Deutsche Bank will no longer do business with Trump 1

Deutsche Bank will no longer do business with Trump


Deutsche Bank will no longer do business with President Donald Trump, a move that will cut off his business from a major source of loans that once helped fund his golf courses and hotels.
Germany's biggest bank has decided to refrain from future business with the president and his company, a person familiar with the bank's thinking told CNN Business. The news, first reported by the New York Times, follows last week's deadly riot at the US Capitol.
A spokesperson for Deutsche Bank (DB) declined to comment to CNN Business, citing a prohibition on discussing potential client relationships.
The move is the latest example of corporate backlash against the president after his supporters vandalized the Capitol in a brazen assault that left five people dead.

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    1. @JD Smith ~ What are you ranting about? Hillary Clinton stopped being Secretary of State in 2013, so she certainly didn’t make any trips to China recently, or when she held the position, to make any deal with China about them being allowed to take US land to repay debts ~ and no-one ever would make such a ridiculous deal. You realise Drumph has been president since 2016? And he’s a Republican and Clinton was a Democrat? Do try to keep up with the real world.

    2. @Juliet Capulet So you justify censoring certain free speech if it’s negative, instead of counteracting negative free speech with positive free speech. I believe any free speech should be allowed no matter what simply because they’re will always be an opposing voice. Also they are major outputs of information/news and a major part of daily life, they’re not a deli shop. They are almost the exact definition of a monopoly as Amazon has proven.

    3. @Basement created Supanuva What you believe and what’s legal definition aren’t the same. Trump knew what he was doing.

    1. don’t worry, he will find the best bank, the biggest bank, the most beautiful bank to do business with

    2. @Kimberly B Quite the opposite- the Majority of the American People have decided BIDEN will be the next POTUS.

    1. @Michael Bray …and TRUMP. You can spin that all you want but we all heard him, Guiliani and “the boy”(his son)…..”fight this, combat that.” The Election WAS OVER. There was no more “fight” except to actually use violence. That’s why the Capitol was left unguarded because HIS SARGEANT OF ARMS left it that way while at the same time he bunkered down behind huge fences and soldiers at the White House only moments after he says” WE’LL ALL walk to the Capitol” Only an idiot would believe he wasn’t part of it. By the way, technically he BAILED on you all when he and Guiliani and the boy went back to the White House, he could’ve kept it peaceful if he actually kept his word, Capitol police can’t stop the president from entering. But no, he left you all to fight FOR HIM.

    2. @Michael Bray and yes, Capitol Police probably didn’t ask for assistance but you all supposed to be “peaceful lawful protesters” right? Trump and MAGA/Proud Boys/QANON/Confederate wannabes/KKK sucker punched America but that’s not gonna happen again.

    3. @The Roz Rodriguez Because he’s your Dear Leader huh? Fascist, HE WILL NEVER SUCCEED and after the Senate Impeaches him too he’ll NEVER be back. After all he’ll be too broke to run even if the Senate doesn’t. His neighbors don’t even want him back

    1. Oh, they will. Count on that. And they will do it as quickly as possible. They will try to get as much of their money out as possible before Trump is besieged by the IRS and all his other creditors. If he doesn’t pay, they’ll start stripping away his hard assets that he used as guarantees, like his golf resorts, his Trump Tower, his planes, helicopter, you name it. Get your thumb out, Donny.

  1. When you owe a little money to the bank it’s your problem. When you owe a lot of money to the bank it’s the bank’s problem. That relationship isn’t over.

    1. @R. McBride The orange turd might be begging to get into prison in a year or two. It would be hilarious if Mar-A-Lago sign was changed to Мара-А-Лаго

    2. Deutsche Bank has liens on Trump Plaza, Trump Tower and his Chicago hotel for $400+ million and the loans come due in 2 years. If he doesn’t pay up, they will foreclose. Ladder Capital (the equivalent of “we finance anyone!” in the banking world) also has liens on Trump Tower/Trump Plaza for a $113 million loan that comes due in 2024. And Trump claims he’s a great businessman.

    3. DB was just about to cut him off and call in the loans when he won the presidency and well that would have been bad business.

    1. @Mr. Vtec & not to
      mention..a FAILURE
      BUSINESS MAN..who had
      to CLOSED DOWN his
      CASINOS..what a loser..
      owes alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$to investors
      & don’t pay them
      is this even LEGAL!??
      SMFH..Why don’t these
      People take trump to court?!!

  2. “You know it occurs to me the best way to hurt rich people is to turn them into poor people” Eddie Murphy -Trading Places

    1. Huh? This comment is superficial and lame. So not only can you not have an original thought b/c you do the lamest thing on youtube comments by using a quote but you also believe that you measure a persons’ wealth is by what they carry in their wallot. Your sophistication is about as low as my wine bottle.

    2. @Bill Rodriguez huh? The stupidity of anonymity is overwhelming. I guess thats what happens when you troll 16 year Olds. Huh? I think trump should face legal prosecution. I just think quoting a movie is sofa king we Todd ed. See you next Thursday

    1. Us people in the working class and middle class don’t get preferential treatment at the bank. The more money we have, the more elastic the rules!

    1. @[Mantis.cyber] xvs1[UNIT] Borrrisssssss……aaaaaaaaaaaaa……I know Siberia is cold but shut uuuuuppppppp !!!!!

    2. @[Mantis.cyber] xvs1[UNIT] Trump? what about all those ppl who lost their lives over his foolishness .. or those ppl he defrauded as a citizen before he became president? you all worry about the victimizer instead of his victims… I hope he loses more than just his ill-gotten money… he need to los those bs properties over seas that criminals have arrested at for laundering their money through .. or did you forget about that as well ?

  3. Trump: my lawyers love me they would diaa for me you know.

    Trump lawyers: I’m only defending trump as long we get paid.

  4. Everyone seem to realised the “guy who knows everything more than anyone” is a disaster except for the 74 millions!

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