DHS Nominee Mayorkas: Capitol Riot Was 'Horrifying' And 'Will Not Happen Again' | Hallie Jackson 1

DHS Nominee Mayorkas: Capitol Riot Was ‘Horrifying’ And ‘Will Not Happen Again’ | Hallie Jackson


During his Senate confirmation hearing, Department of Homeland Security secretary nominee Alejandro Mayorkas spoke about the "horrifying" Capitol riot on Jan. 6 and promised that if he is confirmed, it "will not happen again." Aired on 01/19/2021.
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DHS Nominee Mayorkas: Capitol Riot Was 'Horrifying' And 'Will Not Happen Again' | Hallie Jackson


    1. @anthony weatherbee Who were the ones seeking to violently overturn a legitimate election?

      Republicans. Please do yourself a favor, Traitor, and be silent.

    2. @Drake Fire there was nothing legitimate about this fake mail in election ! Now please go be an ignorant and uneducated little boy some where else!

    3. @anthony weatherbee Good any proof?

      Oh right. Even the Republican Dominated Supreme court knows this “election fraud” is nothing more than pure tripe.

      Now, please, take your own advice. The adults are talking, and we have no room for petulant little children.

    1. @Daily Dose of Donovic I watched a few of your vids, you are a very bright young man, keep up the awesome work

    1. @Gabe Dudley Hey some people lost channels arguing with the Trump idiots “new user” isn’t always the full story.

    1. Also right wing militias like Oathkeepers and III% – how the f are they still online, recruiting, fund raising and openly fomenting further violence?

    2. Yes job one to Demoncrap Demestic Terrorist Antifa and BLM who Destroyed america for the last four years !

    3. @anthony weatherbee you are still in denial. Your false idol, Trump, nearly destroyed the country. No amount of denial or cult membership will change that FACT.

    1. Pretty sure all the riots and burning in democrate run cities all summer were terror attacks on our country also or maybe not because they were democrate run

    2. ​@Catherine Maroney-Sears it’s time to grow up and live in the real world if you can’t see the difference between what happened at the capitol and the rioting and looting over the summer there is no hope for you and that is a shame the truth is not always pleasant and everyone must face it in order to move forward without hate and bigotry

    3. @timandsue legere the Tree of Liberty needs to be watered with the Blood of Tyrant’s ! It is our Constitutional right to Storm Capital Hill Tar Feather and Hang Tyrant Politicians but you Antifa and BLM have no rights to be Demestic Terrorist because you didn’t win and get your way !

    4. @anthony weatherbee I’m going to pretend you’re not dumb . You know Neo -Nazis Literally Support trump . And David Dude simply Loves Him . But o.k. LMAO

  1. The real threat was never coming across the border, the real threat was the white supremacists who were here all along.

    1. True.. And I’d be embarrassed to call myself mike lindell.. He’s like the imperial wizard if the nutjobs…. Might wanna change that

    2. In Trump’s words, the domestic terrorists were “great American patriots” who “will never be disrespected again.”

    3. @Asiimwe Balinda you talking about the Demoncrap Demestic Terrorist Antifa and BLM who Destroyed america for the last four year ?

    1. @Nadia Silvershine Oh honey. Hold on to your hat IT’S GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE. EVERY FREAKING DEMONIC DEMOCRAT AND MOST RINOS WILL NE TRIED FOR TREASON SEDITION AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. you really should push away from CNN and MSNBC. Makes you stupid

  2. Same feelings here, since first one born in America of immigrant parents! So angry made me want to spit in plain English!

    1. He in office to help trump NOT the USA he will be in office just for one day to damage OUR country!!!! Biden needs to fire him first thing!! Remember ICE is trumps army!!!!

    2. Nah I don’t think that will happen. People are smarter than that if they don’t play child’s game danger like the Trumpy.

  3. Hold everyone involved accountable and punish them to the fullest extent of the law and then yes, it will deter future insurrectionists.

  4. Start by investigating those unmarkded federal agents. Ya’ll had ONLY 1 JOB. But baby snatching was easier than protecting the core of US government

  5. t’rump literally hollowed out the DoD and DHS a month before the Capitol attack.
    He was also never rushed to a secure location during the attack, as if he knew it was coming all along.

  6. One huge thing about the impeachment of P T***p is that he will no longer be entitled to secret updates of the countries intelligence and data any more!

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