'Devastating for the royal family': Quest reacts to the Oprah interview 1

‘Devastating for the royal family’: Quest reacts to the Oprah interview


CNN's Richard Quest reacts to the bombshell interview Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, gave to Oprah Winfrey, in which they made several stunning claims about their life within the British Royal Family.

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    1. British media s/b focused on real news. Royals shouldn’t b celebrated or covered whatsoever. They s/b the rejects of humanity, the bane of society as relics of an evil feudal reign. Feudalism is arguably the birthplace of slavery, human subjugation &a myriad of human rights crimes. Royals& feudalism have done irreparable damage 2society. That is why they s/b frowned upon, rejected, excluded & unwelcome among us. Instead we smile, cry& wave as they pass like jealous idiots unaware of their history.

      When will the humans learn?
      There is no such thing as special people. All r born =. Royals, all royals worldwide r remnants of an evil& abusive time long behind us. All media should stop licking on& grinning @royals as if they were something special 2behold.

    2. @Crypto Aree In his defense, he still seemed pretty relevant, less than five years ago, when his wife was running a trainwreck of a general election campaign for President.

    3. OP here…. I cannot believe the amount of time people wasted leaving stupid comments
      Some of y’all need to take a break from your phones and go for a walk lol Once in a blue moon I leave a comment on a video, then the ridiculous time wasting comments I see remind me why I don’t usually do that.

  1. If the British press wants to have a go at a member of the family have a go at sweaty Prince Andrew but they don’t, why is that?

    1. @lee entwistle You can be whatever nationality you were born or became and you can live wherever you like…That alone doesn’t make your opinion any stronger.

    1. You’re the one with the ‘ugly tendencies’ – Prince Andrew has not been charged with any offence.
      In civilised countries there is no such crime as Guilt by Association.

    2. @Phoebe Jones if that is true (which I doubt cause I thought she was 16) then there is no problem right? Why is he denying it ever happened

  2. I’m genuinely confused on how being 1/2 black is a bigger “crime” than what Andrew did…

    1. @Jour Den even between black people fair skin is better considered, much more in asia. So being concern doesnt mean racist, sorry.

    2. @Paola Z O-LOkay and? .. It’s racist when done by a white person.
      It’s been done for centuries. Black blood/features is seen as inferior, that’s why they were concerned with the child’s appearance.

      But hey, we can agree to disagree. That’s why I didn’t respond to your last comment. It’s not that deep.

    1. He needs to be protected from her. Would you leave your Dad that brought you up. to undergo heart surgery alone and ghost him because he had some photos taken?
      She was in the UK a short time and managed to get 3 bullying complaints against her!

    2. @too late hello all that is old, Jesus and the cleansing of sin with his blood did away with that..
      People kill in God name all the time but God are they serving.?
      God’s will, will be done, like or love it.. Yes.

    3. @Mr. Aaron Alexander What do you mean old that is old? Christianity is the Old and the new testament . You can’t cherry pick.

    4. When you have a third party control in your immediate marriage, be it the notorious tabloids if you are one of the famous ones, your lovely family or your bossom friends. They will ruin the relationship if given too much access. Pain has been caused here and Pain by definition is whatever the experiencing person says it.
      More so, I have seen how over the years how some folks continually downplay the racism and discrimination faced by ethnic minorities. You will never know unless you are have their Skin colour. You don’t choose your skin colour, you are given by your parents. But at least shut up and listen when they speak up on their experiences of discrimination. By the way, this is a family matter. The palace said they will sort it out. Leave them they know best.

    5. @isaac akintade Paragraph 1 -Agreed .Paragraph 2: partly agree.
      If Meghan or Harry had a problem , they needed to name the person and give him/her the right to respond.
      The fact she is mixed race does not give her or her husband the right to accuse and be instantly believed. People are innocent until proven guilty.
      Issac . I am from a mixed race family and when my step mother was pregnant we would talk amongst ourselves how my brother would look.
      Believe me , there was no racism involved .
      Intent is everything.

    1. Harry loves Megan who cares what color the baby is Archie belongs to both of them and it doesn’t matter to Harry so why should it matter to anyone else

    2. Doria is light-skinned (so, I don’t know the percentage of her lineage. Heck, she could even have Asian ancestors, too.)….and Meghan’s father is white.
      AT THE VERY MOST…. Harry and Meghan’s children are of only 1/4th black lineage.
      Not that it should matter, but SOME people are assholes.

    3. Please don’t rush to judgement. There’s only one fact about the royals racism row – none of us know what was actually said.

  3. It is no news that Charles is heartless, he never had a heart. Have you forgotten how Charles treated Diana? No surprise if he cut his son off. Charles is about himself.

    1. As opposed to the wonderful heart of Meghan Markle , who ghosts her father for having the audacity to have some pictures taken of himself and then she leaves him to undergo heart surgery alone. We could also talk of the bullying allegations
      against her.

    2. I don’t know how old you are, but do you think tour fsther still Will supert you when you are 35 yesrs older and of top pf thst had 40 mill. in the bank. The father payed for their very expencive wedding. What a bad father, go and slapp his hand

  4. They killed his Mother and now coming after his wife, Harry stood on his own two feet and protected his new family! Salute!

    1. Thank God he had the sense to see this and to protect his wife and his children he is an amazing man

    2. Dianna died because she rushed off with a guy , who had a chauffer high on drugs one night. Please don’t rush to judgement. There’s only one fact about the royals racism row – none of us know what was actually said.

  5. the way they describe Harry and meghan’s child how he is going to look like I was already like in shock

    1. I don’t believe anybody said such a thing. Another little tit bit for devious manipulating Megan to squeeze full value out. One thing the interview did was show what a dreadful actress she is.

    2. @David Appleton how the hell do you know, were you at buck house while that conversation was taking place. The only people who know are Harry and the person that imparted that tidbit to him. I havent had any respect for the royals since 1997, as far as I am concerned the sooner they abolish this travesty of a family the better.

    3. @David Appleton Prince Harry brought it up, not his wife. Racism and colorism is real all over the world.

    4. Please don’t rush to judgement. There’s only one fact about the royals racism row – none of us know what was actually said.

    5. @janice huff why would he say that to a pregnant wife? again, unable to provide a shrink while being head of a mental health charity… ?!

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  7. this is just a money making exercise, if they were to talk about the Markle family, it would be a short video, Harry’s been played, and he hasn’t got a clue

    1. The boy is a fool. This gold digger is just grifting as much money from these interviews as possible.

  8. *Why aren’t these “journalists” asking questions about a certain pedophilic princeling? Nothing… ?*

    1. @Gordon Smith Yeah…. and epstein killed himself right? Get out of here, this is the most blatant proof of the degeneracy that happens at the top and how some people on this planet are simply above the law. Oh and that archaic system of monarchy needs to get abolished. Such a useless tribalistic relic trying to hold onto some semblance of glory from a fallen and utterly useless nation that needs to move on from those ideas.

    2. @henry tep British culture revolves around our monarchy and so do my people, the Loyalists who are loyal to the crown in Northern Ireland, without them we would be gone long ago

    3. @henry tep Epstein was facing a life term in prison – with all that would entail. I have no trouble at all believing he’d be inclined to kill himself. If you have evidence to the contrary then share it with us. As to the UK: you seem to have a chip on your shoulder.

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