Disunited States: Dani Perea

Disunited States: Dani Perea 1


"It's a catastrophe."
Colorado Democrat Dani Perea is exasperated by politics in the United States and by Donald J. Trump's presidential campaign.

This is the first of our Disunited States series which will follow the views of every day U.S. citizens on the Trump vs. Clinton election.

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9 Comments on "Disunited States: Dani Perea"

  1. The Sky will fall for this in the future

  2. Thanks for my daily dose of propaganda sky:) Not covering any of Hilary’s
    scandals to this extent? She’s probably one of Ruperts mates though so
    we’ll let it slide

  3. Honestly i haven’t seen any good news out of Sky News. A well earned
    Unsub!!!! In a couple years many people like her will look back and hate

  4. Trump has got I mouth like a cesspit he is a filthy pig and belongs in a
    pig sty not the white house.

    • +Jamie Hallett How is Hillary a racist? Surely the cases of the women who
      claim to have been molested by Bill were investigated by the legal
      authorities? If he had broken the law they would have prosecuted him!
      Hillary has more morals in her little finger than Trump. Unlike Trump her
      morals are not in question. She was stupid to store emails on her server
      but that was investigated by the FBI again if they felt it was in the
      national interest and she had broken the law they would have prosecuted
      her. The director of the FBI doesn’t like Hillary and I am sure they would
      have been very happy to prosecute her if she had broken the law. She is a
      typical politician and tells lies and half truths but she isn’t a racist
      like Trump and is a mature adult unlike Trump who behaves like a 5 year old
      who needs to be taken out to the wood shed and thrashed.

  5. My Puritanical Opinion | October 11, 2016 at 1:37 PM | Reply

    Stupid people who shill for Hillary are the disheartening ones.

  6. Good bye Skynews !
    Unsuscribed !

  7. The United States are better off splitting into different countries.

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