1. How about NO!! Our kids don’t need to be subjected to anything that even remotely has to do with anyone’s sexual choices…those issues should be left in the privacy of your own home…it doesn’t matter if your straight. Gay, lesbian etc…It’s a PRIVATE MATTER…LEAVE IT AT HOME…

    1. Ah yes, the 2020’s. It will forever be known as the era when exposing children to monogamous sex was still a felony but teaching about loose moral practices was mandatory.

  2. What’s the next attraction at Disneyland………..
    Epstein Island For Kids , And Adults Who Love Them

  3. At most, this means that the next time you watch a new Disney movie, you might see some same-gender relationships. Calm down, people. Disney already has a few characters in their more recent work in same-gendered relationships, including Luz from The Owl House and Molly Mcgee from The Ghost and Molly Mcgee (although she’s not with anyone yet, to my knowledge).

  4. Politics is bad for business. Disney should not risk losing long term customers by playing politics.

  5. No. Not everything and everyone has to be smothered in sexuality. Nobody cares what you like or who you think you are. Just live your life, don’t try to press it on others.

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