Did Covid-19 Escape From A Lab? | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Did Covid-19 Escape From A Lab? | The Last Word | MSNBC


Author Nicholson Baker says it’s possible that Covid-19 might have leaked out of a lab. He says it’s not a conspiracy theory, but a theory that is worthy of more research to determine how the virus came to infect humans.
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    1. According to Dr. Yan, who wrote the two most important reports on Covid and who is now in hiding, the release was intentional.

    2. In Chinese folklore, demons do exist and walk in dark places, their favorite prey are elder politicians and young mothers.

    1. @John Clarke can’t say it’s impossible by diversion of funding for different research, that is what this investigation will hopefully expose, it’s way more than the orange blight did during his year of covid! His delayed accusations were generally taken as more absurd blame-shifting and deflection from his weak response because of his ridiculous rhetoric and bullshittery, that blame falls partially on the media for completely ignoring the possibility, but also on the orange blight and his minions for incessantly lying and “crying wolf”!

    2. @truth troll Yes, thank the heavens Trump is out. He made not wearing masks a symbol of freedom and probably killed thousands upon thousands of americans. But we need to get to the bottom of this and see if Gaaiin of ffuncttion research created covid19.

    3. @John Clarke most definitely agree! And if funding was diverted then harsher penalties and sanctions are in order, unfortunately that won’t help those who’ve lost someone. This is another thing that doesn’t make sense about the right, they clamor about “fake viruses” and mask mandates, yet insist China be investigated, the lack of a cohesive and coherent narrative has forced people to completely reject anything originating from the lying right which has delayed investigation and response.

    4. It be more of a fortune for the smaller Indian countries to take the entirety of western china. Disappropriate Retribution is becoming a term.

    1. Not to mention that viruses mutate all by themselves. That’s why a full investigation is needed without preconceptions about its cause and source. In science, when we undertake an analysis with an assumption about the outcome, it’s called confirmation bias. Those doing it perceive their own righteousness because the outcome agreed with their preconceptions, not realizing that the way they designed or conducted that analysis made that ‘preferable’ outcome self-fulfilling.

      None of this means that lab-leaks don’t occur. The movie “Outbreak” was based on the very real leak from Ft Detrick in Maryland where an anthrax pathogen accidentally leaked from one of the labs. It was contained, and fortunately it resulted in stricter operational procedures, but it does happen – even here in the US. However, to assume (as some do) that ONLY a lab-leak was the source of Covid-19 is ludicrously simplistic, foolish, detrimental to progress, and likely to cause more harm than answers.

  1. Wonder why it was considered a conspiracy theory? 4 years of alternate views of reality with no regard for facts, now… Just the facts ma’am. (at least let’s hope so).

  2. Even if it was a lab leak it will only be a matter of time (very short time) before another pandemic due to China’s disgusting wet markets. Not that we treat animals that much better. The cruelty and disgusting conditions they tolerate and allow are absolutely appalling. Well they don’t treat their own citizens much better. Greed and expedience has guided our China policy vs Human rights and the cause of democracy…now we have to struggle just to save our own democracy from the insane Trump cult.

    1. Close down Guantanamo Bay, stop water boarding, stop murdering Afghani civilians and farmers, and then go ahead and climb back on your soapbox

  3. What I DO know…..China just reported the first case of Bird Flu.
    (comment posted on 06/01/2016)

  4. Lab leak………..
    Trump pulled out of WHO
    SO….. Fort Detrick never investigated
    ALSO….I have seen no mention of
    Lab level 5 closed in
    Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. In the same month as Ft.Dietrick
    And the scandal involving
    Drs, Cheng and Qiu

  5. It didnt “escape”
    Say it correctly
    There was a violation of safety protocol. Some one either removed it in a container or they were infected by it.

  6. I thought it came from bats in a Wuhan Market that people were eating?! Now, it’s a lab? Which is it?! I will say that it’s not surprising that scientists are engineering things that they shouldn’t be. Science matters, but there’s a limit that is needed by providing an ethics code for how diseases are studied.

  7. There are a very few labs that are classified as “Level 4”, and able to work with the riskiest pathogens. You don’t get to call yourself Level 4, any more than you get to call yourself a Michelin 4-star restaurant. There are safety criteria that have to be met. If those criteria need to be revised…for *ALL* Level 4 laboratories…as a result of this pandemic, then it’s good for everyone to know both why and how. It doesn’t have to be about somehow *blaming* China.

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