‘Destructive To A Functional Democracy’: GA Passes Vast Restrictive Voting Law | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

‘Destructive To A Functional Democracy’: GA Passes Vast Restrictive Voting Law | The ReidOut | MSNBC


Georgia Republicans passed restrictive new changes to the state election process. The new law will limit early voting and add additional voter ID requirements to mail voting. Jason Johnson says, "These laws aren't just foolish, these laws aren't just racist, but they're destructive to a functional democracy." Aired on 03/25/2021.
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‘Destructive To A Functional Democracy’: GA Passes Vast Restrictive Voting Law | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. I believe u! That’s bc NRA is donating lots of money to politicians! They’re making lots of money in politics while colored voters r losing their rights to vote by d lawmakers who get paid from taxpayers. What a shame!

    2. @Paula Bhatt What “loopholes”? If you are a legal citizen, have an ID, and are 18, then go vote. It’s that simple.

    3. Requiring an ID to vote, like they do in India and south Africa is “jumping through loopholes” to the same muppets that already have IDs. Go figure!

    1. That’s exactly what Molly Ball’s Article in Time Magazine on 2/4 said !

    1. That’s exactly what Molly Ball’s Article in Time Magazine on 2/4 said !

    1. So you’re saying that voter ID requirements are bad? How so? Even 3rd world countries you have to have an ID to vote.

  1. Talk about unjust laws that choose republican officials to decide elections instead of voters. It violates the 14th and 15th amendments.

    1. That’s exactly what Molly Ball’s Article in Time Magazine on 2/4 said !

    2. Every citizen should have an ID. They are FREE. Even 3rd world countries require them to vote. You are being lied to by Democrat politicians.

    3. @Jan Brady you’ve voted in third world countries? I’d is already required to vote. You’ve been lied to by republican politicians. Learn the truth.

  2. If someone collapses in line and needs water or is having a diabetic shock who will be held liable?

    1. Uhhh being your own food and water. Duh. Stop being a victim. This is not about race. Unclog your brain. And I’m black.

    2. @JusShy I never said anything about race. People in a medical emergencies don’t always have the resources to help themselves – I’m glad you can get along in this world on your own.

  3. I hope local small government starts to fight back against these party based tactics and takes power away from them. Start local, support the people you know, they’ll do more than any of these rich a-holes who’ve made a living out of politics.

  4. Every person who thinks there was enough voter fraud to alter the outcome of the election should go back and listen to, say, an hour of Trump’s endless lying, narcissistic nonsense, and ask themselves, “can you imagine why anyone would NOT want to vote for this person?” If you can see any reasons why ANYONE (not yourself, but anyone else), might not want to vote for him, then maybe, just maybe, you might be on your way to understanding why he REALLY lost the election. Its HIM, not voting fraud. Just try it for ONE hour.

  5. These ppl said the election was the most secured in history, yet, we’ve seen so many changes to voting laws..makes u question why so many changes if u had a successful election

    1. We see all those changes in Republican dominated states because in their opinion the wrong party won! It as simple as that.

    2. @Nancy Ross That’s exactly what Molly Ball’s Article in Time Magazine on 2/4 said !

    3. It’s so “secure”, you can’t even talk about it online and present evidence without being banned. Now that’s what I call “security”!

  6. illegal now to give folks…
    food and water as they wait…
    well this for sure outta…
    make Jesus proud as he’s ever been…

    1. It’s also illegal to block the views of poll watchers, kick Republican poll watches out, and keep counting after you tell them you’re done counting. But you will never admit to that. You a Democrat! It’s (D)ifferent!

    1. That’s exactly what Molly Ball’s Article in Time Magazine on 2/4 said !

  7. Georgia is becoming increasingly Democratic leaning, so this is how GOP is trying to reverse this genuine population change trend. Illegal to fix the election conditions to influence a result because then the election can not be free and fair.

  8. “Thoughts and prayers”
    “We need to start a conversation”

    I ask everyone what is so familiar about these two statements? I would say absolutely nothing. If we want to only have a conversation then we will sit back and argued that voter ID laws are racist. Maybe we shut them down again this time so they can keep coming back over and over. I submit we do something more then say thoughts and prayers or let’s start a conversation. We need to put all our efforts to solve the issues of any minorities not having voter ID’s. if we solve this then the republicans can never use this to keep my fellow minorities down anymore on this.
    Stop the conversation and actually do something for once or do we all prefer just to be outraged and not actually fix any problem at it’s core.

  9. The GOP loves to infringe on my right to vote. More regulations more red tape more hoops to jump through all based on a lie. Just imagine what they’ll do if they lose again in Georgia.

    1. Weird how in S. Africa you have to have an ID to vote, but you having one in the U.S. is a “hoop” and “red tape”.

      Dude, please.

  10. ID should be required for every single election in this country. It protects our election from both domestic and foreign fraud attempts.

    1. Yes, all developed countries are doing the same in the world, IDs need to be checked for voting in any election.

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