Discussing The Role Online Misinformation Played In Pro-Trump Riots At The Capitol | Stephanie Ruhle 1

Discussing The Role Online Misinformation Played In Pro-Trump Riots At The Capitol | Stephanie Ruhle


NBC's Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny discuss how right-wing forums, QAnon conspiracies and online misinformation played a role that lead to pro-Trump rioters breaching the Capitol. Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Discussing The Role Online Misinformation Played In Pro-Trump Riots At The Capitol | Stephanie Ruhle


  1. It is quite literally 100% of the reason for this. It is the source, catalyst and refuge for nihlistic trolls that can be purchased for cheap.

    1. If reading the Mueller Report taught me anything it’s that our American institutions are truly righteous and strong. All except right wing media, which is corrupt and weak.

      FBI, Mainstream Media, The Courts including Trump appointed judges, they’re all functioning properly. The only institution that’s actually been corrupted into no longer functioning is Right Wing media. We are right now living in wake of its deceit and dysfunction.

    2. Law & order only applies to my brothers and sisters who are Black, Latinos, Muslim, Indians and Asians etc. This is so sad & scary!

    3. FOX News is equally to blame. They’ve been fashioning an alternate reality for their viewers for years. I know individuals who’ve been transformed into unrecognizable idiots by having FOX News playing in the background 24/7. Propaganda is incredibly powerful.

    4. The blame is with Congress and both parties corruption and Medias self serving proaganda and lack of critical political accountability CNN MSNBC on left FOX on right

  2. This was known for weeks, calls for civil war even by prominent Republicans, there was minimal security on purpose. This was allowed and if all parties involved are not held accountable to the fullest extent of the law, then we actually did loose amarica yesterday

    1. Unfortunately I don’t believe anyone will be held accountable except for a few randoms who get trespassing charges.

    2. That invasion of the Capitol Building appeared to be too easy. It has an unpleasant lingering smell.

    3. @Lindsey Stein yeah that’s the most fishy and disturbing thing like many of the officers were on board before the crazies showed up.

    4. To the lackadaisical Democrat leaders and to the naïve Trump voters, I don’t want to say: _”We told you so”…._ but: _”We told you so.”_

    1. But we all know that Trump and his maga morons would never even think about to try this BS stunt in Chicago, LA or NY.

    2. Someone stole your thing. Court refused to hear the case. Back to the old days people do fight to solve conflicts.

    1. Yesssss! This is exactly what I was thinking. Come on, they had to have known about this. If 2 regular joes were able to track this crazy mob, then why wasn’t it thwarted? It don’t add up.

    2. @Freshcookies 21 I suspect that trumpist officials deliberately misallocated law enforcement resources to permit it.

    1. The Capitol police did what they had to to keep the insurrectionists as peaceful as possible & save the lives of Congress members, Capitol staff, legitimate visitors etc. Dumptards are known to carry weapons to their “protests”. If the Capitol cops, who were severely outnumbered, had opened fire to start with, there would have been carnage. The 2 x bombs & a Molotov cocktail found after the event are testament to that. The people who are guilty of wrongdoing are Dump for stoking a violent protest in the first place, the insurrectionists who forced their way into the building & whoever made the decision to have plenty of police on hand… far away from the building, so it took too long for them to be activated. It’s no coincidence that in DC the National Guard is under control of the Department of Defence & the POTUS & they weren’t positioned at the Capitol building.
      It might look like the Capitol cops did nothing, but THEY SAVED LIVES & protected the people who were at the building legitimately. At the end of the day, damage to the building & furnishings is sad & criminal, but things can be fixed & replaced. Lives can’t. And who can blame the cops for wanting to ensure as many people survived to go home as possible.

    2. @slockhrt That was _after_ the riot / takeover of the House. I’m referencing something he said _leading up to_ the riot and putatively addressed to the rioters, but which I feign to apply to the police.

      After the riot had lost steam, he did indeed say, “go home,” but in an equivocal way, coupling that remark with “I love you guys” and “you’re really special,” OWTTE, as though to communicate NOT “Begone, you terrible people,” but “Good work, boys; now go rest up.”

    3. @George Dunn “Go home” was after the insurrection had begun. He said “stand BACK and stand by” to the Proud Boys during the Presidential Debate. Feel free to look it up.

    4. @slockhrt Kinda puffed up with yourself, aren’t you? Do you actually I or anyone requires your permission to use Google?

      Everybody heard him say “stand back and stand by,” meaning “disengage and wait for further orders.” What he was SUPPOSED to say was “Stand DOWN” i.e., “cease and desist.”

      Please don’t pretend you can’t understand the difference.

    5. @Steve Jakubowski You’re being very naive if you think being a cop and being a criminal are mutually exclusive. Clearly way too many cops were siding with the terrorists and not doing their jobs. That makes them worse than the openly criminal extremists, as they are essentially 5th columnists betraying their country.

  3. Should have never made him President. He’s been acting this way since 2016 during his presidential campaign.

    1. There are questions to be answered. That mob should never have had gained access to the Capitol buildings as easily as they did. There were multiple, glaring warning signs that ‘something’ was going to happen. There is something there that smells.

    2. @Florian Eimer Nope. The minute they broke the law they became criminals. Brainwashing isn’t a defense for outright sedition.

    3. @annmarieknapp These people believe, they are good people who stop the steal of an election from the winner. I would do the same thing, if the election would be stolen and you would probably too. The people behind them in the GOP must be lined up against the wall and shot, not their victims. These rioters, invaders and looters must live with the shame beeing so stupid.

    1. Its time for the government and the FBI to step in and prosecute the Proud Boys and QAnon and put them in prison for the stuff they pulled at the capitol carrying out terrorist threats and doing this under DT where even DT need to be in prison with them and the others that did this as well be put on trial for what happened at the capitol.

      Enough is enough time to throw all these DT supporters the Proud Boys,QAnon and him and the others that did this as well in prison well and send a strong message to these terrorist groups they will not destory our demorcacy and not destroying our fredoom here in America and get away with this and won’t get away with it and with attacking our coutnry this way being anti American and not being Patriotic at all in doing what they did for enough.

      Lock up all the Proud Boys,QAnon and the ones that took credit for this for they all need to be locked up and serve life in prison along with DT and the other DT that participated in this cowardly attack and remove DT from office now for hes an unstable and needs to be kicked out now and sent to prison along with the Proud Boys,QAnon and the others that did this for they all need to be locked up in prison all them where they throw away the key for the FBI needs to step in and arrest these terrorist groups and put them in prison along with DT as well and the other DT supporters that went along with this as well.

    2. They are taking a page out of the playbook used this summer, when your guys do something terrible, claim it is the other side, posing as you. All riots are despicable, but deflecting your violence is even worse!

    3. Right wing media are slime. They encouraged their viewers to do this, then disavow that their viewers did it.

    4. @Deborah Freedman how is it “claiming the other side is posing as you” when BLM protesters who infiltrated boogaloo and proud boys groups online know for a fact that they were showing up at the summer protests posing as protesters?
      I have personally been in a work group chat where my coworkers (who are boogs) where openly talking about showing up to the protests to mess with people. Try again.

    1. My thought is they’re in the monitoring phase. The problem with dealing with MAGA is that they’re a powderkeg waiting to *LITERALLY* explode. Security forces don’t want to be the factor that sparks a civil war, which is a serious probability in situations like this.

    2. Because members of the police and security forces were clearly complicit in what was a textbook attempted coup. The police opened the door for the mob. They wanted them to attack politicians, for there to be a bloodbath and the building set on fire.
      Then Trump would declare martial law and suspend politics. When the mob were not acting violently enough they shot a woman to try and stir them on to violence.
      This is textbook. Germany was a democracy until Hitler burned down the Reichstag, Germany’s Parliament and then declared a state of emergency and dissolved the government. This is how a coup happens.
      They create unrest and then declare an emergence and say they need total power to create peace.
      It is such an old method it is even in Machiavelli’s The Prince. He says that after terrible violence people will want peace and be willing to give over authority to whoever brings it.
      I know it is hard for Americans to accept as you think of yourselves as a bastion of democracy but the rest of the world saw one of the most obvious attempted coups in history. He made a speech and sent them to attack the Capitol. This wasn’t the storming of the Bastial, this was planned and in public.

    3. @Robert J. Williamson 110% fact. Will said and stuffed full of truth. But, most of this country is too blinded accept the truth.

    1. @William H See? If we had universal healthcare we might be able to help you. And the again, some things cannot be cured……… like Trumpism, a debilitating disease….

    2. @S P He even told them he would march with them only to retreat to the White House, and probably his bunker, immediately after his speech.

    3. @William H We’re you at the capitol building? If not you we’re openly defying your emperor’s will.

    4. How many shows have we seen where a criminal will start a chain of events then sit at home and watch his handy work. We just witnessed this in real life. Trump loves himself. He was just tickled to go home and watch this all unfold for him. This was all about him. Sad thing is we have almost half the country to thank for this. And I am considered antisocial cause I don’t want to be around people. Really beginning to wonder if I am really the crazy one in this equation.

    5. It’s not that he doesn’t care, he’s just a complete coward, who couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight.

  4. So their going to blame it on antifa , then go after everyone who storm the building and see if who went in was antifa

    1. why did the live streams show the police letting them in the gate, why were none of them arrested? Seems quite staged to me.

    1. Slow to react? They didn’t react until it became well beyond obvious these people intended to pull off a coup.. The entire administration from trump on down to the capital dog catcher needs to be held accountable and removed from any and all positions of any power regardless of whether they were egging it on or merely standing by doing nothing.

  5. This was all Trump they knew everything and where the office was located in building they also knew about the secrets of tunnel underground

  6. Trump: “This represents the end of the greatest 1st term in history”
    The World: “This represents the end of America’s No. 1 Superpower Status”

    1. @geofo60 Geof Harris
      Be that as it may, but when talking heads refer to deliberate lies as misinformation , they are minimizing the severity of the situation.

    1. The mainstream media has stopped calling them terrorists, they’re now protestors, soon they’ll be described as gentle, misunderstood folk who merely wanted to converse with the politicians.

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