1. @Bobby Biondolillo Wrong answer, go to jail go directly to jail do not pass go do not collect $200, and Trump will be with you soon.

  1. GOP are completely self serving and corrupt. Disgusting. Obama was held to a much higher standard….and is 1000 x the man Trump is. It’s sickening to see him get away with everything.

    1. @Leonardus Christianto I am all for it. I mean why not? It has caused more problems for the US too have too many people in Politics who are way too old. Look at Pelosi. There should be 2 terms for everyone at most

    2. @Senior Billy Bull seriously… really… you really going to push that stupid flawed defense? It’s as stupid as claiming that insurrection is done by an undercover antifa.

    1. @J ham Yep, I saw so many at the insurrection. Dude, get real! President Biden won our free and fair election. All 50 states counted certified their votes, some multiple times, and Pence oversaw the counting on January 6. And, yes, those Republicans wanted to throw out the ballots from specific counties in the swing states…which were predominantly black and brown communities. You can’t deny facts just because they don’t fit your narrative.

    1. @serenity4ever2010 I’m Canadian and it’s about covid, not so much politics, but yours affects us directly, scary stuff for humanity in general.

    1. @Kathy Abernathy The jokes on you. Your gullibility lead you to believe the lies fed to you by a known liar and cheat. Time to put down the orange Kool-Aid and face facts.

    1. We The Few … Are fighting Demoncracks in the EVIL Satanist DUMPS in DC underground. cnn do not believe this FAKE news . PROTECT your Children/your People . Be Calm. Pray for the Good of the Earth. We Believe in G’D and his WORD we all Follow, MARINES Will protect you all. Believe and keep fighting for FREEDOM. JUSTICE is being served, believe. FREE WILL is your strength Prepare yourself you will be next Demoncracks … Wake up . OORAH!!

    1. Fulton County is full speed ahead with charges.the grand jury will start up in March…april…the real fun begins

  2. McConnell refuses to hold the trial when trump is in office then says he can’t convict a former president. The hypocrisy from republicans is disgusting

    1. If the house democrats did their job in the house by following due process then they’ll be no need for Mitch to postpone the impeachment

  3. If you’re any reasonable sane individual you’ll be scratching your head and thinking nothing in life makes any sense any longer

    1. Right! Men winning in women’s sports… “Chest feeding” “Human milk”… yup! Nothing the left does makes sense 🤪

    1. @Robert Anthony lol the Dems have no business even uttering the words “disrespect the police” the Dems turned the other cheek when it came to the police all summer

    1. @Wisdom101 ….and who were the ones beating Cops at the Capital and killed one and injure 100’s more????? Trump’s people!!!!! Fool….you make no sense you have lost your way….Wisdom you are NOT!!!! You need to go within cuz you my friend are LOST!!!!

    1. I havent been surprised by ANYTHING since even before the election. I know the gop are quite literaly the nazis(proud boys, kkk whatever) and work together with putin to try and make another dictatorship. I dont know the exact details but my guess is that after they would have succeeded together they would continue to take over the rest of the world. Trump was just in his position because hes the biggest gaslighter of all and has no concience whatsoever. Like putin but less refined.

  4. America just showed the world a “democracy” rife with hypocrisy and corruption and a total lack of accountability or justice

    1. The Constitution is riddled with flaws. Keeping it that way for so many years has nothing to do with conservatism and everything to do with the fascist malignancy now devouring the Republican Party – and apathy from Democrats – who should have been ready to implement a long list of changes as soon as they got into power. Instead, they’re moving with all the dynamism of a forgetful octagenarian.

    2. Mark, I disagree, REPUBLICANS showed their hypocrisy and corruption and lack of accountability. Lets hope the republican party splits apart, which ensures democrats will win in 2022 and 2024 and beyond.

    3. @Red Alert you’ll never get constitutional amendments until you get democratic control of most of the current red states

    1. @Molybdomancer Oh yea…. Their pants were soooo nice. TF? You sound ridiculous. Who cares about how men dress? The point is that This Queen did her fits to perfection this week👌🏾. Stop being so tender, women are beautiful and should be noticed even from a distance!!! Like duh🙄

    2. Yes, she looked fantastic and presented perfectly. Every time she spoke, she commanded respect with intellectual eloquence. Huge kudos to her. 🙌

    3. @Molybdomancer I’m a woman and I was impressed with her standout wardrobe. The others you mentioned did an excellent job. But she was 100 💯 on fashion point. There’s nothing wrong with mentioning that.

    4. @Ann I agree. She has a great voice. If she ever needs another career, she might want to consider doing voice acting.

  5. Democrats: Do not appease Republicans during Biden’s administration. Pass as much legislation as possible without Republican input. It’s time to treat them the way they treat you.

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