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  1. Jamaica is a Christian country. We need devotion in schools and have been doing this for years. Please do not misdiagnose the problem. It is not devotion that is the problem but the spiritual state of our children. Many are not going to Church, many are filled with rage, bitterness, been abuse, accessing demonic portals through internet, practicing witchcraft, etc. The darkness is great. What happen at Oberlin is not strange to us Christians. Teachers/principals need to be sensitive of the state of the children and ask for help earlier. My main concern now is how many other children/schools are in that state and doing devotion might reveal these negative states. If it was not a manifestation of the demonic but worshipping then call for a one day of prayer so classes won’t be disrupted, but these kids should not be left in that state. Principal call for capable equipped pastors and ministers to help. “Eternal Father bless our land, guide us with thy mighty hand……

    1. I agree with you……. lot not exposed to church, devotions at home and the mix up as you’ve stated……. some of these people coming to do devotions MIX UP TOO IN SECRET…….. BIBLE STATES…. MANY SPIRIT HAVE GONE OUT INTO THE WORLD……. in my time in school 🚸 it never happened to none of us as students…… differences are we had to be involved were church is concerned…. and people never so mixed up…THEY FEARED GOD MORE

  2. Jamaica has come a Godless nation no wonder there is so much crime few parents even send there kids to church

    1. Good Morning My 🇯🇲 Family we do need devotion in school we all grow up in that in school and we do enjoy that Rev Your mum was a teacher also your Aunt and they all lead devotion at school so these now a day ‘s people are too ungodly they are too take up in devil’s work so that’s why God working on them to let them know that there is a God Mr Prime Minister don’t abondont devotion we need it in school some of these young people need Jesus them parent’s dont have time to tell them about God tatoo is better 🙏🙏

  3. Devotion is always helpful in school ,it helps so their is no need to do away with it now . What happened at the school is nothing new and alarming ,I believe we want to cover up the real ting , that demons are real and they also are in children,people need the Lord .

  4. If they take away devotions from school we are finish! Right now the children are not going to church or Sunday school,Therefore devotion is the only place they’re hear about God.What they can do is to make it more structured and have a guide for the assembly.

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