Different rules for unvaccinated students, staff in Ontario 1

Different rules for unvaccinated students, staff in Ontario

Here's what to expect in September for eligible students in Ontario who don't get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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    1. Is this like a convulsive shock a certain segment of our society is going through just before it takes it’s final breath?

    2. @Drwzer
      I want you to call the Lord that at your judgment before you are cast into the lake of fire for eternity for your unrepentant sins and unbelief.
      It would be better for you to have never been born

  1. The whole time he’s smiling like a jester on stage… truly disgusting that it has come to this point.

    1. Dr. Moore’s inner Zero COVID lunatic side is coming to the surface more and more each day.

  2. I thought this was said to be a ” conspiracy theory” , my my where the ones in doubt ever lied to again. This doctor is segregating the unvaccinated with a smile , why?

    1. After generations of commie love and admiration, this is our bed to sleep in. Make no bones about it, they are brainwashed with marxist ideology and don’t even know it, fog of war.

    2. We have demonic leaders and their true colours are shining very clearly and those bribed doctors are only in it for the money and have no conscious at all showing who’s side they belong to !

    3. @Rob Wilson The idiots invoking “marxist ideology” when they don’t even know what that is.

    1. @Dan Field “None of the internet conspiracy theories are true.” If only you knew how wrong that is.

  3. So we’re going to discriminate against kids due to their health records. Sounds like a free country.

    1. @Jessica Lexan Yeah, you do. You need medical or religious PROOF to sign those exemption forms. I had a step kid that was allergic to vaccines.

    1. Have you been around kids in the last 18 months? Missing a few days or even a few weeks of school sounds exciting, but being confined to your house, unable to be with your friends for months – they hate it. Almost universally.

    1. @roof pizza your chance of dying or being seriously harmed or dying in a car crash by not wearing a seat belt is I would assume WAY if not infinitely higher than contracting covid under the age of 18. Your arguing swatting a fly with a bazooka.

    2. @Graeme Earley Were your kids in school last year?? It was no problem then, RIGHT?? Double standards, with the vaxxers – EVERYWHERE

    3. @Graeme Earley Influenza and pneumonia are preventable diseases. Yet far more young Canadians died to those than have died from COVID.

      35 = the 2015-2019 average annual number of influenza and pneumonia deaths of Canadians under 20 years of age

      14 = the 2020-2021 total number of COVID deaths of Canadians under 20 years of age

      I bet you didn’t even know how many younger Canadians died from plain old influenza and pneumonia, did you?

  4. Yes let’s vaccinate kids that straight up don’t need protection. Why? Because it will fill up our pockets with money from these pharma companies. I hope none of yall give in to these pressures.

    1. @Bill Whitis you are putting your kids at far more risk by vaccinating them then not, so it’s you that are a neglectful parent! In BC during the entire pandemic there has been 0 deaths and 0 ICU admissions for anyone under 19!

    1. The CDC is even cancelling use of the pcr test because the results don’t differentiate from the flu.

  5. Home schooled children do exponentially better academically and socially so this is an opportunity for parents to rescue their children from the Marxist Gulag called public school and raise a better, faster, healthier human being capable of looking after themselves in adulthood!

    1. id like to know the amount of strippers that come from public school vs homeschooling just the numbers plz

    1. @SteelCom No matter who tells you different!! At this point, if the doctors changed their opinion, you’d still stick with it!!!

    2. @benjackhenry all of the original papers have had the claims withdrawn

      Just search asymptomatic spread
      You will find now that original 80% probability number has been replaced with 17% and IS TOTALLY BASED ON COMPUTER MODELING ONLY

    3. Wow so dying is the only risk and there’s no chance of them spreading it to older or immune-compromised staff, I guess we’ve nothing to worry about should it mutate and become something as deadly as delta is transmissible

    4. @sara How long have they known about the Delta variant, a month? So, they really don’t know a lot about it yet, do they? I know this is difficult, but you can’t really say how transmissable or deadly it is or isn’t!!

    5. @sara nobody has a right to virus free air.
      That’s because we live on earth and there is viruses everywhere

  6. I thought children carry a low viral load .. wasn’t that the rationale for having kids back in classrooms? At least that’s what it was in B.C.

    1. before the delta variant that was true. The delta variant is enough different that new messaging is required.

  7. We need to ban teachers unions and keep healthcare information private. Can’t imagine my gym teacher demanding my medical records to see if I qualify I try out for rugby.

    1. what does this have to do with teacher’s unions? The unvaccinated teachers will be forced to remain out for 20+ days. How are they going to survive missing one month of pay?

  8. The joy in Moore’s eyes when describing the future treatment of the unvaccinated tells you everything you need to know.

    1. yep. already being treated differently by family for being careful and cautious about the great experiment

    2. I’m pretty much at the point now where if you’re a vaxxer, I want nothing to do with you!!! And it has nothing to do with the vaccines!!!

  9. Last year: kids can go to in class learning. Children are low risk. 99.9% survival not a vector for spread
    Now: unvaxed Children are at high risk. They are a major vector for spread. Kids going back to school is a huge risk.

    Give me a f’ing break

    1. Yup we expected this to happen because 60% is not vaxed and don’t want it. Now they push with their useless PCR tests that can show anything and based in that they will decide if you are ok for school or not. What a bunch of fkin tards.

    2. @GvozdeniPuk And what’s even more disturbing, is the vaxxed are overjoyed they are dividing the country!!

  10. We don’t really want diversity and ON prefers to discriminate… hypocrisy is strong in Ontario!

    1. The thought of being with your kids during school hours must turn your stomach. You’ll get used to it

  11. Discrimination against the unvaccinated is utterly disgusting. What has happened to poor Canada. Stand on guard for thee??

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