1. Putin managed to play itself by:
    A) making more border countries to join NATO
    B) making Western Europe and most of Eastern Europe beef up military and become more against it.
    C) Crippling it’s economy by getting sanctions and Europe deciding to ditch its reliance of Russian gas and oil due to its actions.
    D) Losing political power in various positions.
    E) Getting the US to help Ukraine.

    1. Putin, what a skilled genius strategist! How does he figure out how to get his shoes on the right feet with a mind that incisive?

    2. @Up Stairs Every true but they can never reach the height of the west. Their economy was the size of Spain even though its the largest country in the world with tremendous natural resources. Every collapse will take the country longer to catch up. I have always wondered why Russia isnt as rich as the Nordic countries even though they have so much resources. Corrupt is one and simply the inability to advance is another. Outside of a handful of cities, much of Russia is worst than third world countries. Russia should be exporting their own cars, aircraft and energy engineer instead of relying everything on the West. The problem is, the government spent time, resources just to relive the glorious past instead of investing for the future.

    3. @JOS So the Ruble is not a free-trading currency and they are requiring countries dependent on their oil and gas to pay in Ruble thus propping up the currency. We still dont know what is the real exchange rate for Ruble to USD because the government limit the exchange. I believe Russians cannot go into their bank and convert their Rubles for USD at the current exchange rate.

  2. It is fascinating. Putin is so out of touch with reality, he managed something in record-time nobody has done since Napoleon. Gathering, fusing and strengthening Europe AND NATO.
    He should be awarded a prize of some sort. -Preferably posthumously to avoid inflating his super-ego.

    1. @Ashley Ward As expected. If Nazi-Russia is not strong enough, they should just go home and leave Ukraine to the Ukrainians. Why are you using an autogenerated Western name for your account?

      The USA is a NATO member, so obviously the US military is part of NATO’s. You would have a point, IF NATO relied on a country, which wasn’t a member. The EU, as a separate entity, has some military operations on its own without US aid.

    2. @Ian v Curtis Fine Art Sculptor. I noticed that he’s always on a little pony to try and look bigger than his diminutive 5’5″. Napoleon Bonaparte was 5’6″ by the way.

  3. Putin absolutely revived NATO more countries are applying for NATO membership European countries have increased defense budgets.

    1. @Floyd Schake What the hell happens in your minds? My God, it must be awful to think EVERYTHING around you is some kind of conspiracy! What a sad, sad country this has become.

  4. The Z symbol of the Russians, was used by Japan in the Russo Japanese war. At the Battle of Tsushima, a Japanese victory. It’s still used by far right Japanese extremists. Maybe a weird connection. It was used at Pearl Harbor and Midway.

    1. @Angelo Pugliese I know, but since it’s not in the alphabet and it’s not like they forgot what a swatiska looked like. I’m just saying it’s interesting the Z symbol was used by Japan to beat the Russians, a detail I’m sure the Russians know, is just interesting.

    2. @Zeke Yeager I agree with your point, I’m aware of it’s much more ancient history and meaning and how Hitler took it and tilted it from it’s original form. My point was that Hitler used it as a symbol for people to rally behind and the purpose of the Z (which isn’t even a character in the Russian alphabet by the way)
      Is for Putin to use it in exactly the same way as the Swastika was used by Hitler.
      As far as I know, the original symbol that Hitler stole and rotated 45 degrees represents an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “well being” and dates back to 10,000BCE or earlier.

    3. @Scott Krater According to Russian bots, the vehicles have the letters V, O, and Z because they’re the initials of the Ukrainian President and the thought was that he would be intimidated and he would flee to the west and the government would capitulate.
      It obviously didn’t work out that way.

    4. @Angelo Pugliese ah well I had a feeling your words had good intentions, just wanted to make it abundantly clear to others that this symbol means much more different things than what it represented in the Nazi regime. India, China, and many other cultures have used the symbol for, like you said, thousands of years.

    1. Because Soult s getting nervous as the french appear loosing the day before the maine battle …

    2. The next day the Battle raged … the So called “Battle of the Thrre Emperors” ( Russien Aleksander the First , Napoleon and the Austrien Emperor ) ….

    3. And in the End , the French Emperor said to his Army : “…. Soldiers ! it will BE enough for you to say : i fought at Austerlitz , end people will say : Here Goes a Man !” …… ….. ….. ….. “La Marseillaise” which was prior to the BATTLE of Austerlitz FORBIDEN for Some Time …. they play the Marseillaise ….

  5. ‘Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.’ //Herbert Hoover

    1. @Up Stairs And Czechoslovakia to defend the “German speaking” minority. Same tactic, same Hitler, only 4″ shorter with less hair and no mustache. Both dyed in the wool Fascists.

    1. @Steven Smith You need to open your eyes, they are not just pressuring Sweden and Finland to join NATO, but the rest of the world not to trade with Russia, which has failed.

    2. @ZZZ I am willing to open my eyes, I specifically asked you to explain i.e. give examples of the pressure

    3. @ZZZ Let’s see, the Ukrainian people’s republic was attacked and defeated in the Soviet -Ukrainian war of 1917 and didn’t regain their freedoms from the oppression of the USSR until after the collapse of the Soviet Union and is now under attack by an Imperialist Russia trying to once AGAIN annex it into a new Fascist Russian empire.
      Some of what is now western Ukraine was ANNEXED by Soviet forces from Poland in 1939.
      Georgia became part of the USSR from it’s second OCCUPATION by Russia in 1921. Azerbaijan was absorbed by force in 1922.
      The previously independent Republic of Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet army and established as a puppet state in 1940.
      In 1940 the Soviet army also invaded and then occupied the Republic of Estonia.
      Moldova was formed in 1940 when Russia invaded and annexed Bessarabia from Romania.
      In 1940, the Soviet army invaded and occupied the Republic of Latvia.
      It was subsequently invaded and conquered by Germany in 1941 before being RETAKEN by the Red army in 1944-45.
      The Soviets first took over the short lived Republic of Armenia in 1920.
      The original purpose of the formation of NATO was as a bullwark against the Red army taking over all of Germany as a result of the Soviet Union blockading West Berlin and showing in no uncertain terms that they meant to occupy and control the whole of Germany.
      NATO was formed after the Berlin airlift as a direct result of the Soviet Union’s aggression against West Germany.
      So, no, I’m not wrong at all.
      You are the one who is extremely misinformed of the facts.
      Of course any nation that was free and independent until invaded and occupied for decades under the repressive Communist regime and fears history repeating is going to look to becoming a member of NATO to protect their freedoms and independence from being invaded and occupied by the Red army again.
      Russia expands by militarily invading, conquering, occupation, and annexation (just like they’re doing in this century) NATO doesn’t expand. NATO grows by voting for or against countries who seek to be members and are qualified by the terms of the charter.
      Putler’s propaganda of NATO expansion tries to make it sound as if it’s the western European countries that are the ones invading, occupying, and forcing membership on independent nations.
      Czechoslovakia, Hungary, did these countries ever want to be subjects of the Soviet Union? Of course not.
      And those countries haven’t forgotten what the Red army did when they protested and the Soviet tanks and soldiers came to try and crush their spirit of independence.
      NOBODY ever wanted to be part of the Soviet Union but Russia. The rest were forced at the barrel of a gun.

    4. When someone uses a phoney name to reply or post (such as zzz) I tend to question the Integrity of that individual and wonder What they are hiding behind or Why they don’t use their REAL name ? Particularly when their position or argument has the ring of a Putin sympathizer ! Often it’s easier to simple say “ well said, Comrad “ ………

  6. We could not get Sweden and Finland in Nato for 70 years but Putin managed to do it in 4 months.
    Thank you Putin.

    1. I think it might be better to wait until Sweden and Finland are actually in NATO and when Germans starts to feel the winter and gas prices soar. NATO might start to fall apart but will wait and see.

    2. @Patrick Funny to me it’s NATO that seems to be raising its voices about an imminent invasion from Russia.. What makes you think Russia would want to invade Europe for, when all we get from the Western Press that Russia is losing in Ukraine, so apart from a nuclear war it would be foolish of Russia to do so.

    3. @Gordon Paterson Putin’s early rhetoric involved Greater Russia, the old borders, which would suggest the Baltics and some other nations would need to be convinced like Ukraine to rejoin Russia. Putin has the old palaces, maybe he fancies himself Tsar at this point.

  7. Don’t have time to listen to the story, but the answer is yes. He took a really big risk. And he lost. He’s also crazy like most celebrities, presidents, and the like. Everybody tells him yes all the time and he doesn’t no anymore how to realize he’s wrong. I’m in a similar situation right now but on the opposite side where everyone tells me that I’m wrong but reality keeps proving me right. I’m lucky that I have a couple of anchors.

  8. What bothers me is that paying 2% is treated by nations like Germany as a polite ask. It should be mandatory, not up for discussion, it’s the bare minimum. Americans are angry about a lot of things but a big one in foreign policy is the feeling we have been taken for granted for too long. Other nations have universal healthcare for their taxes while we spend a large portion of our budget on the military in order to defend the entire free world and have almost no healthcare or social safety net whatsoever. We just don’t get as much for all our taxes payed in. It feels like so much of it goes straight to foreign agendas like being robbed and so a lot of anger has boiled over towards nations we considered close friends but are really just using us. It’s time to pay up or get the boot, this is a perfectly reasonable thing to expect and it shouldn’t have to come to this ultimatum if your a true friend

  9. In order to state that Nato has revived you must state that it was dead, or dying, AND the revival should extend along time. Let’s see how they skip this winter with shortages of food and gas.

  10. Since 1993, when President Yeltsin B.N. shot the popularly elected parliament with tanks, Russia has followed the path of curtailing Democracy. This process was accompanied by Russia’s armed aggressions: in Transnistria, in Chechnya, in Abkhazia, in South Ossetia, in Crimea, in Donbass, in Syria, in Nagorno-Karabakh, in Kazakhstan. As a result: a large-scale war in Ukraine, with constant threats of the use of nuclear weapons. Hundreds of thousands of people have already died as a result of Russia’s activities. The political regime in Russia poses a deadly threat to Humanity. The world Community has long turned a blind eye to Russia’s activities, so it bears full responsibility for a possible Apocalypse–

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