Despite Musk’s claims, there’s no proof the FBI told Twitter to suppress Hunter Biden story

Internal Twitter communications released by the company’s new owner and CEO, Elon Musk, are fueling intense scrutiny of the FBI’s efforts alongside social media companies to thwart foreign disinformation in the run-up to the 2020 election. At the heart of the controversy is Twitter’s decision in October 2020 to block users from sharing a New York Post story containing material from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden. In interviews with CNN, half a dozen tech executives and senior staff, along with multiple federal officials familiar with the matter, all deny any such directive was given. CNN's Evan Perez reports. #CNN #News


  1. Musk told a lie?


    That can’t be, he’s almost as good a person and Donny, you know our local neighborhood insurrectionist.

    1. no CNN is lying you do realize they are news guard rated fake news. Elon released files to well known journalist who verified them. fake news cnn

    2. @William Royer Why do you mention evidence, this is the cult you’re dealing with. No, worse, the ‘vocal part’ of the 🤡show.

      Trying to argue on merits is like trying to play chess with a pigeon.

    3. i can only imagine the hell of being the poor children under your roof. i suppose they’re likely emotionally dead inside from watching their father have so many manic fits of rage beside his computer and making them feel unsafe lmao

  2. No matter how long facts are covered, we will eventually obtain truth. Yet looking for a bat to hit the dog with…not smart. I advise you silly Americans, to start reporting on actual truth, and keep out opinion to deliver plain facts. The people have a right to obtain their own conclusions. If this does not change, America can’t change.

  3. Lol, “Twitter is one of those companies” 😂 remember when AT&T cut the cellphone coverage of a sitting president? Or the electricity company cut the power? No? Hmmmm 🤔

  4. Oh so it just had to wait until an hour ago, I get it.. they were just waiting for the right time to follow the news to know it was okay to now have already done so moments before..

    1. @Harold Because the FBI/Government interfered in the 2020 election. They surpressed the HB laptop story on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe more. That won Biden the election. Trump should be President. Remember those 2 Top FBI Agents Strozk and Page? They texted each other. “Will Trump be President? No. We’ll stop him.” The same FBI that put a spy in Trump’s Campaign. The same FBI that raided Mar a Lago.

    2. When? It began in 1996 with FOX news, and their intentional business plan to just tell people in the flyover states what they wanted to hear, rather than the actual news, facts, or truth.

    3. Lying is what politicians do. Remember “weapon of mass destruction’? We murdered over a million muslims for it. Til this day no one was punished for the mistake. As a matter of fact, Colin Powell was at one point considered to be a presidential candidate.

    1. The lying on an industrial scale began in 1996 with FOX news, and their intentional business plan to just tell people in the flyover states what they wanted to hear, rather than the actual news, facts, or truth.

  5. I love how Elon says he is a free speech fundamentalist yet has offered China help to take over and subjugate the free people of Taiwan.

  6. Wait, you mean that if someone gets ahold of some old nude pics of me without my knowledge, they can post them on Twitter and the Twitter execs not only think that it’s OK to promote them, but that it is a mistake to suppress them?

    1. @Alan Edwards That every politician from Biden to Trump to Congress use their government influence to enrich themselves and their families?? Is that the corruption story about Hunter that you really crying about?? Now if Hunter stole “classified documents” and left them on his laptop or sold them to foreign enemies then why haven’t anyone revealed this?? The pawn shop owner had the laptop and copy the harddrive, SMDH…

    2. Mind Begs the Question:
      If Facebook is incapable of
      Stopping Religious Hate Speech content on its platform
      Leading to Genocide,Civil War
      Must be given License to operate?

    3. 10% of the big guy? Is that not corruption? To talk like it’s only nude pictures is just crazy. If it was Trumps son, you would go balistic.

  7. US politics is like a good horror movie. Just when we think the threat to US democracy posed by Trump is extinguished, the malevolent entity re emerges in the form of Elon Musk.

  8. What’s on Don Jr’s laptop, or Matt Gaetes ‘laptop, or Josh Hawley’s laptop? What’s on Lauren Boberts see and say or Large Marge’ s leap pad or Chuck Grassley’s stone tablets….. We ALL have questions

    1. All MAGA wants to see is Hunters D-pics. They don’t care about the rest. They’re tired of looking at mushrooms in the mirror.

    2. @Brent Battin and still not one shred of proof…. All that jawin’ off and no proof. Gas lighting is when you re write the past with fibs to suit your narrative… Like you are…. And scarecrow arguments are Lil nasty things used to avoid reality for you bozo’s. You don’t have a lick of evidence for anything…. Your a simple troll. Your guy lost…. Get over it whiner

  9. I assume Elon will be, in the spirit of full transparency, releasing all the internal Twitter communications since he took charge. Now that would be the real Twitter Files scandal.

  10. By the headline on this video it makes the implied suggestion that the Hunter Biden laptop story wasn’t suppressed…well it’s pretty obvious it was. By most of the media including CNM.

    1. It’s just a non-story. Like becuase of how are laws are made we can only charge him with mishandling a gun and lying to the military.
      If anything the real story is how someone so obviously corrupt is allowed by law to do all these suspicious things and how every politician also has this immunity.

  11. I mean it’s not even a good lie. If the files are so damning. Why hasn’t he posted them on the internet for all to see? Not that hard to do. Especially with his resources. That’s first and only clue you need.

    1. You obviously haven’t read the Twitter files. The e-mail texts were posted on the threads. Anybody who trust CNN for the truth is a fool.

    1. What’s amazing is how you never even attempted to explain your comment, but rather chose to be intentionally vague most likely in the hope it will make you sound wise.

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