‘Despot, Rotten’: Trump AG Barr Under Fire Ousting Key SDNY Prosecutor | MSNBC

Former Federal Prosecutor John Flannery and NYU Professor Melissa Murray join MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent ’s Ari Melber to discuss Trump’s firing of SDNY Chief Geoff Berman. Flannery argues it is important to understand the gravity of Berman being fired, saying “only a despot takes this position” of interfering with an independent investigation. Murray adds, the removal was “rotten,” arguing “ if this had been a legitimate removal for cause, it would be obvious that the attorney general would say what those causes were.” (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 6/22/2020.
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'Despot, Rotten': Trump AG Barr Under Fire Ousting Key SDNY Prosecutor | MSNBC


    1. Along with the whole country of criminals who pretend to complain but get nothing done; effectively enabling it.

    2. Consider the source of this info. (VATICAN ASSHAT FLANNERY) Better wake up and recognize that our enemy IS the Vatican.

  1. They are doing on the daily basis.. So…? Nothing will happen to them as long they keep the “authority”

    1. Excuse me, but it IS within his authority to fire them, tyvm… Learn the law, and you will see this, and that this story had no basis at all other than to promote a false narrative.

    2. @Omnigma don’t pretend like you understand anything when you failed to address the primary concern. Why is the person being investigated allowed to fire the investigator? According to your logic, every criminal should be allowed to fire the judge, prosecutor and jury from any case involving themselves.

    3. @Omnigma – This firing is obviously an ‘obstruction’ of justice. Berman is his ticket to the place where the make small rocks out of big rocks.

    1. @Soren Ingram His is an argument so stupid that doesn’t deserve legitimacy from anyone’s reply.

    2. You’d think, but the retention capability of the average American mind is like a chalkboard in a rainstorm.

    1. what i want to know is if all these people are corrupt, which they obviously are, why are they getting away with it? I want to see justice, not next year, not in two years, now!

    1. Why The senator and Congress alow uneducated group of gangsters they’ll do anything for the sake of the president bR

    1. Nope, absolutely nothing will happen just like every other line that was crossed. The United States of America is over. It was great while it lasted.

    1. @James Ricker It won’t matter. They’re all going to be thrown out in November. You can bet on it.

  2. Hey keep Denmark out of it. To quote Shakespeare ore not quote Shakespeare is not always the answer. Peace ✌ from Denmark

    1. Love back to Denmark from the U.S. So many days, I wish I could be back in Denmark. I miss it so much.

  3. The president and the white house is hiding behind closed doors that what it is! 🤨👎
    We have nothing but liers in white house
    We have a great deal of problems with the AWFUL president!

  4. Everyone will say it is rotten, but no one will do anything about it. We just wring our hands and they just scoot along with no consequences…

    1. It`s beyond comprehension, isn`t it, Cathy? My brain is half numbed by unfulfilled expectations of solutions to MAKE IT STOP!

    1. With no effective response. To focus on history increasingly appears di? atory. In fact, without a complete Nurembergish period of criminal trials, that nation now only extant in nostalgic imaginations, is gone.

    2. The word obscured three by Amazon fire table’s intractable lowbrow trump-vocabulary, was dilatory.

  5. Bolton gave the reason why Agolf Twittler is intervening with the SDNY. A favour for Turkey, as he promised.

  6. All I can say is, don’t stop digging into this they have done something and it needs to come out..

  7. Bill Barr is a traitor, whose face is falling off. We need to send him to the Wizard of Oz, to get a soul.
    Munschskins! Show him the yellow brick road!

    1. Heck with the yellow brick road. I’d rather use the brick and smash it on Barr’s face. And use the remaining bricks and throw these at all the corrupt republicans.

  8. If everyone is so sure he’ll be reelected, why worry about SDNY? Looks like they aren’t so sure. Barr’s the brain behind it because drumpf lost his. Barr will find a country with no extradition, or go to prison with the crazy man.

    1. Best case scenario: Trumpster esscapes to some banana republic, with no extzradiction agreement, and then the CIA abduct him.

  9. Too bad Barr’s dad isn’t still around, there would be two of them for Trump to hide behind
    Trumpe behind barrs

    1. George Watanabe. How is it that Schiff pelosi brennan hillary and the rest still walking free when it’s a proven fact they are criminals hmm. Oh that’s because they hide behind the socialist party and they have hit men .

    2. @jjak jjak Glad you enjoyed it. I have plenty of material. If Biden picks Manshelle as a running mate, they can campaign as Gomer and Goober.

      Gomer likes kids sitting in his lap. Well, he IS catholic and we know that ALL roads lead to Rome. The Mob Road, the Drug Cartel Road, the child trafficking Road, the Assassin Road, the Infiltration Road, and the Assuming Authority Road. Shall we discuss the CIA Jesuits and what they did to Canada’s orphans along with Nazi scientists? (The orphans of Duplessis) Who do you think groomed Obummer? Hint: Brzezinski and Brennan? I smell Jesuit treachery!! Paging Dr. Shrimpy Fauci. How about those patents? NAMBLA calling for “Father Shanley”. Say isn’t CNNs CIA analyst Phil Mudd the great grandson of Dr. Samuel Mudd, one of the all catholic cast of conspirators in the Lincoln assassination? History Matters. Bloodlines matter. Justice coming ANON 😎
      Trump 2020
      Jr. 2024

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