Dire warning from Alberta doctor: 'COVID-19 or not, our ability to care for you is compromised' 1

Dire warning from Alberta doctor: ‘COVID-19 or not, our ability to care for you is compromised’


Dr. Paul Parks says that hospitals across the province have stretched resources to the absolute limit and capacity is at an all time high.

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  1. Presumably these deaths and ICU capacity is mostly affecting Calgary, Edmonton and major cities and not the rural towns surrounding them. The rural MPPs were calling for his resignation for being too restrictive.

    1. Common sense I would think that since rural is less populated, more wide open spaces, etc maybe that is why they require less strident rules

  2. Wave after wave, wave after wave
    I’m slowly drifting away ( drifting away)
    And it fells like I’m drowning
    Pulling against the stream
    Pulling against the stream

    1. @Little Jerrythecagefighter impossible. Got nothing to do with him. Oil is traded on the foreign market to bidders, then traded as futures. We don’t buy oil from a province. We consumers buy it from companies who bid for it.

    2. @tobias1959 that’s true but since oil is sold on the international market to bidders through futures, I’m don’t see your point . We nationalize the oil industry?!

    3. @tobias1959 you think I want nationalization of the oil industry ?! How bizarre. No I believe in a market economy, but the difference is I understand whereas, apparently YOU don’t. Otherwise why would you say Trudeau has anything to do with the oil revenue in this country.

    1. @Richard Reynolds

      I live in Ontario and I looked on the government site wondering how many hospitals Alberta has. 161 it says. That’s why I commented that they only say hospitals never a specific place. No need to be rude.

  3. They have always worked 14-16 hour shifts. Suddenly Covid is the only health issue we are facing now. I remember a Time when Doctors were crying for more Beds before Covid.The Healthcare System in this Country is flawed and has been struggling for years and now Covid is exposing the problem. So it is not Covid that the System is over capacitated and collapsing rather the inept Government handling the Healthcare system .for years.

    1. and trudeaus got hundreds of billions to spend on discriminating vax passports and covid camps, but not a dime for the hospitals.

    1. mild infections dont require hospitalization. That’s why they are “mild” so what you asked makes NO SENSE. You’re just another YT troll.

  4. Wears scrubs at home to pretend he is a doctor. Is Trudeau giving drama lessons? Gotta dress up to look the part. Surprised he doesn’t have a stethoscope wrapped around his shoulders and wearing mask and faceshield

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