DHS Issues Terrorism Advisory Amid 'Heightened Threat Environment' 1

DHS Issues Terrorism Advisory Amid ‘Heightened Threat Environment’


The Department of Homeland Security has issued their terrorism threat advisory after analysis of possible threats across the country. NBC's Pete Williams has details on the report.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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DHS Issues Terrorism Advisory Amid 'Heightened Threat Environment'


    1. Must be something in the water. No, there isn’t any water, or too fn much water, or is it the viruses, no or is it the fires, no must be population awareness. NO we are all dying.

    2. Fertility rates actually drop a bit every year. In 50 years it might be hard for most people to get pregnant.

  1. We don’t need no stinking foreign influencers trying to stir up trouble in the US, we are doing a fine job all by ourselves.

    1. But Sniffin Joe will smell their Hair we are under a very good caring FAKE PRESIDENT No Biggie the dems think hes a very smart good man for PRESIDENT ,, The Chinese Shake hard when Little Joe walks in to the room,,,

  2. David Bowie’s last tweet: “..They want create a dystopian society…”

    Remember: V for Vendetta

    1. @BREAKER1NINER Heck, the fact Bowie can actually speak English, and the OP cannot, should have given that away. :-p

    1. @Garrett H. Middleton Not if it is the police. And the police have been using drones for a few years now.

    2. Watch how the entire cou try will react if you target Americans on American soil. You want boog 2, this is how you get boog 2

    3. @Hanover Green that’s when those proud boys eat their lunch
      It’s right there on them
      Meth is their main diet
      Maybe boog two is the other nostral

    4. @Hanover Green The act in question is what the OP referred to as a “drone strike,” which is typically done with hellfire missiles fired from a Predator II. That would be a violation of Posse Comitatus, regardless of how many exceptions the government is willing to make regarding its own rules about killing US Citizens on US soil. Are you advocating for this as well?

    1. Bingo. I can’t believe they have the audacity to bring back Al-Qaeda boogeyman. How fng pathetic. Yeah since ISIS is retired now I guess.

  3. That was a desperate bit of “news”. He said the opposite thing she was trying to stir a very cold pot with. “..at any time…” Ha Ha Ha!

  4. “Lots of religious holidays coming up…” It’s so obvious what the news agencies are attempting to accomplish here. I literally laughed out loud at this.

  5. Here we go folks – False flag attacks imminient. Notice how they mentioned COVID restrictions first as a factor.

  6. They always have to have a boogeyman (that they can’t talk about) in order to justify continually renewing the unConstitutional Patriot Act that has absolutely nothing to do with patriotism.

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