Distrust In Policing On Full Display After Columbus, Oh Officer Fatally Shoots Teenage Girl 1

Distrust In Policing On Full Display After Columbus, Oh Officer Fatally Shoots Teenage Girl


Rev. Al Sharpton and Cedric Alexander join Katy Tur to discuss the press conference held by Columbus, OH police after 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant was shot by a police officer. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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Distrust In Policing On Full Display After Columbus, Oh Officer Fatally Shoots Teenage Girl


  1. You also have to hold individuals who threaten the lives of others accountable; whether they are civilians or police and whether they are black or white.

    1. Did you kiss the part where the entire story is BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT GET THE CHANCE TO PLEAD THEIR CASE? I know its crazy, the chauvin trial was all about convicted felon chauvin, NOT giving George the chance to be held accountable. Now convicted felon chauvin, get to go through the process he denied George. Starting to understand or just a problem with learning?

    2. @Fallen Angel Just black people? So you going to tell me that cops aren’t killing more white Americans than black Americans? Those white people’s deaths are just inconsequential to you are they? I can tell you who the real racists are here.

    3. @Thyalwaysseek nice whataboutism, care to focus? You like cracky pillow guy right now, concentrate.

  2. Can we hold the 16 years old accountable as well? She tried to stab someone and she wasn’t going for the arm or leg.

    I am sorry she lost her life, but let’s not act like we didn’t see what we just saw. Smh

    I can not believe anyone isn’t calling the man who tried to kick the person in the head as they were down.

    Then he had the nerves to talk about that as a child. You allowed the child to have a weapon at a fistfight. Smh

    1. @ben hillario Are YOU stupid? People in other countries get stabbed everyday and police with no access to guns still do their job without needlessly killing children.

    2. @william mabon if you asked me he did disarm her so whats the problem?

      I mean I really don’t even see what you’re saying to be a possibility given that they’re trained to shoot people who are deadly threat.

      To physically disarm someone with a knife is the most stupidest thing you can probably do.
      The skill you would need to do that would be Beyond most cops abilities

  3. I am black and I’m so sorry for this girl and her family but the video I saw the officer had no choice.

    1. Yes, he had a choice, she had a dam problem okay.I hope you do not have any children lady remember KARMA., Hope this doesn’t happen to none of your kinfolks.

    2. @bridalle johnson With all 10 seconds between the time he arrived until the time she was shot so u think he got her whole background story? Does it matter when they are actively assaulting two people with a deadly weapon. I think you have problems recognizing her actions were dangerous

    3. @bridalle johnson if stabbing people is her cry for help that cop just helped her…We can all talk about who failed her after the fact.

    4. Thank you. Wrong is wrong and right is right! That don’t have color. And it’s sad that msm will not cover it as a child was saved from murder!

  4. If only the police has taken just a few more mins to get there. They would have begged the cop to shoot the murderer.

  5. They’re literally trying to make it look like law enforcement is at fault when the video clearly shows her trying murder someone.

    1. @TwoStage 45 I realized I replied the same thing to them before I saw your exact same response. People are losing their marbles.

    2. @Patrick McMahon most cops in other countries don’t carry lethal force. It’s all non-lethal force. Way less civilian and officer deaths in other countries

  6. The real problem is the degree of violence that exists in the United States of America. It is a nation where violence is the prescription for any conflict. It has become toxic and it needs to stop.

  7. Bottom line in this specific situation:
    The officer did his job! The 16 year old girl with a knife who was attempting to stab another girl was not a victim. She was a suspect / perpetrator! The officer saw she was about to stab another person and used deadly force to stop it from happening!
    Period, FullStop!
    Policy, trust, etc do not change the facts on the ground that took place.

    George Floyd was murdered!!

    This girl was not!! She was a deadly threat to others who was stopped!

    1. Girl was in foster care, mother and father obvious failures at being parents but I can tell you it won’t take them long to set up a gofundme account for her now.

    2. If your black in this country these days you’ll always be played out to be the victim even if the evidence says the opposite. What’s sad is that pos you call a president siding with the criminal trying to make it a race thing as usual. It looks like the police did there job to PROTECT and serve, think they did a fine job at upholding their oath.

  8. What happened to the days of media not using emotionally charged or leading statements in headlines? Oh right, when they used to be the only source for current events, and didn’t have to compete with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc for billions of dollars in profits. Today’s reporters would get an F in “Journalistic Impartiality”, but I’m sure that course has been replaced in colleges with “How to Turn Emotions Into Revenue”.

  9. Sad situation all around. It’s terrible that she lost her life, but what else could the officer had done to stop her from stabbing and possibly killing the other girl? A taser isn’t always effective.

  10. I think the media are hurting themselves this time around. They trying to push their narrative way to far and people are starting to see right through it.

  11. The Officer had little choice given the circumstances. He was literally placed in a situation where he had to make a split second decision. It’s tragic. But this shooting appears to be justifiable.

  12. This was a righteous shooting. I’ve watched this many times. He did it by the book. No one needs to march this time.

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