1. “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,”

    — Kevin McCarthy

    1. @Hunter Roberts btw President Trump would’ve never withdrew all troops & would’ve left some but on the other hand Beijing Biden wants to hand out Afghanistan to China so his Lord & Savior Xi Jinping get all the TRILLIONS & TRILLIONS out …. SAD DAY

    2. @Con.Troller418 Who’s going to investigate when CNN, MSNBC, and other tabloid networks can’t even objectively follow-up on the election fraud investigation? You sheep of the regime are so well-propagandized, you can’t even tell reality from fiction.

    3. @Tim Shen They tried but it’s a number’s game you know. Your Socialist Party have more money and influence to spread their lies to keep you sheep dazed for days.

    4. @Lao Tzu no that’s not true the Republicans have very rich people behind them. Obviously. Tell another lie.

    1. She won’t be reelected. She’s going to wind up as a talking head on MSM and she’ll never hold office again unless she switches parties.

    2. @warpedjaffas1 Coming from the Party who made Hillary a candidate in 2016, why would anyone take your advice

  2. My new queen is not giving TRAITORS an Inch….not even a Millimeter…Warrior for America!!!!

    1. Old-school Republicans = normal
      Trump-school Republicans are now considered worldwide to be “the problem”.

    2. Maybe that’s what we need in Congress more warrior women and not the one who followed the crowd and acting idiot and totally incapable of thinking straight rather than their own prejudices

    1. @maryjane haley she’s already shown she has more balls than the vast majority of the rest of the repuklicans!

  3. Remember Benghazi? A committee on a assault on an American embassy that killed 4 Americans, while an insurrection on the capitol that killed 5 deserves NOTHING?!?!

  4. I don’t agree with most of Liz Cheney’s politics but I respect her for standing up for democracy. Finally a Republican also add Adam Kinzinger who puts country over party in the Trumptard era.

    1. Do you feel good saying nonsensical lies for likes . Does your wife not give you enough attention anymore ?

  5. Kevin McCarthy going down to Florida to collude with a seditionist traitor should eliminate him from holding any position of power. Let alone House speaker. His beady, black eyes give me the willie’s.

  6. “Tore the bark off the minority leader.” She definitely knows how to lay it out. This has been one of the more gratifying sidebars in this catastrophe. I am Dem who is expecting a Cheney in the lineup in 2024.

  7. I never thought the day would come when a Cheney would quite literally be the conscious of the Republican party.

    1. all of a sudden the Cheneys are heroes, the cops are not all bastards and protesting for rights is insurrection

  8. George Clooney is preparing a documentary film concerning the sexual abuse scandal at Ohio State Univ. The release of that film might destroy the “career” of Gym Jordan.

    1. Hurry up Clooney. We need this but then again Republicans will support any republican regardless of his crimes, traitors, child mollestors, you name it.

  9. They were trying to silence Liz by removing her from conference chair but she’s even more popular now than the sheep they put in her place. No ones talking about stepha something

  10. I don’t agree with her on much, but on this subject, she is 100 percent correct. Have to show some respect.

  11. Kevin McCarthy is so scared of the commission, what does he hides, which he fears gets uncovered?

  12. McCarthy thought he could pull the wool over the general observer’s eyes by avoiding blatantly rejection worthy candidates like MTG or Gaetz but this is still bloody obvious.

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