1. Somehow this will COST ME MORE….and they(CEO’S) will get bigger million💲💲💲💲💲💲 bonuses

  2. Poppy was sweating bullets this entire time lol. She did well with her questions despite the situation.

    1. I don’t think she was sweating at all. The AT&T deal was a bad deal for WB to begin with.

    2. On my planet she would be celebrated ,as the courageous act of talking is considered to be the ultimate act of selflessness

  3. Whatever happened to competition? here is no reason to remain competitive if there is no real competition. You will see our cost to watch go through the roof.

    1. I hope so but if they decide to merge Discovery plus and hbo max. I hope it’s like CBS all access into paramount plus. If you already have discovery plus or hbo max all you’ll have to do is download the new updated version. I don’t want to download a new streaming app.

  4. I had ATT for my internet service last year and then they raised my rate by $10 a month. I called to cancel and the Indian in India rep told me everyone is raising the rates so I shouldn’t change service. I told him not only will I not pay the higher rate, but I wanted my current rate lowered or I would cancel. They lowered it by $10 a month. You have to call their bluff.

  5. New commodity! Boneless ham hocks. Ham hocks are VERY delicious with Baby Lima beans. I just don’t like the bone inside my pot.


    1. That likely will remain until the merger is complete next year and may even remain as part of the deal

  6. I’ll bet this will lead to better widespread coverage of all the issues that people care about instead of what a CEO of a corporation wants us to hear.

  7. Zaslav at 5:43 – “Content at Warner that they’d pay for, before they’d pay for dinner”

    Don’t get it twisted folks, THIS is why they’re going global

  8. What I hope happens if they decide to merge the streaming together. they do what paramount and CBS did. If you already have the app you get the new version. You didn’t have to resign up. If you have hbo max keep it. If you have discovery plus. Keep that also. The new version when the new update comes that will become one whole app. I don’t want to download a new app again. I’ve already had to download 2 streaming services with WB. With DC universe and hbo max. I don’t want to get a third.

  9. # Great .I think its a Better deal.and i believe this combine media network wil come number 1 of global channel in the world.i wish all the best and congratulations | From Sri Lanka 🇱🇰  © Rima619

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