Director Ava Duvernay Launches A New Database To Diversify Hollywood Production Personnel | MSNBC 1

Director Ava Duvernay Launches A New Database To Diversify Hollywood Production Personnel | MSNBC


Last week, Award-Winning Director Ava Duvernay launched Array Crew, a personnel database aimed at increasing representation for women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups ‘behind the camera’. Ava Duvernay joins NBC’s Joshua Johnson for a conversation about her new initiative and Hollywood’s inclusion problem.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Director Ava Duvernay Launches A New Database To Diversify Hollywood Production Personnel | MSNBC


  1. UK: A great idea. Films I enjoy are those which show a diversity of characters. I am of colour, and my friends and family are made up of many colours/ethnic backgrounds. Well done Ava and I love your work!

    1. @William H Music 2020 you remember when cnn was majority trolls back in 2019?
      I remember how they used to get a ton of negative ratio vids.
      You have been trolling cnn has long as I have. I only changed my name because of account bans. It used to be cjp.

    2. I had an immediate ban on CNN, purely for giving my opinion, which is far from extreme. And yet Don Lemon (pronounced like the citrus fruit, and I won’t have it any other way) is allowed to spew his bile at the nation.

  2. There’s a TV drama coming out with Henry VIII’s wife Anne Boleyn being played by a black actress. That’s just ludicrous.

    1. At least they’ve hired an English actress for the role, unlike all those Hollywood productions where they used an American.

    1. Obviously some ppl think they’re better than others based on what you said. Why do some ppl think like that? Why do some ppl think they’re more American or more British based on pigmentation?

    2. @matt wei zhong xian it’s an issue of the heart–sin…from a biblical standpoint. Any person of any color is capable of “racism”
      However there is actually only one race….the human race.

  3. So how do studios usually employ people behind the camera then? I mean there must be agencies for those guys and gals as much as there are agencies for actors, yes? So now theres a search engine JUST for people of colour that studios can go to to find cameramen, grips, electricians if they want to employ POC?

    But something to keep in mind maybe is that according to recent surveys the racial demographics of California, and so Hollywood, are something like 60% white, 14.5% Asian, 14% Latino and 6% Black and the rest other races. Based on that there are far less Black people available for the work than White, or even Asian or Latino. So if you are looking for a lighting technician for your movie and, hypothetically, 60% of your applicants are white and only 6% are black then odds are you’ll end up with a white person. It’s not racism, its just who lives and works in the area.

  4. You have to pay your dues in Hollywood.
    Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Cuban Gooding, Hallie Berry, Jamie Foxx many black people are successful actors and actresses in Hollywood paid their dues.

    1. They were hired because of their talent, as it should be. The woke, virtue-signalling left wants quotas, which could lead to more talented people not getting jobs.

      A cynic might argue that the left are trying too hard to hide something.

    1. Your subs scream beta male. And your sailor moon avitar.

      (I can’t reply to your “how cute” comment because I just got another 12 hr comment ban for talking about 12 hr comment bans in another post. All I can do is edit previous comments now. You sheep have no idea about the censorship bubble you live in)

    2. @Calvin Parish Of course you did, sweety.

      Jesus. You people get handled with kids gloves, yet you think you’re being censored. You sound like my uncle. Always talking about how “tough” he is, and how “soft” everyone else has gotten.

      Before whining like a small child. Get over yourself.

    1. They’ve just been let go. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi formalizes impeachment proceedings against the Saudi Prince, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

    2. I can’t think of an individual in politics worldwide who is more vile than Nancy Pelosi. There are a few who come close, but they’re just not trying hard enough to reach her level of selfishness and spitefulness.

    3. Im starting to think cnn is all bots.
      Notice how main comments rarely reply to anything?
      Cnn used to me majorly trolls in 2019. They got hit the hardest of any channel. So how did that shift?

    4. It won’t let me post anything on CNN, despite me being moderate right. I’m not even American, I’m English, which makes CNN racist.

    5. Aren’t all you Patriots tired of “MADE IN CHINA” ….CRAP?
      Lets start with getting rid of Made In China Joe Biden.
      His foamily made a Fortune working for China!

    1. Kamala polled at one % in her primary and called out biden on his racist policy like his 94 crime bill. Wonder what shut her up?

    2. The promise of a presidency and riches beyond her wildest dreams from the Establishment. Or free stuff, as they call it.

  5. I’m all for diversity but I look forward to the day when something like this isn’t needed anymore. But alas, that day is far off

  6. Hey Ava, maybe you should spend time helping POC with learning how to use the internet. The Big Guy told us they don’t have the skills to figure it out.

  7. Oscars and Emmys are worthless now that the first thing they look for is the color of the skin…not the quality of the work…☻

    1. @D L
      I’m a black woman from the Bronx NY …so they can try…but will they only target white folks….☻

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