Devastated Witness Breaks Down Detailing George Floyd’s Death | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Devastated Witness Breaks Down Detailing George Floyd's Death | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. I really hope that young cashier gets some help. He really needs to talk to someone so that he can understand this is NOT his fault.. Nobody could have imagined something like this could have happened..

    1. @Al Jirou you obviously did not listen to his testimony. He questioned the $20 bill the whole time but thought that Floyd did not realize what he was passing. So, he decided not to pay for the 20 out of his own and report it to the manager since Floyd was still outside the store. It’s time you start looking at the facts instead of following a narrative.

    2. @Rusty Keeran
      Why was Mr. Floyd taken out of the vehicle when he was already detained?

      He was in cuffs already and his movements were restrained already; why was it necessary to put him on the ground and strangle him to death?

      If 4 police officers could not arrest him nor could they transfer him from one vehicle to another; they need to exercise more and eat healthy or look for another profession because how can they keep citizens safe if they are not capable of their responsibility to detain someone without problems like these…

      Why isn’t there a department in law enforcement agencies that specifically study psychology and its specialities to handle these types of situations?

      Why are there reoccurring incidents of law enforcement officials abusing and killing innocent people and people they are detaining for alleged crimes?

      What about the murder incident of Mr. Timpa in Dallas, Texas by 3 officers; someone who was mentally disabled and white with the same words “I can’t breath”?

      What about the thousands of cases in the past without bodycam and no justice?

      Buddhists believe that this “hungry ghosts” will torment the people who harmed them and others because they had no justice…

      I support changes to our legal system that makes officers more culpable for their actions and that information about their records of abuses be shared nationally and publicly…

      We no longer need mentally deranged, psychopaths to enter law enforcement agencies and there needs to be forced psychological therapy for those who exhibit PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms or forced paid leave until they do with rules that they can lose their jobs from not attending therapy sessions…

      With Peace and Divine Loving Consciousness

    3. @grin chi annnnnd thats Floyd’s fault. Not the kid’s. Not the cops’. He was given several chances.. The kid even offered to take the cigarettes back and say nothing. THEN he called the cops. The cops had him in the car, ready to ride. AC , windows, sunroof, water. They went above and beyond. Truth hurts.

    4. @Pol Pot Not the guy that put himself into the position of, as you said actually stealing from him? Perhaps Mr Floyd should have tried not being a criminal for a change….just a thought.

    1. Wow that’s actually good.. i wanted to come behind it and say next on dragon ball z.. but its too serious of a subject.. that right there sums it all.. stakes are super fuccin high.. i mean the world is watching.. if there is one thing both sides can agree on it’s this comment. Its spot on..

    2. @Israel 4REEL Well you can research everything I said can you not? My grandfather was a preacher and got me interested in the Word of God, I probably know more than you can imagine since I have read the old testament at least five times in researching it’s knowledge and wisdom, and the New Testament many more times than that, not to mention the preachers teachings and Bible study for many years throughout my life. I am sure you know enough to save your soul, and that is sufficient. One doesn’t need to know everything about the Kingdom to be saved At least you’re not an Atheist right? I just happened to have a very strong desire to know more, so I spent years researching the Bible’content as well as it’s origin. And have learned much that the Bible alone could not teach me. You’re fine where you are at. God Bless you for that.

    3. @Richard Gipson your grandfather 👴 taught lies because what your spewing out of your mouth 👄 is not the Gospel of Christ, that sounds like 👍🏾 Christianity ✝️ and Christianity ✝️ is white supremacy plain and simple, and absolutely has nothing to do with the Holy scriptures.

    4. @Israel 4REEL Is that all you were taught? to attack everyone and their grandparents that you have never met? And judge everyone as if you have the authority of Christ himself? You are boastful and narrow minded, well, actually closed minded. Whether you agree or not, I will say a prayer to my Father, the Most High that He has mercy on you and open your heart and mind. Be blessed friend and good luck with your hatred of anyone not like you, and your divisive endeavors. I’m sure you will receive your just reward.

  2. Sooo amazing how witnesses whole demeanor change when cross examined by defense…girlfriend lying like rest of them.

    1. @qwerty301 so because someone says something that you don’t agree with makes them a Russian bot. Well if that’s the case then you’re a Chinese Bot.

    2. @qwerty301 When one’s comment consists of “Russian bots” or “Fox News” = unimaginative moron.

    1. @look whats happening now yea im fine with that if you are.. as you can see sometimes im combative.. but like most folks when i mellow out im cool as a fuccin fan man.. if we agreed on everything it would be hooville.. holding hands and making a human chain peace sign over massive plots of land who wants to do that lol.. it kinda has to be 2 sides I wouldn’t want a 1 party system or something… doesn’t feel right to agree on everything.. its non American to not argue and fight. If you will..

    2. @UCCTFyCRbElAgfHhTJs2Y1aQ yea i think thats the only thing we did agree on.. lol. Have a good evening bro.. i think im gonna get offline for a bit im high and thinking about Chinese food..
      god I haven’t had takeout in a while bro.. I deserve some takeout today💪

    3. @King David enjoy your dinner and weed, I hope! Lol I am surrounded left, right , back and front by smokers. I sadly can’t.

    4. “Why did we Blame Chinese people for coronavirus? I thought Chinese people was scared of us!”

  3. What about the devastated woman who George Floyd pointed a gun to her stomach after breaking into her house to steal money and jewelry. He scarred her for life. I bet she has PTSD and is afraid even being in her own house.

    1. Please brother, for the sake of humanity. Please, I am begging you to look into yourself, watch the whole 9 minute video of a man being slowly drained of his life and tell me it was not a murder. I understand he did some wrongs, but does that mean he should be killed?

    2. @Boris the man shouldn’t have been released from jail in the first place after robbin a house pointing a gun to a womans stomach. His life doesnt matter.

    3. People trying to bring up crimes Floyd did 10 yrs ago need to consider the crimes Chauvin committed the last decade too.

    1. @Greg K Yes, a trial. Based on facts. Not pathetic sideshow testimony. What does this guys emotional trauma have to do with guilt or innocence of the defendant? This prosecution is horrible.

  4. This will be the test for our justice system. Either it runs based on facts and evidence or runs purely on emotions and opinions.

    1. @Kareem Hailey if he had cooperated with the police he would be in jail now!….not saying the cop didn’t screw up, but it is a maneuver he was taught by the police!

    2. @rob head I agree he would be alive, but does it justify death what is the justification of a man to take the life of another man in America

    3. @Jim Butler Facts: the man was already cuffed, he didn’t check his pulse or let the off duty EMT check. He didn’t let up off of him with the ambo there. He stated he was a big guy and was probably on drugs but no attempts to administer narcan. His body language didn’t show fear or stress but power that he was demonstrating to the rookie. People standing on the curb saw it go down, they’ve been on the stand and you could hear them on the tape played in court. If you’ve been watching I haven’t said anything new.

    4. @Yt Comms3 No reason to put him in cuffs or the car for a counterfeit 20. It escalated for no reason. Questioning him on the street and handing him his arrest ticket (fine).

    1. @uncle maggot maybe the woman he robbed at gun point in the middle of the night

      Maybe his kids he never met

      Idk, I’m crazy

  5. remember when we used due process to decide court cases and not emotions? Pepperidge farm remembers

  6. Nobody wants to tell the truth these days because it just might cause peace and harmony. There is only ONE truth.

  7. imagine being so emotional that you hear the facts of a case and just disregard them because it doesn’t fit what you’re feeling. it must be hard going through life like that.

    1. The racism and delusional disregard for humanity in these responses here is gobsmacking. People discounting the truth with “fake news” and “he died of an overdose” accusations are pathetic and sad. Brainwashed and heartless monsters. Floyed was MURDERED by that policeman and if “blue lives” really mattered to you folks you wouldn’t want to see this appalling crime go unpunished, not just for the sake of Floyd and his family and your fellow citizens but for all the GOOD Police who are also appalled and shamed by this murder. No Policeman should be judge jury and executioner, and no YT commenters should be either

    2. @Darla Muirhead The autopsy is and will be inconclusive as there was no reason for any officer to keep someone who kept warning he could not breathe due to the knee that was on his neck , that alone complicated the situation. To judge and to say someone was not a good man is refusing to see that no matter what the perception is of Mr. Floyd, there was no reason for the officer to pin his neck down for 9 minutes. It is unacceptable, not once did they tell him , “we will let you go once you are calm” or ” take a deep breathe, stay calm and come up off the ground slowly”. NO JUSTIFICATION. A life is a life.

    3. @WasatchMan And who are you to judge who is deserving and who is not, you jumped up prig. (And I write as an educated, white, retired professional.)

  8. “The moment they break the law that an officer that took an oath to uphold they are no longer colleagues “

  9. The penalty did not fit the crime. Death does not equal counterfeiting. Emotions show us the victim was a living being who did not deserve to die, their humanity reflecting in his own humanity, snufffed out unjustly.

  10. First off you don’t get arrested for a fake bill it could’ve came from anywhere ..usually the person handling that cash just keeps it tell the person it’s fake & you cannot give it back and it goes to the federal bank

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