Despite Past Admissions, Flynn Looks To Withdraw Guilty Plea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Despite Past Admissions, Flynn Looks To Withdraw Guilty Plea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @TheAamax1 Sorry, but regarding Juicy, Google is now cooperating with a special prosecutor, as ordered by a judge, to turn over all emails, messages, voicemails, calls, texts, location data, contacts, etc from Juicy and his agent. The order came down on Dec 6 and Juicy didn’t know about it until a week ago. Pretty sure lots of Juicy stuff is going to come to light.
      The moral of the story: if you’re a Democrat you can get away with almost anything for a while, but it WILL come to light and you WILL be destroyed.

    2. @Wholeschooling Mama Treason is a very serious offense and not really one the government is usually willing to make plea deals on. But all the armchair legal experts always come out in the comments section. It’s awesome reading.

    3. From his new lawyer’s latest motion to the court: The motion also reveals that Flynn took a polygraph in 2016, passed the exam and had his security clearance renewed, despite former Director National Intelligence James Clapper’s refusal to assist in the investigation or renewal process for Flynn’s clearance, Powell said. It occurred at roughly the same time the government was continuing to investigate him. It also reveals that he had briefed the Defense Intelligence Agency prior to meeting with Turkish and Russian officials. However, the prosecutors are still hiding all the exculpatory evidence, which shows the details of his workings with the DIA prior to his meetings with any foreign contacts. Flynn, who was previously director of the DIA, had briefed his former agency since he resigned in 2014.

    1. @Jason m thank you for noticing that I am dealing with a Full Deck. It is good to read that you agree with Others and Myself; who do not feel that all of the facts, along with the full investigation of the actions taken during that place in Political Time. We can wait to hear what the Justice Department’s inspector says in his report to Congress. There may be Evidence that show facts that could have those charges or indictments thrown out.
      The Democratic National Party has killed and/or imprisoned more American Citizens than any other political party in the history of America. That political party should be Dissolved and “It’s” Leadership arrested for the act of treason; by attempting to overthrow a dually elected President, President Trump! I voted for President Trump and I look forward to voting for President Trump again.
      Your accusations are nothing more than LIES! Your judgment is political poor as you vote for the people who don’t care about your Citizenship in this United States of America. Those people are going to take away your rights, liberty and your happiness. Your own family’s life is going to be CRAP just like during all of the previous Presidents after Roosevelt and Truman. Lonnie B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights act in 1965, a Democratic President, after none of the Democratic Congressional Members voted for it. Only reason why it Bill was passed, the Republicans held the majority and they All voted for the Bill. The Democratic President Johnson basically had no choice but to sign the bill into Law.

    1. Google Account If the police use illegal tactics it doesn’t make the evidence any less valid it just make it inadmissible that is a huge difference. So you are saying Flynn is a felon, but you believe he should just get off on a technicality?

    2. @Matthew Huszarik no, stop watching CNN and spinning the truth. Flynn was under pressure from illegal tactics and feared his life. He was intimidated and tried to find a way to least damage his family. 275 million. Wake up basic boy.

    3. @Matthew Huszarik and police shouldnt and cant use illegal tactics. All cases are thrown out in the US. That’s why you ought to love this country or move to Iran and joint the protest to allow women to wear something other than an hijab.

    4. @Google Account please define these ambiguous illegal tactics? Pressure, so you mean an interrogation? Isn’t Evey criminal who confessed doing so to save their skin and under pressure? Why is it Republicans always demand the right to a defense they would never give to a blue collar criminal?

    1. FBI agents under oath stated they did not believe Flynn lied FBI lied when they told Flynn he did not need a lawyer present why do you think they would do that all of this is documented it’s all a game Flynn knows too much this whole RUSSIA collusion crap was always about what Flynn knew this will play out like both sides are against each other when in fact both sides are corrupt as long as Flynn keeps his mouth shut about what’s really going on nothing will happen to him Republicans Democrats they are one in the same wake up

    2. My Goddess Shasta yea, except every American intelligence agency has corroborated this but what do they know, right?

    1. Richard Dower Truth? Something liberals lack in finding or knowing. Liberals like Rachel like storytelling.

    1. what material ? His crime was lying to the FBI/police. Unless his lie turned out to not be a lie, no info will change that.

  1. Said the two FBI agents:
    “We don’t think he’s lying”

    Ok.. Maddcow he was coerced… But you’re too daft to understand it…

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