1. I had a sense from the begining,
    the reason they seem to not value human life is that to them, some human life is worth less than nothing
    to them, death on either side is a net positive

    1. @-TAYLOR’ED- Putin altered the vote through genocide with his murder of over a 100,000 people in mariupol alone.

  2. Ukraine should just start telling all Russian soldiers if they switch sides, they’ll get much better food, housing, and be treated like humans. Take everything Putin is doing and use it to strengthen Ukraine! Slava Ukraini

    1. Putin’s mobilization is his Kerensky Offensive and like the Kerensky Offensive in WWI, its results will be the same. The diseased, starved, untrained, under-equipped, demoralized, and poorly led men mutinied in the field, they turned around marched on St. Petersburg, and overthrew their government. Putin is laying the groundwork for Russia’s 4th and final revolution.

    2. If it wasn’t for their family/friends in Russia who would suffer as a result, I’m sure a proportion of them would.

  3. A wise man once said:
    “Believing in Putin, means disrespecting yourself.”

    Slava Ukraini!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    1. putin not P, he is just a thing now, slowly the winds blow over the tears stained fields, blood soaked soil and putin’s little body

    1. @Scott Krater ya you’re clearly a very normal person and definitely not one of those weirdos who’s been influenced by years of deranged Russia obsessed left wing media.
      I bet you started hating russia when putin installed trump as president right?

    2. @Scott Krater where would you be if the soviets didn’t beat hitler. Do you have any idea how many Russians died to defeat the nazis?

  4. Slava Ukraine, from Canada Newfoundland where we have 4 aircraft loads of Ukrainians liveing and working with us,,, slava Ukraine

    1. We in Iran need weapons but not only sorrow. We need fucking weapons to fight back !!!! Persian kids are not less than Ukrainians but they die way more than Ukrainians. Your silence is violence. Shame on west.

    2. @Ali Niyazi – The West has not been silent about the unrest in Iran and they have voiced their support. However, it’s fairly common to hear rhetoric from the Ayatollahs about infidels, imperialists, and crusaders across the Muslim world. Jihad is not solely a hatred of the West, its influence, and its ideals. Instead, it’s a cynical ploy by the clergy and politicians to identify and eliminate the most volatile and destructive members of their society.

      If the Imam and politicians can convince stupid, angry, young men and women to wage Jihad on the West the Imam and politicians can maintain the status quo at home. If they can misdirect their populace and foster a worldview based on victimhood it absolves them of the responsibility to reform and change. Reform and change then become taboo and something the evil West is cramming down their throats to sully their glorious past and erode their traditional values.

      Be careful about wishing for western “help” in achieving regime change because Syria, Libya, and Iraq are good examples of when that process goes wrong! Because the USA did not set out to kill thousands of Iraqi civilians. It was Iraqis that killed thousands of Iraqis because that’s what happens in a civil war with sectarian violence.

      Do you know why Iraq broke into civil war? It’s because the Baath Party led by Saddam was a minority Sunni political party that dominated a country populated by majority Shia Muslims. The Iraqi Army and the police offered to WORK WITH the US Army to retain order until a transition government could be formed but GWB’s state department chickenhawks equated the Baath Party with Nazism and they believed there had to be a complete purge of Iraq’s power structure. What the Chickenhawks failed to foresee is just how deeply Saddam had divided and then decimated ALL OPPOSITION in Iraq. So when the Iraqi Army and police resigned and went home the country imploded and all of the sectarian militias seized the arsenals and went to war with each other.

      Your government has also carefully divided and repressed your people for a long time and there’s little reason to believe a multi-ethnic Iran wouldn’t follow the same path as Iraq!

  5. That won’t hurt Russian morale. Knowing you’re cannon fodder (no training, defective equipment) and the guy next to you has contagious diseases. And that is you are severely injured, you’ll be left in the field

    1. @karl harrison imagine fighting next to a dude with HIV 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. that first picture of Vladimir Putin sitting alone around a circular table says all we really need to know about Russia and their ability to fight against this Zara like creature

    1. The symbolism of a leader sitting alone at a table designed to give people equal democratic status is striking.

  7. I read that as “Deceased” and I was oddly unsurprised that they’d resorted to sending cadavers to the frontlines.

      Hey 🤡go back to china or Russia
      Slava Ukraine ki ll all the Russian soldiers we ❤you stay strong

    2. The Russians are already accusing NATO of sending zombie super soldiers to Ukraine. Because everyone knows zombies are real.

    1. @Tanusha Glory to Ukrainian people defending their country. Russians with their Z fascist swastika are fighting for money. They are war criminals and terrorists and should be arrested and trialed like German naZi. YouTube ac out made three months ago. Russian bot chuylo?

    2. The Ukrainians understand that territorial concessions and appeasing Putin are a dead end just like it was with Hitler. Putin has sought “autonomous regions” and “territorial concessions” for his 5th columnists within the borders of the majority of buffer states that surround Russia. These haven’t been to protect Russian minorities but instead have served as strategic toeholds for invasion and Russian subversion. In this respect, Hitler and Putin are no different. The Ukrainians realize the only hope they have for survival is to make any Russian victory a pyrrhic victory and inflict grievous losses to isolate and weaken Putin’s regime regardless of the cost to their own people. Otherwise, Putin will bring back the wonderful blessings of Russian Imperialism such as politicide, genocide, Holodomor, pogroms, purges, and Chornobyl. If the GOP loves Putin he must be a swell guy!

    3. I salute u Ukraine soldiers. Get back ur 4 regions that belongs to ur country. Fighting for democracy and freedom. No dictator like Putin.

    1. So add to Putin’s Rap Sheet Bioterrorism . Sending people to the Front who have contagious diseases IS a form of Bio-Warfare . Any Ukrainian who comes into contact with a diseased individual is at risk . It may be necessary , though horrid , for Medics to not render aid to any Russian Conscripts who are injured for fear that some disease could render a large portion of Ukrainians unable to fight . War is a horrible endeavor ,made far worse by the actions of Vladimir Putin .

    2. Way back in the day, we used to catapault dead plague victims and rotten food over the castle walls. Native americans were “gifted” blankets contaminated with small pox, I could probably go on and on.

    3. Maybe you should expand your information sources beyond this pro war chanel. Did you know that the only time CNN increases its ratings is during war? Have no doubt – this is 100% a US proxy war in the making for over ten years. The idea was to provoke Putin and then bleed Russia dry through the expense of war coupled with economic sanctions aka Reagan in the 80’s. It has badly backfired and Russia is winning this war hands down while all you are doing is supporting the balance sheets of Raytheon on behalf of its executives, its paid up politicians and the rest of the US corporate greed machine – all at your expense. From an Australian who lives in Portugal.

  8. In times of war and conflict It is the pacifist, not the antagonist you should fear, for he is the man who at the beginning would have done all he could and more to avoid war ; so when he is prepared to fight, you can be assured he will do all he can to put an end to you an end to war to win it.

    Steven F Gooden-Cohen

    1. When you think ruZZki can’t POSSIBLY sink lower ♿️⤵️ THEY DO ‼️‼️‼️

    2. that sounds like a paraphrased speech by hitler a few years after he attained power and spoke about peace ….

      here’s another stephen cohen…. a professor of russian studies, providing context to what happened before russia reannexed crimea following the overthrow of the elected government in kiev in early 2014 … note the people in the donbas, who mostly supported that president, were not given proper democratic rights to vote in the follow up election that resulted in elememnts of the extreme right gaining power in ukraine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROTwyP5no08

  9. when you invade another persons house do not expect to be greeted with hugs and flowers. Glory to a FREE Ukraine.

    1. Well done to Afghanistan for getting rid of the invaders that wanted hugs and flowers 🤣🤣🤣

    2. The way the russians see it as that Ukraine is part of russia that’s been invaded by the west – so it’s the same thing either way depends on your views and what media you consume

    1. Yes very brave giving there lives for the globalist elites in the US who only care about control and making money from war

    2. Yeah. It takes a lot of bravery to stand up against the collective might of the west. The Russians have a lot of courage.

  10. My condolences to the brave American soldiers family. 🙏 I am truly sadden but I know it was simple for him to help, it’s good vs evil.

  11. SLAVA UKRAINE God be with you brave heroes 🙏🙏🌻🌻🇺🇦🇺🇦💙💛💙💛💖🇦🇺

    1. @liam baars Thank you kindly for your *compliment* (albeit unintentional) concerning my YT monniker. It is an homage to the high intelligence of the avian species, especially in corvids and parrots. I’d consider you fortunate if you possessed one one-thousandth of their cognitive acumen.

      Personal insults are the go-to tactic of those who, like you, are unable to formulate cogent and thoughtful arguments to buttress their viewpoint(s).

      Before you reply with another inane comment, let me give you some advice: Peruse a grammar textbook and dictionary before you spew any more of your nitwittery. It will improve your literacy, although I daresay it won’t improve the quality of your arguments.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for playing! 😘

      Slava Ukraini and Heroyam Slava! 🇺🇦🇺🇦💙💛

    2. @liam baars You keep validating my opinion of you, “mate”. Keep up the good work, bud. 👍😂

  12. Good Day Mr Mercouris, thanks again for your detailed analysis. As to your remarks about Ukraine possibly calling up women for military recruitment, and your mention of the Soviet ‘Stavka’ system used in the second world war, I would like to make a note of the fact that Stavka called up thousands of women to fight, or these Russian women volunteered. There is a famous story of how, in the late summer of 1942 the German forces approached the northern outskirts of Stalingrad, they were confronted with a hail of gunfire from a group of anti-aircraft batteries, which had lowered their 37mm guns to a flat trajectory. These Soviet batteries were operated by the 1077th anti-aircraft battalion, which was comprised entirely of Russian girls barely out of high school. They held off the German 16th Panzer Division for 2 days, destroying or damaging 83 tanks and 15 armored personnel carriers, as well as shooting down 14 German military aircraft. When under heavy German bombardment theses batteries finally succumbed, everyone of these girls was dead. The Germans were astonished to find that their mighty tank division was held at bay by Russian girls!
    So, are Ukrainian women of 2022 as tough as Russian women of 1942? Perhaps we’ll find out.

    1. This is not the Duran’s Russian shilling channel . This is the democrat’s shilling channel 😂😂

  13. Great job and well done. Thank you CNN’s teams on the ground in Ukraine. Thank heavens for these brave fighters. Yup. Viva Ukraine 🇺🇦 🌟🎏

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