DHS Secretary Mayorkas Can't Guarantee Reunification Of Families | MSNBC 1

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Can’t Guarantee Reunification Of Families | MSNBC


In an exclusive interview with DHS Secy Mayorkas, Jacob Soboroff asks if the administration can guarantee that “reunited families will be able to stay in the United States permanently?”

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    1. If Americans stopped using drug then cartels wouldn’t be running ppl out of their countries. Time to stop policing the world, and take care of our millions living in poverty

    2. @barbara johnson I think its important to make certain that US activities, corporate and gov, arent adversely effecting the countries in our region. If the US undermines their prosperity we end up w those countries being destabilized by crime and we get their refugees…

  1. There was no paperwork done on kids taken by the last administration This is just a big cluster puck

  2. It was not just Donald Trump at the wall, we had Donald Trump at the human rights abuses.

  3. The headline does not reflect the statement by Secretary Mayorkas. He said that DHS cannot guarantee that they will not be able to stay in the US permanently. He didn’t address re-separation in that quote, as I heard it.

    1. They’re doing just a fantastic job. That’s why Joe just admitted there’s a border crisis that didn’t exist before he was elected.

    2. Yeah when the Republicans come back in there going to have to clean up the mess on the border that Joe created the senile fool oughta be ashamed of himself

    3. @Jay Wolf there was a border crisis before Biden was elected, there were people already there that trump left.

  4. Just a quick reiteration from across the pond, you know the place that has actually seen plenty of crimes against humanity – separating children from their parents and then “misplacing” either the parent or the children is a human rights violation, and since this separation of families is systemic in nature – it’s a crime against humanity. Reunifying those kids with their parents isn’t a “voluntary” service – it’s obligatory. Don’t let excuses prevent u from being decent human beings.

  5. reunification bc racist repubs ripped children from their parents.. fixing racist repubs inhumanity takes time

  6. Just curious about how they’re having a problem reunifying families…why aren’t the parents banging on every detention center door looking for their child?

    1. They’re scared and they want better for their children despite being ripped from their kids! If the government guaranteed them immunity, I’m sure those parents would come running back to be with their kids! It’s not guaranteed that they won’t be separated again or both won’t be deported. It’s all about wanting better for your kids than for yourself!

    2. @ᔕɧყ Luna is this the same type of parents that send their kids across the boarder with strangers (cartel thugs) ?

  7. Yes he can he could send the one in this country back to the country he abandoned them in and the children could be adopted in the country they come from.

  8. Ahem, isn’t there something more important to do than to reunify the families??? The elephant in the room is getting bigger by the day.

  9. Lol that’s easy just send for them and pay the tickets. Many promising socialist in that strategy. And it fits right in with the open border solutions!

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