teams that actually know the difference between real news and fake news!

    4. It is actually quite annoying when you dipsh*ts use countries like russia or china to be the boogieman when you likely haven’t even been there. Guess what? China and Russia have been way better to live in than the US for quite a long time already.

    1. If you’ve got a brain you’ll dismiss everything Maddow says. She’s a hate merchant and nothing else.

    1. @Brian Liew …I don’t for a second rely on American media….The CBC, BBC, and Al Jazeera are much more reliable in my opinion…The Chinese have ALWAYS covered up their mistakes…Take a look at Tiananmen Square Massacre…they said they killed 8 students when the TRUE number was closer to 1500, and the way they treat the Uyghurs…2 Million people in CONCENTRATION Camps…The CCP is DESPICABLE. just like the Trump Admin is…

    2. @James Irving From what sources are you getting your information ? The Tiananmen incident only killed 8 students ? China reported over thousand killed or injured . As for Uighurs , it’s China’s way of reeducation ; a form of brainwashing to deter them from radical islamic rhetorics . Teaching them vocational and language skills to cope with modern society after the tenure which may last a couple of years .The authorities are not allowed to abuse or mistreat them instead provide for them whatever they need . It may be sort of violation of human rights but I guess , the CCP thinks this is the most suitable way deal with dissidents .In general , the minorities were treated better than ethnic Han Chinese for the same crimes .Other than that , they were allowed more kids than the Hans. The Chinese is much more concerned about the overall stability of the nation than cater for the views of the outside worid. By comparision , China is so much safer and way civilized than the West ; just look at the violent crime rate in North America . The West is truly in decadence . You don’t have to believe me , just make a trip to China after this crisis is over ; it might blow your mind away how advanced Chins is.

    3. @Brian Liew police only killed less than ten with most justified but 7000 blacks killed blacks and since the Gestapo SS tactics news Al Sharpton and certain black lifes matter when it fits the narrative dont talk about why I’ll tell you why democratic policies in democratic sanctuary cities and districts with no family values fatherless homes being sucked in government assistance nipple

    4. @KZ It’s obvious that ther’re more than just a few rotten apples in the police force and racial profiling is common . Undeniably the status of colored people is considered lower due to lesser or poorer education and job opportunities hence the economic disparities between different racial groups . When taken the task to run the nation , the government of the day has the duty to provide whatever is solely needed for the underpriviledged which in this case mostly people of color . These people are as American as you are . When trillions can be spent on wars and weapons , can’t Uncle Sam spare a small slice of the budget to upgrape the state of livelihood of minorities especially those of the inner cities . In most Asian countries , education is listed at the top of domestic issues but never in America . America is already in a mess ; don’t make it worse or else it’ll hits the fan sooner than you think .

    5. Democrats dont want the truth to get out with the what is actually happening in no leadership democratic sanctuary cities and districts and think Americans of color are stupid every four years

  4. Trump has a zero attention span on anything that’s not loaded with his name on it. The idea of anyone thinking that Trump cares about anything other than himself is laughable.

    1. 100% correct!! I’m surprised more people haven’t figured out the obvious. He’s a narcissist.

    1. help 10 people to register to vote that wouldn’t have.
      bc otherwise your point is outside statute of limitations.
      find 10. and help those 10 find another 10.
      bc statute of limitations.

    2. Uff, that means never. I know is hard looking past party lines but letting crooks as Trump get away with so much is beyond crazy.

  5. They hid the true numbers of brown children they put in cages…what made you think they wouldn’t also hide the true numbers of dead old people?

    1. They used to leave the black kids hit by cars on the road decades ago and the crows ate them. This has to stop!


    1. garbage. exactly. how shameful. is he or anyone going to make up for it ? im embarrassed to be a white uhmerican

  7. Why should the government cares? These people are never gonna be in nursising homes. We are in deep woowoo.

    1. Everything he is guilty of he projects onto other countries and other people. Never takes responsibility for anything except make-believe victories.

    2. Oh, it’s not ironic, its intentional. He deflects and distracts from his failures and his followers just go with it.

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