‘Dictator’: See Top Dem Maxine Waters Confront Trump’s ‘Racism,’ Drawing Line From LA Riots To Today

Amidst ongoing national protests, Rep. Maxine Waters warns that Donald Trump is a "racist" “would be dictator” who will try to abuse power during this tense time — if he can get away with it. Waters also thanks the protesters, observing that many “young people.. are doing what legislation has not been able to accomplish." In In the segment, MSNBC's Ari Melber also features Waters' longtime civil rights advocacy against police brutality, and the two discuss her approach and why she believes it's important to be direct and blunt her words and political advocacy. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 06/04/2020.
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'Dictator': See Top Dem Maxine Waters Confront Trump's 'Racism,' Drawing Line From LA Riots To Today


    1. @Rebecca Miller You base this on what?
      My ability to think for myself? Or to see through simple theatre when I see it? I know I’m not a Lemming like most people and you have no reference to understand someone like me. But I will give you one shot at having anything that resembles discourse. If you can, in any way make a reasonable case as to why I am not intelligent and also incorrect, I will in fact as you so eloquently put it “STFU”.

    2. 1angrykoala I don’t consider her a bully for countering Trump who bullies even his so-called friends.

    3. ​@Stephen Funk See on the one hand I love giving anything tied to Trump a hard time. But discourse is quickly going out the window and I dont think she is truly helping the situation, it just ends up being tit for tat…. so while I respectfully disagree with you on her methodology, I see where you are coming from. I will say this though, thanks for keeping it civil. Be safe Stephen.

    1. Trevor Guthrie Are you always this unhinged? Or does the uprising and uplifting of Black Americans on a global level send you into a micro peen meltdown? Oh and stop cosplaying as a Black man, you look stupid.

    2. @Classy Lady ad hominem attacks do not work on me. Let’s uplift black Americans together formyblock.org
      Certainly not on a global scale. I have been to Africa, Asia and India.
      GDP (nominal) for those areas combined $3,000 yearly. You know what I’ve been able to get everywhere in the world, A Coke.
      Let’s raise our city’s up through capitalism, charter schools and criminal justice reform like the First Step Act passed by president trump.
      Btw : if you can do math at a GED level we could use you in the 60611 teaching at IDOC.

    3. Its Captain Dorn and he supported the right to protest. Looting is a different story. So quit making his tragic death your pawn.

    4. @S. Mack Liberal Western enlightenment values are addressing these issues. Leftist Marxist Fabian socialism distorts them for political gain. I suppose you think the Bill of Rights is alt-right? ” Once fully enslaved no nation state or city of this Earth ever afterward resumes its Liberty” W.W.
      (not Walter Whyte)

    1. Democrats are making a huge mess. They are going to lose voters.
      l’m one !
      l will be voting TRUMP. MAGA 4 LIFE !!!

    1. You know, what have you done? She is one person, we are many and have done NOTHING to keep things in check. You abdicated your responsibility to YOUR country too!

    2. She has tried it’s up to you to make the change now the new generation God bless all of you

    1. Fascist corporate Rich Freeloaders don’t believe in democracy, freedom or justice. Except for themselves.

    1. @Heritage Karma David Dorn was killed in the line of duty, and I sincerely pay my respects to his family and friends, but how dare you use this police officers death as part of a political agenda, indeed to continue making divisive statements, do you think that the protesters are Evil, NO they are protesting Police brutality and believe me I definitely do not condone looters. It was the officer responding to the looting incident, that caused his murder. The protesters are both white and coloured and most certainly of both political biasses, they are in the most protesting peacefully according to the 1st Amendment, their given right, both blue and red, but I cannot distinguish colour rather I see the unity, which all of us should have during this very dark time, president Trump was supposed to show an example and he has not shame on him, but let us not let his shame be ours.

    2. @Heritage Karma The protestors aren’t violent. The looters are. The rioters are other groups that come out and take advantage. Dorn died but the protests are for him, too. They are for all black lives and beyond. Follow #dornvideo on Twitter if you’re serious. We want ALL VIOLENCE against our citizens to end.

    1. @paul Drake what makes it stupid? The colors are beautiful and when they mix, paul. You get all beautiful colors. And we can look at the various colors of crayons and they are continuing to change. The various tones of the human race is more beautiful. And due to our diversities in skin color we are awsome
      Imagine this. You can have a male and female of the darkest race and have albino children. Black in race, but skin more than white. They the cops can end up unindicted like Trump

  1. You can have all the police reform etc. If it’s in their hearts they will not change period…

  2. Maxine Waters Thank you ! We need honest officials that confront the issues and stand up for our countries values. Trump is a racist dictator.Trump is a Sociopath he is increasingly dangerous.

  3. I have said & believed the same thing . I didn’t like the man in the 80’s & knew he was corrupt & a narcissist back then & knew he was now . Why he thinks he’s tough & people will praise him I’ll never know . Maybe his base but any that aren’t as he is are leaving him because their eyes have been opened . Some voted for him simply because they didn’t like their choices & thought someone that wasn’t a politician may be good for our country . Believing he was a successful business man and actually worth billions which he is not . There’s more than one reason he doesn’t want his taxes out publicly . If nothing to hide & he actually had done all he said then he would have flaunted it . It’s the kind of person he is . Oh obama please come back home . Over 102k dead & growing , a pandemic , peaceful supporters & the military being called in on them , over 40 mil jobs lost & all the unemployment needed , and 45 does a photo op using our Christianity to get votes ! We need your thoughtfulness during all of this , your faith & hope , your charisma , and your example . Look at all the republicans . Just another Trump in all ways . Trump thinks that bible display will get him votes because he believes the American people are stupid & cant see through him . Well? I say he lost votes except his die hard followers & he didn’t have to bother with them . If he can get them to the poles they will vote for him but look at Texas , Ohio , Florida , Arizona & Wisconsin at their pole numbers ! Biden leads except 1% in Texas over Trump & they didn’t ask me! Vote Blue . No trolls are welcome to bother me . I have my opinion which is based on facts & you have yours based on propaganda . You only come here trolling to start trouble . It won’t get him elected here ! Wrong channel ! Come home President Obama ! We love you & the First Lady & family . We certainly don’t have one of those now! Vote Blue!

    1. Enjoyed reading your comment. No truer words ever spoken. Yes, Obama is a great man of vision and served our nation well as POTUS. He gained International respect from our allies and political opponents, as well.
      Obama pulled our nation out of economic meltdown, saved the auto industry, and gave us ACA (which the insurance companies undermined). Trump has only destroyed Obama’s accomplishments, out of spite. Our allies no longer trust us and our enemies are laughing at our stupidity.
      Obama made use proud to be Americans. Trump has only brought us shame.

    2. It wouldn’t surprise me if %95 of the politicians in DC have been diagnosed with “narcissistic personality disorder”. Personally I think Hillary is a Sociopath.

  4. Never start with the old clichè, “start at the bottom, then work your way up.” Go start at the top, the Supreme Court Justices of the United States. Bring your case to them. Demand the justice system to be changed to protect all the people, not just whites.

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