‘Disaster’: Trump May Face His Nightmare Impeachment Trial With John Roberts In Charge | MSNBC

‘Disaster’: Trump May Face His Nightmare Impeachment Trial With John Roberts In Charge | MSNBC 1


  1. If Trump is removed from office he will certainly take down Pence with him, he may be his VP, but there’s no love lost between these two.

  2. Far as I am concerned, Moscow Mitch deserves to be on trail just as much as the moron. He’s broken his oath and laughs at the public. But of course, the people of Kentucky will put him back despite the fact that he’s gotten fat and rich at their expense. Very very sad.

    1. @Keith Morrison We feel the Love Kieth …lol #WinningIsFun and getting easier with you clowns doing our heavy lifting for us !!

    2. @12 South just a reminder that your first talking point was completely false, hence why I made the comment, so clearly you did not do any actual so called bi-partisan research. Try again.

    1. @Michael Moore Your confusing yourself with LIL DONNIE throwing TEMPERTANTRUMS,SLANDERING anyone who he doesn’t like,DEMONIZING IMMIGRANTS because they want a better life here in the UNITED STATES,his LIES about EVERYTHING no matter how big or small and has been SUED 3,500+times of being a FRAUD and a THEFT to the BANKS and his employees and to the WOMEN he has ever BANG with so yeah I think DEMOCRATS SCAMMING all of us just so you know to get your facts man because the 2020 ELECTION is BEYOND IMPORTANT AND WE HAVE TO GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE

    1. A Bite Of Life That’s great. You hope an elected president gets tortured because you don’t agree with him. I don’t agree with you, do I get to torture you?

    2. Rudy Penza If the state attorneys want access to his returns they can go to court and request them as long as they have a legitimate and legal reason for them and go through the proper legal channels. The court blocked a public release of his returns.

    3. jerry spears It’s not that they’d rather it’s the fact that there are more people who are not rich which ups the odds of auditing. Plus their taxes are simple compared to large corporations or billionaires taxes so it’s easier to find and proves errors or wrong doing. Most of the average people don’t have teams of tax lawyers either. Yes they can ruin lives but most the time it’s just a fine and you have to pay back taxes that you already should have paid. I’d be surprised if even a fraction of average Joe’s errors lead to fraud charges unless there’s a very blatant crime. Can’t pay them back if you are in jail and very little liquid assets. The average Joe finances all their big ticket items, so the banks own them. You cannot blame Trump for that or the IRS you should blame the tax laws written by congress.

  3. Why does it seem okie dokie to everyone that McConnell said he’s not going to be impartial, and not going to take his oath seriously? He should be recused.

    1. Because Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker, Liz Warren, Amy Klobuchar, and Kamala Harris certainly aren’t going to be “unbiased” either… DUH

    1. I read more than half these comments and not surprisingly the Trumpty’s are still fooled that Trump economy is good. Lol. Not everyone cares about Wall street. The light at the end of this nightmare is getting the clown out of office and it will happen by removing the corruptive traitor or voting him out. He does not have enough cult supporters.

    2. @john c Nope! He’s a doctor now. The other day he was talking about “how many people without arms and legs are running around”.

    1. @scott spears I disagree. This is just like any court with the judge presiding over the trial. Except in this case it’s the highest judge in the nation. If you think Roberts will allow anyone to make a fool of the court and Roberts himself you are ill informed. For Robert’s to allow a mockery of an impeachment trial would mean the end of the rule of law and United States as we know it.

    2. @Annette Pora You can disagree all you want. He is there to preserve the process and to adhere to the constitution. He has no vote and can not render judgement in anyway. The mockery lies within articles with no defined crime. It will be difficult to move forward with an actual trial if the prosecution cannot point to a date, time and action of a crime committed. Imagine a local DA who is trying a case but the police report does not list a crime. Now imagine the police are asking the DA to find new evidence to prove the case. That scenario would be impossible for even the best litigator.

  4. Those who violate their oath to impartiality should be exited on the spot and recuse themselves automatically.

    1. Arthur Kroulik you cannot be that stupid? They have no merit to call Hunter or Joe Biden they have no relevance to this case. They have to show relevance not just hearsay.

    1. Ann van de Kew When Trumpski says “people say…” and “they tell me…” they are who he’s referring to. Multiple Personality Disorder is a mental illness, whether he thinks he’s someone else or just pretends to be to boost his ego, it’s at most a symptom of psychosis and at least a sign of a severe inferiority complex.

    2. @ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ Yep, that is precisely what he means about consulting his “gut”, with his “unmatched and infinite wisdom” or the now infamous “many people say…”


  5. Like trump’s mentor, Roy Cohn, he thought: “eff the law, just tell me who the judge is.” Now catches up with don the con. OOPS!

  6. Everyone needs witnesses. Just to be proven innocent or guilty.
    So why not the leader of the Free world.
    Just common sense.

    1. @B Hirshey Did the house not vote on articles a month ago and then refuse to pass them to the Senate based on accusations of a non fair trial in the senate which hasnt even happened. Who is delusional again?

    2. @jeff mcgowan don’t you wish you were smart? if you were smart you would know the dem only had the house for 1 year not 3 years.

    1. @Vincent Graham You are SERIOUSLY stupid is all I can say. There is NO DEPTHS to describe your STUPIDITY. Must be all that in breeding.

    1. @Tyler Perry muller has 10 cases i thiink if he were not president he would have been charged cannot say that is not tru!!

    1. Your Momma , yes judges that that agree with Mitch McConnell in only Mitch McConnell and Trump! I’m glad Ruth Is healthy so he definitely cannot replace her

  7. When DJT impeach and remove from office he’ll regret his presidency ’cause the truth will come out that he’s billions was a criminal job..SDNY is after him..

    1. Putin has donny covered with lots of ruebels from his oligarchs. Just as putin has moscow mitch covered. And putin and his oligarchs has bought the anti American republikan party.

  8. There should be guards present, ready to apprehend the senators when they betray their oath .of office.

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