Despite Judge’s Order, Migrant Children Remain Detained Amid Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Jacob Soboroff joins Morning Joe to discuss the continuing family separation policy, and the former DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen’s denial that the policy existed, despite presiding over it. Aired on 07/24/2020.
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Despite Judge’s Order, Migrant Children Remain Detained Amid Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. This whole situation is so disgusting disgraceful and heinous, for crying out loud get these kids re-United with their families!!!

    1. roger rives I apologize. The should of never called you that . Reading you comment with a cooler head, I see you could of been just asking a question. Not trolling me

    2. Right back in their own country where they belong as one big happy family NOT living here illegally.

      Philly block party with thousands and no masks cops join in. But you cant go to church or a funeral or school or work or a wedding or the gas station without a mask and distancinh ! Different laws for the Democrat marxist blm racists.

      Queens new york
      Same sh** different day. No masks no distancing. Do you see where this marxist agenda is going ?


    1. That is because Roger Stone knows enough to bring the Trump adminstration down, and Trump is scared to death that Stone will turn state evidence to stay out of prison. This will happen anyway once Trump is out of the WH.

    2. This issue is so horrific so inhumane that there is nothing but black ink hatred for that fckin creep

  2. I don’t see how you people who call yourselves “Christians” can still support Trump after all you’ve seen. 🙁 If you’re complacent you’re complicit.

    1. They call themselves Christian’s the same way the knights of the crusade did – with none of the excuse those crusaders had for being brought up in a world devoid of alternatives.

    2. The ones that are always proclaiming to be Christian are the least Christian. Same as people that often say “I’m not racist”, usually continue with a “but”. You know that they are. Talk is cheap. Actions count.

    3. @Kristi Marie The bible is not the word of Christ.

      It is the words of people that came before and after written down on paper.

      Who can really say how much of any of it is even remotely accurate considering that the Roman Catholic church presided over what was and was not included in it?

      Rome had a way of keeping everyone else under their boot heels long after their military might had gone the way of the dodo – the only difference is that the sheep of Europe were too stupid to see it for what it was, pro Roman control propaganda.

    4. @Lilac true. Even Jesus said you can tell his followers by their fruits. (Actions) their actions speak louder than words.

    5. @Izzy Flores remember satan twisted the word of God to manipulate Eve in the garden? It’s no surprise that those hypocrites are doing the same.

  3. TrumpVirus deaths yesterday:

    New Zealand – 0
    The Netherlands – 0
    Finland – 0
    Austria – 0
    Norway – 0
    Iceland – 0
    South Korea – 0
    Vietnam – 0
    Thailand – 0
    China – 0
    Japan – 1
    Greece – 1
    Denmark – 1
    Czechia – 1
    Croatia – 3
    Switzerland – 3
    Portugal – 3
    Belgium – 3
    Spain – 3
    Canada – 4
    Australia – 5
    Germany – 5
    France – 10
    Italy – 10

    Hidalgo county in Texas – 33
    Texas – 212
    The USA – 1,150

    Trump “It’s just the sniffles”
    Trump “We have the lowest fatality rate in the world”
    Trump “The only reason our numbers are high is because of testing”
    Trump “Deaths are falling”
    Trump “We are the envy of the world right now”
    Trump “We’re doing a great job. We are winning the war against this virus”

    1. @Juran Liu I dont need an answer from you. I already know the answer. If you are so hard pressed for answers, try google. I’m not going to do your work for you. But thanks for playing.

    2. @Jimmy Jazz says the 12 year old from mommy’s basement. Sorry little Jimmy, you never served. Maybe when your a couple years older you can serve at McDonald’s.

    3. @William Bailey Twit. It is a virus – germs don’t know what a border is. Germs don’t have nationalities.

    4. @William Bailey 😂 Nixon had time to pass 4 huge pieces of legislation and create an entire Federal Agency, the EPA while his impeachment trial was happening. But Bunker Boy can’t do ONE THING AT ONCE, let alone 2, 3 or 4 things. His sole single celled “What about me? I am a victim of everything” brain cell renders him incapable of actual governing. And you want a response to a Chinatown party filled with US citizens, non of which had been to China in years? 😂😂😂 Give up boy!
      Facts and logic have never been a core principle of Cult45. And that’s evident in your nonsensical responses.

    1. @Walt Schmidt So, what you’re saying is “religious people” dont mind psychological torture of children by being separated from their parents.

    2. @B Bodziak No, what YOU are saying is they should be locked up with their criminal parents. Where is your concern for American children when their parents go to jail? These kids have it better than they EVER had it in their lives. Heat, air conditioning, three meals, a clean ved, medical care, psychiatric help, cartoons, toys etc. Stop acting like these kids are living in prison cells or cages like they were during the Obama administration. The LAW says children must be separated from parents while they are incarcerated ..

    3. @Walt Schmidt You do realize that it is possible for me and others to show concern for these children separated from their parents and literally living in large cages AND also be concerned about other children that are not in the same situation. It isn’t an either/or situation.

    4. @B Bodziak They are not in cages. They are living in a large, open building with bunk beds, air conditioning, heat, 3 meals a day, showers, big screen tv’s, toys, medical care, and health care. The lefties are trying to make people believe these children are in concentration camps. When in reality these illegals have it better than a lot of children who were BORN in this country to poor parents and have NEVER had the comforts provided to these illegal children. Stop with the lies, stop with the rhetoric, stop with the attacks on this President, when lies are the only thing you bring.

    1. @Ts s The real Nazi’s are gone or shuffling their last few years on Earth in hiding somewhere.

      She’s more like Hitler Youth grandchild Barbie.

  4. Most people are Catholic who come from Latin America
    The so called Christian evangelicals have a problem with that
    The Irish immigrants were discriminated against because of the same religious beliefs
    It’s not just skin color

  5. I love it when people have temporary amnesia when they do things, but there’s documentations that prove otherwise. Lol

    1. @Ou812 you will cry in November. Then you should hide. You will not be allowed to forget your betrayal.

    2. @Ou812 What is with the snow flake comments that Trump supporters love to say? maybe i misunderstood.

  6. I am incredibly sorry to these children and their families, no one deserves to be treated as political pawns.

    1. youknow thething Put Trumps knob back in your mouth before you say suttin else stupid you inbred muppet 😄

    1. Yep, she signed the desition memo where she was given three options…she chose the third one: Separation.

      Nielsen’s an evil Jezebel or Herodias! 👿

    2. They’re all horrible people. That’s the thing about this t’rump administration. It’s full of people who are will to work in the t’rump administration.

  7. *The next step towards a dictatorship will be Trump openly defying court orders. He already ignores Congress. The Judicial Branch is next.*

    1. @omi god I am sure if anything was actually legitimate, there would be a different response. But when a corrupt Congress goes out of it’s way to continually harass a President out of nothing more than hate, the President is well within the scope of Executive Privilege to tell those corrupt piles of trash to drop dead. Congress is responsible for everything that ails this country, and they have been for over 100 years. Maybe they should turn their attention to healthcare, infrastructure, etc. Congresses role is to make laws, not harass a President they don’t like. Trump was impeached by the democrats and acquitted by the Republicans. That says everything. The nasty political infighting and back stabbing is getting old. Trump won the election, and the House of Reprehensibles needs to move on…

    2. @Walt Schmidt This “president” treats the Constitution like toilet paper. What you call “harassment” is simply an attempt at law enforcement. Trump is a con, a criminal, and a traitor to literally every American ideal and institution. You are a fool to suborn this.

    1. This is the republicans way of backing their Criminal Leader. Criminal Trump. If McConnell and the Republican senators hadn’t violated their oath of office. Trump would be history and headed to jail. Now the spineless Republicans are trying to run from Liar Trump but the damage is done. And you can tell Trump surrounds himself with liars including the head of DHS

  8. Its in court because Trump has to win at any cost. Including children’s health, safety and emotional well-being.

    1. It’s rich when Trump* and Pompeo condemn China for human rights abuse, and ignore what the US is doing at the southern border. America has lost the moral authority to lecture other countries about democracy, elections, freedom of the press, human rights and every other issue.

    2. @Michele Z I hope in November the American people wake up to SLEEPY JOE an start the process of America recovering from the unmasked LONE RANGER

  9. She needs to be arrested and held in jail with all her admin for her not following judges orders till they complying with judges order. Asap.

    1. You forgot to add that some lives matter more than others. This depends not only on your skin color, but also on your bankbook, and your contacts.

    2. Don’t forget the administration lawyers were in court fighting. Soap toothpaste toothbrushes and. A little Miller jab. No soccer balls. Citizens went there to donate those items. And we’re turned away. Now the administration wants. Your. Children.

    3. Only if you are white! But you are all immigrants aren’t you! Except for the native Indians.Also the blacks did not ask to be in America -they were kidnapped/stolen from their families.

    4. @Walt Schmidt Obama built the UFO’s! Obama is responsible for the alien invasion!!

      See, I can be facetious too.

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