Did Trump’s Racist Rhetoric Play A Role In This weekend’s Shootings? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Does anyone remember when Comrade Trump-ski identified himself to be a proud, white nationalist? The president thrilled the crowd at a Ted Cruz rally by declaring, “You know what I am? I’m a nationalist, OK? I’m a nationalist. Nationalist! Use that word! Use that word! Does anybody else remember that?

    1. @Vaughn Michaud Here we go … another racist in Vaughn Michaud. You are as dumb as they come, Ms. Michaud.

  2. Trump knows what he is doing… Stochastic Terrorism: The use of mass public communication, usually against a particular individual or group, which incites or inspires acts of terrorism which are statistically probable but happen seemingly at random.

    1. @You Hi You say :
      “The media used to blame guns, now they use *it* to blame Trump.” Say it again using correct grammar and English and maybe *then* we’ll decide wtf you’re even talking about. By “it” you mean “them”…i.e. ‘guns’? So you’re saying they use guns to blame Trump…right? Wrong, dummy. Simpleton troll.

    2. @Keith Anthony That is a *STRONG* argument. Just saying. Ignore that half-wit. Cognitive dissonance from Trump supporters has reached a new low.

  3. 300 mass shootings this year alone and 1300 victims. Where are all those good guys with guns we keep hearing about?

    1. @Keith Anthony thank you, it’s good to see some people with a well balanced and accurate viewpoint.

    2. 300 mass shootings, that’s BS! Why isn’t anyone questioning whether true or not??? I think the number is probably under 50, still too many!

  4. Of course his racist rhetoric played a role; his racist rhetoric INVITED it. And now that he has been tele-prompted to feign empathy, not only did he exude his usual I-couldn’t-care-less-and-I-shouldn’t-have-to-do-this attitude, but he couldn’t even be bothered to learn _which cities_ his surrogate-terrorists devastated.

  5. Trump is to blame for this no matter what bull comes out of his. Mouth he is responsible and pod people supporters. Are responsible for this too

    1. Everyone but the gunmen themselves are responsible. Let’s say Trump is the most responsible, since we hate him for stealing our election.

    2. Open borders is bad for any country anywhere on the planet! No, closing the borders is not a racist move, its a responsible one. Just as responsible as YOU locking your front and back doors, and not allowing strangers in your home. Let me enlighten you as to the fact that America also deported whites when it was mainly whites evading immigration. The only people promoting open borders are people who don’t care about America’s survival, or, they’re too stupid to understand the meaning of responsible immigration policies.

    3. all you people think that trump is the problem NO The problem is the whole past two generations of weak minded mentally challenged people who cant be trusted with a dull letter opener … the guns dont shoot themselves

    1. Do you know the Ohio shooter strongly supports Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders? Now you know. Do you want to know something else? Stop pushing blame on to other people (trump), instead, try to find an effective way to get rid of the deadly problem that exists in America

    2. right that turd that just wouldnt come out is trumps fault too trump is not nearly the criminal that obama was,, he lost (stole ) more money than all other president combined

    3. Why do you try to blame the president on this? You want to see hate,,,look inward
      MSM promotes copycats by giving them spotlight, you are the racists here. White, black, brown , you just want ratings.  The price is death !!! And you are willing to pay it But with other peoples lives, playing the death card now, Shameful.

  6. Your grandfather fought Nazis in the third Reich. How far you have fallen, to now target innocent women and children at Walmart.

    1. @BLUE DOG : Jews are under the cacausoid racial class. They are white. No one said liberals can’t be racist.
      That was Malcolm X’s issue. He felt white people couldn’t be trusted. Many played both sides.
      There many whites today playing both sides.

    2. @David Drake : you are stupid. Many Jews fell Jewish is not only a religion but an ethnicity. Jews fall under the cacausoid (white) racial class.

  7. I don’t care what the Fake president says, his life is not worth the life of one of the civilians lost in all of the mass murders that he has been inciting again and again accross the country. He keeps ramping up the rhetoric. Millions of Americans just keep wanting anyone to save us from Putin’s monsters, McConnell and Trump. It’s only a matter of time before the Russian military lands on our shores to join the “red hats” in securing America for a dictatorship. We haven’t been allowed to move forward legally, because McConnell has been obstructing the way for many years.

    1. @Hector Button
      No! your wrong Meuller said there is no such thing as collusion under the law it’s called Conspiracy, and he could not exonerate the President ln Conspiracy or Obstruction of Justice.

    1. @easy money actually they are almost accurate with the numbers.. I just don’t get it my self and i’m Hispanic…

      This month, in a YouGov poll for The Economist, Trump’s job approval rating among Hispanics clocked in at 29%. On immigration, presumably a tougher issue for the president with this demographic, it was 30%. The survey, conducted June 9-11, had an error margin of 3 percentage points.

  8. Trump and the El Passo shooter should be cell mates. Preferably in a prison with lots and lots of Hispanics.

  9. President bone spurs, Donald dodgy knees is responsible for the racism we see today, trying to make it acceptable by fanning the flames of hate, the language he uses is not unlike what the nazis were saying, make the other inferior

    1. Name-calling but no content. It is people like you, who don’t know what’s really going on, who are preyed upon by corrupt politician, political parties and news networks. Right under you wide open eyes, they are taking away our rights — they sold us out — but all Obama has to do is crack a few jokes or shake a few of your hands…and YOU ARE PUTTY. Open your eyes!.

    2. @Kip
      Trump is an outright racist and facist, you only have to see his rallies to come to that conclusion.

    3. @The Scooter He’d deport illegal whites as well. All he’s asking is for people of all races and creeds to come in the front door, through immigration. Do you have any idea what a Demo/Socialist really is? Have you played it out? We became the most powerful country on Earth, in terms of wealth, due to Capitalism. We spread the marketing concept to Russia and China who are still trying to tinker with it. Capitalism gave us the potential to work hard and build lifestyles beyond our wildest dreams. Corruption, not the system, is destroying our nation. Also a dumbed down populace. The founders created the Bill of Rights for a reason, which was to prevent the dictatorship, and the surveillance, oppressive state we now have to endure. Those 4 crazy women are stupid and naive.

    1. All Hilary supporters are pedophiles. All Warren supporters are responsible for the Dayton killings since the shooter was a Warren supporter himself.

    1. @Russell E Simonetta Well I hope you aren’t blaming only the Republicans. It took generations of presidents from both parties to get us here. And yes, there really is a “swamp” but no president is strong enough to clean it out.

    2. Watch President Eisenhower’s last address to the American people warning about the influance of the Military Industrial Complex. Sixty years later its more relevant than ever.

    3. @Kip
      Trump had no intention of trying to clean the swamp out, he just wanted to fish there or play golf.

    4. NO …the real problem is the rise of Satan Worship & Witchcraft in our country. The shooter in Dayton was a Satan Worshiper who supported Warren. From Columbine, to Virginia Tech to Tucson to Sandy Hook satan worshipers are all involved. The issue here is not guns ….the issue here is that practicing witchcraft and satan worship turns people into mass shooters and serial killers. Most serial killers are satan worshipers.

  10. These incident’s are so wrong!!! Trump is responsable for inciting hatered. The wall did not change violence in El Paso.
    Vote Traitor Trump and Moscow Mitch out in 2020.

  11. If the government had to start paying the funeral costs of mass shooting victims and the hospital bills I bet you they would start doing something about gun control!

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