‘Disaster’: How Judge In Trump Impeachment Trial May Compel Witnesses And Break Ties | MSNBC

Pres. Trump is headed for a Senate impeachment trial overseen by a judge he once called an “absolute disaster,” Chief Justice John Roberts, who was just sworn in. While many key decisions will be up to votes by the Senate, a Chief Justice may break ties in a presidential trial – which could prove pivotal in a close vote over whether there will be any witnesses against Pres. Trump. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber breaks down the relevant history and precedent in this original report, airing on the day Chief Justice Roberts was formally sworn in. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 01/16/20.
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'Disaster': How Judge In Trump Impeachment Trial May Compel Witnesses And Break Ties | MSNBC


    1. @deamonomic why would he obstruct witnesses and documents proving HIS innocence? Go back and read what you just wrote. Then tell me something else about paying attention.

    2. @deamonomic Your handle says it all because it is demonic what the Democrats have put this country through with no credible evidence. They accuse the President of withholding aid from Ukraine when Biden had a prosecutor fired to protect his son being paid because of his father’s position which is illegal. The Ukrainians said there was no pressure. Nothing was done to have the money released and they were given the milatary equipment they wanted as well. You can try to squeeze that as much as you can but there is nothing there.

    3. @Ghost of Reagan you will have to ask trump why hes blocking witnesses. Tell you what google trump, executive privilege. Trump has used executive privilege in the broadest and widest reaching assertion of this privilege in american history. No president in our history has tried to block congress to this extent. Even Nixon allowed more witnesses and documents then trump has.

    4. @deamonomic I as well as many others have looked at how it was used and that’s why there’s no criminal charges , just weak articles . You and your party have lost , it’s that simple . The Senate could do what they know is quicker than the closed door no media Schiff show and vote this done, acquitted” Though”.
      All leftwing asshats would truly be in tears if the Senate handled it the same especially when the crying had already started about how the Senate was going to handle without the articles being delivered . So laughable.

    5. @themanuplet it was not delivered prior of the approved financial and Military aid for over 80 days in which during this time according to the Ukrainian news, Russia Military attacks increased severely causing mass casualties more than normal. Trump wanted International Countries involvement for his personal political interest and joint effort with Russia wanted more land control resulting in Trump and Putin holding back what could of saved hundred of lives in desperate times with knowledge during increased Military attacks. Nobody can honestly say this was not a joint effort for personal reasons. The new Ukrainian president ran his campaign to end corruption only for Trump from Zelinskis first day in office targeting him in corruption, it is clearly obvious.

      Trump says he was targeting Bidens corruption however this is not true. To verify that, Trump acknowledged of hearing a report about the Bidens in 2016 about the gas company and Prosicuter. Trump did nothing about it at all in which if he was truly for America and truly draining the swamp sort of speak, for America, Trump with hating Obama should of investigated the Bidens immediately upon taking office. He would of made himself happy by taking down Obama’s right hand man with possibly criminal charges (in his opinion that I do not believe anyhow) and if he was able to prove it, I would of been happy myself as well as most of Americans if such a activity occured. But Trump did not take action after he was informed in 2016 therefore he should of left the past in the past. Now in 2019, Trump finds out Biden entered to presidential race and it is clear, he ordered the Investigation for his Political gain and he is not doing it for America. He had the opportunity to do it for the country in 2016. Trump would of looked like a true hero if he did it in 2016 just by giving enough concern of the American tax payers dollars back then but now that is clearly not the case.

      I am sorry but the hundreds of lives lost during the holding of the aid just proves neither Trump nor putin cares about civilian lives. I was a big fan of trump and still a republican but I am changing over to become a independent here soon as I fill at my new application.

    1. @Sum1udontNo e How do you know it was for personal gain? What did he gain from it? Biden is not even the nominee. Why don’t you dispense with the puerile insults and debate on the merits? Unless you’re able to read the president’s mind, how do you know his intent?

    2. @NOISEMAZE True! And the only good thing about t’rump’s presidency has been laughing at all the idiots who still don’t know they’re getting conned! 😆😅

    3. @erex21 There is no direct evidence that he withheld aid in exchange for an investigation, just rumor and innuendo. In fact, the only direct evidence presented during the hearing showed he wanted nothing from Zelensky.

    4. @j m Interesting that you skip the part where Volker said he understood that Rudy was pushing for Ukraine to announce a Biden investigation to help t’rump politically.

      Volker stated that it would be a legitimate aim for Ukraine to investigate Burisma if there was something improper. However, he said that, in retrospect, when you look at the Trump and Zelensky transcript in conjunction with what Giuliani has said on television, it is clear that Giuliani was pushing for investigations into Burisma and the 2016 elections to serve Trump’s political interest.


    1. It’s beyond being bi-partisan at this point. Dems already had their little partisan peepee contest in the House.

    2. @James Ricker That is a complete lie. Pelosi cynically wraps herself in the US Constitution while shredding it during the shampeachment.

    3. When President Obama was elected President, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner held a secret meeting with Republican Senators and Congressman at a restaurant, where they announced that “there will be No cooperation with this President, for which he will be blamed, because he’s the guy that ran on bipartisanship”. That quote comes from a Republican that was in the room and later admitted that he heard McConnell say that. For eight years, because of threats and pressure from McConnell and Boehner, Republicans refused to cooperate with President Obama on anything. Even when he adopted the Republicans’ own proposal, they ran away from them and refused to support them.

      President Obama tried to get bipartisan support in everything he did his first time; and it only hurt him. So the Democrats Did try to be bipartisan first, and the Republicans used it as a weapon against them.

    4. Karl K She did nothing that violates the Constitution, much less “shredding” it. You’re just butthurt because your party has been exposed as the criminals they are, and someone dared to do something about it. Boo-hoo.

  1. Hoof in snout disease.
    “Lord guard the words I speak,
    I never know from day to day, Which ones I’ll have to eat”.

  2. it’s a poor move by the Dems to want witnesses.. Joe, Hunter, Hilary, Obama, Schiff, the original whistle blower. could be called if they really want to open the whole bag of nuts open.

    1. And they talked about Obama. But Trump came in and ran the White House like Kwame Kilpatrick Former Mayor Detroit. That is NOT how to run the US Presidency. He got carried away and drunk on his own Power and corruption. Same as Kwame and NEITHER deserved the Offices they lucked into.

    1. @Maverick Watch Reviews You really don’t pay attention much or understand basic language do you? Or, better yet, you are simply a careless fool!

    2. @Craig Crawford Lmao… next time some context as to what you’re specifically replying to and a rebuttal would be great. I’m waiting.

    3. @Maverick Watch Reviews Why? You don’t like when people who criticize Trump do what Trump does hourly in any words he speaks? Come now, break out that grimoire and portend the future of Trump with your wizardly ways…

    4. @Maverick Watch Reviews By the way, maybe you actually care more about toilets, sinks, showers and dishwashers eh champ…

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