Despite Fmr. President Trump’s Tenure, Could We See A Red Wave In 2022? 1

Despite Fmr. President Trump’s Tenure, Could We See A Red Wave In 2022?


The midterms are still a year away, but democrats already face an uphill climb. Strike PAC co-founder Rachel Bitecofer and White House reporter at the Wall Street Journal, and author of the new book “Frankly, we did win this election” Michael Bender discuss how despite all the shocking details about Former President Trump’s last year in office, we could still see a red wave in 2022. 

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Despite Fmr. President Trump’s Tenure, Could We See A Red Wave In 2022?


  1. Republicans hold a minority of votes across America yet through intense gerrymandering and dubious state election rules they are able to discount the majority democratic vote across America.

    1. @Dan Archer Oh, please Dan you full ****. Let go to Nebraska a red state. Let look at the meat packing filled with illegal workers. You been taking money under the table, so cry me a river you hypocrite.

    2. Incumbents always face the same problem: Their own side is usually less galvanised to vote because no matter how the midterms turn out, Biden will still be president for another two years. That’s why the 2022 midterms are dangerous, even if Trump keeps reminding everyone what monsters the GOP are.
      The solution is simple: not only do you have to vote, you also have to find at least one person that does not plan to vote, and then convince them.

      But you won’t do that because you are Americans and don’t really care.

    3. no .. they hold 26 State Senate seats.. it’s not Majorty / Minority, it’s Electoral College.. oh, and the 25 year plan the Kochs started in 1992, with NitWit Newt.. to control all local and State qovernments.. which is where Red States started, to begin with.
      it was a 25 yr plan,
      and we’re there, now, eh !

    4. @Bubbles It’s also called: A Senate where a voter in the least populous state has 70x the influence at the federal level as a voter in the most populous state.

  2. All thinking people need to be vigilant, to prevent the kind of lying, dishonesty, criminality, and incompetence we saw in the Orange Julius administration from ever happening again.

    1. @Crybaby Magalosers That is not the MSM talking point. You, are obviously off-of-the beaten path. Cmon – at least call me a racist or something.

  3. YES, YES they very well could win back The House AND Senate!!!

    trumpist are gonna vote for trump candidates and ALOT of them are gonna VOTE.

    We better VOTE as well…no matter the hurdles

    1. @Sam Harris Lol. We in the UK been voting by mail for years. There is nothing corrupt about it. You have been fed lies.

    2. @Sam Harris There is nothing ethical about restricting mail voting. It is ethical for the government to insure as many people possible have the right to vote. I think you need to understand what the term ethics mean.

  4. The past is gone, we can’t call the future, we only have this moment. Democrats must do the right thing by the American worker’s. Voting rights, education relief, infastructure, housing, environmental relief, tax credits, childcare. Police accountable. We want to save democracy. Let’s deliver on our promises. We will let the people decide. If that’s still a possibility. For once the people shall prosper, the wealthy are making money hand over fists. Fairness is what’s important.

    1. Environmental relief, that would be dependable energy, try 72 hours in Texas thanks wind turbines

    2. Nice to see a list of things that need to be done. Witch one will Biden do is the question. My guess is he will do nothing and that is why Democrats can’t seem to take advantage of a crazy Republican party. They really believe sitting on power to wait for Republicans to agree on something is the move like the incompetent, out of touch, useless old people they are.

    3. @Sam Harris Frozen natural gas lines that weren’t properly insulated was the cause of the Texas energy crisis.

    4. @Sam Harris Except Texas’ power failure had nothing to do with wind turbines. You know that. So you’re openly lying and proving you’re a traitor.

  5. The man never even wanted to be president.
    He doesn’t know how to or want to govern. He never did.
    But he was too thin skinned to accept the fact a cabinet is needed to make a president fully functional.
    He never fully staffed his cabinet.

    1. The pathetic truth? The Big Lie is based on Donald Trump’s terrifying inability to acknowledge he lost, no thanks to indoctrination by his father Fred. Remember him declaring the 2016 election rigged… before he won? Emotional defense mechanism against the prospect of losing. He’ll declare every contest he’s in rigged for the rest of his pathetic life to protect his feelings from the possibility of defeat.

    2. HE was never the president C.E.O.OF U.S.did not want any input from any one else planed on running U.S like he ran his minnie empire to make money was his game

  6. Of course there is going to be a red wave. The dems aren’t playing dirty/strong enough. Its hard to fight stupid, and the republican base…

  7. For people that support Republicans that are gerrymandering, passing restrictive voter laws, and buying into election fraud, I say this…be careful what you wish for. Karma is a B!

    1. Our political pendulum is starting to swing so hard that its amazing if we can maintain good relationships with our allies

    1. If people don’t also get out and vote then it doesn’t matter what the repubs do. They are relying in Dem voters to just sit back and say its too hard to vote so why bother? And from what I’m hearing thats probably what most Dem voters will do. So there likely will be a bloody wave in 2022

    2. @Niko P hey foreign troll we have a registration which is when you verify the voter is legally able to vote. Photo IDs have never been proven to prevent voter fraud. No back to fox where you belong.

  8. Republican = fascist. I will vote Democrat down the line. We are not a fascist country and do not want to be.

    1. So then consider 95 percent of deaths over age 50, so what maybe over about 16 months 1/15,000 of 30 year olds died?

  9. If the Democrats want to win elections for the next few years, just show endless video of Trump, and ask the voters: are you sure you want more of this?? If the GOP still win then we’ll deserve everything we get, and we’ll get it good and hard.

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