Details on Farmer's Death | TVJ News 1

Details on Farmer’s Death | TVJ News


Details are emerging on the circumstances surrounding the brutal murder of a farmer in Hector's River on the border of Saint Thomas and Portland in Jamaica. Now it's believed that the farmer was killed by men who were trying to steal his cattle but the police say investigations are continuing.

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  1. Every business workers family attained person as a citizen should have the rights to bare arm to protect families and property.

    1. This is the end times,,,people r waxing cold lover of themselves….I set my faith that the enemy will be explose and caught by law enforcement.

  2. Ppl caan protect dem self legally before trouble come caz FLA a itch fi give di ppl dem firearm license caz dem night nuh fit FLA criteria

  3. Govt, give the farmers the chance 2 bear arms, stop making it so difficult for them. The criminals r well armed while the farmers r sitting ducks. These r serious times when law abiding citizens should b allow 2 bear arms.

  4. Anyone butchering an animal should have a permit. All butchers should be registered. Periodic inspections should be done at slaughterhouses. Farmers should not only bear arms but install security cameras on their farms. GPS devices should be inserted into livestock. How can we allow praedial larcenists to outsmart us?

  5. How low could you go some Jamaican people are just disgusted no respect for human life that’s what happened over there in poor countries and that is so sad the good got to suffer for the bad

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