‘Disillusionment’ From Dems After GOP Sinks Jan. 6 Commission | All In 1

‘Disillusionment’ From Dems After GOP Sinks Jan. 6 Commission | All In


“I had never seen the kind of disillusionment that I’d seen from certain senators—most notably Joe Manchin,” says NBC News’ Sahil Kapur, discussing the scene in the Senate amid the GOP filibuster of the investigation into the Capitol attack.
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  1. Theres still going to be an investigation. There just wont be any traitors on the commission.

    1. Kevin is actually a hypocrite. He is against a 01-06 committee and wants to move on. But he still wants to investigate the Portland extremities, blaming those on BLM. Why not moving on on those looters.

    2. @Chaos you and your ilk are so blinded by partisan rhetoric/propaganda, you continuously grasp at straws and cling to anything that reinforces your obvious fantasies. It must be asked: what does one gain from causing such chaos to the Country?

  2. Subpoena Donald Trump and question him under oath for 11 1/2 hours like the Republicans did to Hillary Clinton.

    1. @Chaos Funny, you are talking about Dems wasting money. How do you feel about ex-guy extending secret service to him, his grown children, certain others in his cabinet for 6 months? We just spent 390K for Pence to snow ski.
      Kushner booked a hotel for
      a week and only stayed 3 days. He booked a whole floor for the week. Why are we paying for a trip for someone who wasn’t even
      a govt employee. Why are taxpayers stuck paying for
      an Arizona recount for the 5th time? The grift keeps coming. Ex -guy is like herpes, you just want it to dry up and go away but it
      keeps coming back…lol

    2. Glad to see Chaos isn’t trying to pass himself off
      as a Democrat, like he did earlier. Not the sharpest
      knife in the drawer.

  3. Why would the GOP be part of a commission to investigate themselves? Not to mention they can’t upset the orange Teletubby who has little hands!

    1. Why? Because they were given veto power over subpoenas. They would be able to avoid the worst of the evidence being made public. But now there will be a Benghazi style inquiry. Did the fact every Benghazi inquiry find it was George W Bush’s fault stop Hillary from getting the blame by the public? no, just as this inquiry will tarnish Trump, even if it proves, ultimately, it was not his fault. And the GOP TOLD the Dems they were worried that this would be an issue in ’22. That means the inquiries have plenty of time to dig up dirt, and not release it until early ’22. So this was a TERRIBLE decision by the GOP.

    2. @TrollKing9001 Republicans aren’t my party, I’m British. I’m a casual observer of US politics and from what I’ve seen the Democrats are by far your biggest problem. I mean come on they let rioting go on for a year and moan about a few hundred Trump supporters rioting for a couple of hours. Fact!

    3. @Jackie Beckwith your president crams kids in cages and falls over a lot cos he’s old and senile. Fact!

  4. Well i guess they gave up their chance to have a seat to defend themselves.
    Show no mercy

  5. My town is full of those A-holes. They won’t leave me alone either. One guy even has INFOWARS on his car. They act like wild animals.

    1. They’re so self righteous and they’re just busting at the seams with pride because they know something that you don’t. And it’s some insane drivel.

    2. Zylo Wolf 2.0 It’s not an act. Trump supporters are wild animals. They certainly are less civilized than most house pets.

    1. @Bryan Carpenter That so-called limp wrist won the election, and now Trump will be facing prosecutors!!

    2. When has that happened dems usually end up crying saying we tried. Then play the dumb game when republicans pass something.

  6. In no other realm could the potential accomplices be able to vote on whether to have an investigation.

    1. If those extremists were really tourists then why are you barricading doors and hiding from them? That’s the question I want to know

  7. The GOP are losing their minds trying to keep audits going on a free & fair election that has been certified almost 7 months ago with no evidence of fraud to show for it, yet they want everyone to look away from the devastation our country endured on the 6th, with tons of evidence only 5 months ago!
    Yeah…that makes perfect sense!!!

    1. @J exactly because you would only see circus clowns and wackadoodles at his rallies and BLM marchers are better than that

    2. @J why do you bother? Just bugger off. We know who the BLM is. We know who you are. Your day is coming and it’s not going to be “the storm” either.

    3. @Sandy Allen Let’s not forget the cofounder of BLM ditched it after their corruption was exposed. Plus some of us live in those demolished cities.

    1. Why he is a crook too ? He swept 911 under the rug . Some of the 911 commission members even publicly stated that it was rigged! After that why should he ever be trusted?

    1. @Fred Garvin yeah, I don’t watch CNN so I wouldn’t know. You do know that there are random people who just loot and destroy crap. I bet it was the Proud Boys.

    2. @Fred Garvin here in the UK we weren’t aware of what MSNBC and CNN are like until Trump started calling them fake news, then we started paying attention and realised that they really are fake news and all of their viewers are brainwashed. Fact!

    3. @bearly traincot the left has Rachel Maddow, she’s a completely unhinged conspiracy theorist. Fact!

  8. So Mitch says this would be “bad politics for the Republicans” ? ( @ 2:15 ) What isn’t ?

    1. Either it is killing itself or killing democracy in America. Hopefully it will be the former rather than the latter.

  9. The Republicans have been playing the Democrats all along. Manuchin needs to get on board with his party and stop living in la la land. Get rid of the filibuster and get bills passed that will help citizens.

    1. Not likely , dems tried and did that back during Obama era , bit them in the a$$ later , they no the danger of doing this again .

    2. America needs a two party system. The GOP does not need to be one of them. They have proved their dysfunction. I personally favor the Democratic Party and the Progressive Party. That will more accurately reflect the wills of the majority.

  10. ” I would love to live in an oppressive regime, because then it would finally justify my dangerous and neurotic belief that I’m under siege, and I’m being oppressed. I would finally be the victim that I pretend to be today.”
    –Every TrumpCultist in America

  11. Pat Toomey is a clown. “if i was there i wouldve voted on it but i had a family matter to attend too”

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