1. Did you go to Nigeria ? That is where most of your brothers, false prophets are concentrated doing all kinds of evil with their false doctrines, leaving the poor people in need and desperate. As soon as I saw your eyes, the movements of your head, I knew you were one of them. All about prosperity, money, money. Nothing about salvation, living holy lives, righteousness, the Lord’s second coming and Hell. All about me and Mammon. Wolves in sheep clothing.The Lord have spoken to me many times and I have spoken prophectic words to people, I have seen the cloud of God’s glory, etc. People started calling me to ask if the Lord had given me a message for them. I don’t call myself a prophet ! I heard Myles Monroe from the Bahamas prophesied in France some years ago and his so called prophesy never came to pass. O la la Benny Hinn is false. A big greedy liar. He only prophesies, “Sow the SEED, Sow the SEEDS and you will get a red string. I am not surprised, he speaks about prosperity like Benny Hinn and company.The horn blowing is stupidness. A trick to sleep silly minds. Jesus never said that. To blow out their little intelligence of the gullibles and make them think it’s from the Lord. The black community is the most naive people in the world, if you want to get rich quickly, just tell them you are a prophet and blow a horn ! People be like the Bereans, search the scriptures, pray and go to work ! Lock your pockets, hide your credit cards.This false prophet is there to empty it, leaving you destitute like what his pack of wolves are doing in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other parts of the continent. While he is speaking, he is already seeing his private jet by faith hovering above the man’s head. Talking nonsense to manipulate , making you think he is somebody special. Mind controling. Please don’t put your life in no pastor’s, prophet’s, reverend’s etc hands. Search the internet, and listen to one pastor “Sunday” who is exposing them, especially Sinach’s church and her pastor Oyakhilome. They are buying private jets and living lavishly taking money from the poor, students and people with low income. Last year Sinach and her little wolves brought a jet for him, adding to his fleet. Fake angels hanging in midair, making the moomoos to believe they were real angels visiting their god. It was the master wolf’s birthday. There are many others who are taking a stand against these wolves.
    Alas Dominica, Nigeria knows your name and where you live !

  2. Hey la Dominique, whenever you see and hear a so called pastor or false prophet preaching about sowing seeds and prosperity, give him a cutlass, axe, hoe and some grains. Let him toil the land, and sow the his seeds. Don’t sow for him, he will be the only one to reap your harvest on your sweat and tears. This false prophet from Barbados is a Nigerian green frog puppet. Look at his lying face and sinistres gestures. MAMMON go back with your pack of wolves to Nigeria !

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