1. still time to come back to the british empire. i mean having a sane monarch must be better than having a mad king

    1. The Demonratic Socialist party has got to be disbanded bc they are a clear & present danger to our Country!

  1. I understand why so many Boomer keep retiring overseas. Never have we been more divided. Quality of life here is impacted. We deserve so much better. We need to vote for better.

    1. Retiring over seas, but voting for the destruction of the country. They LOVE the feeling of power, but not justice.

    1. And his is already looking bad. Dimentia is not fun. Nor is heart disease. Nor is progressive mental illness.

    1. just because it didn’t go your way that doesn’t mean RIP anything
      don’t give up so easily, that’s the mindset of a loser

  2. What the 18 witnesses, 192 news clips & 28,578 pgs of documents weren’t enough in the House? Then maybe the Dems should have called more witnesses during the 30+ days Pelosi held back the Articles of Impeachment from the Senate. The House did not do its job & could not prove their case…so quit crying about it!

    1. Duchess Rebekka, the real disgrace was the rushed impeachment in the house, private inquiries in the skiff blocking Republicans out and not allowing Republicans to bring witnesses. Schiff was a bully in the house.

  3. Regarding Cippolone, I would turn your attention to Devin Nunes, also a fact witness, who sat on the House Intelligence Investigation as the ranking member.

    1. Butterfly Blues do you know how the rule of law works? Probably not because you think Adam’s lies are laws lol

    1. That was the inquiry not the trial. If a trial does not have witnesses or new documents introduced it is not a trial.

  4. LMAO The schiff show is just that a show, a hoax thats been going since before Trump was actually elected. Democrats are the ones actually guilty of what they are accusing Trump of. Dems = a bunch of psychotics.

  5. Let’s be honest, witnesses and documents would have fallen on deaf Republican ears.
    Get out in November and VOTE.

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